We communicate with various people in our regular lives. Many remain shallow relationships, but go more in-depth with some. Above all, the relationship between a lover and a couple occupies a unique position in intimacy. For the time being, the differences are set aside, and the two are collectively referred to as “intimate relationships.” Some intimate relationships are long-lasting, and some are not.
First, to maintain a person-to-person relationship, that relationship must be satisfactory. This satisfaction can be seen as the result of a profit exchange in which the costs required to maintain the relationship are borne and rewarded in return. However, intimate relationships can be costly and rewarding.
So, to maintain an intimate relationship for a long time. That’s because when you look at people who have maintained intimate relationships for a long time, they usually don’t think about the rewards. Intimate relationships differ from many other social relationships in how they relate and the rules they must follow.
Intimate relationships, on the other hand, belong to joint relationships. There, people follow the rules of mutual consideration of what they can do for each other. In other words, pay attention to the other party’s condition and voluntarily provide support when it feels necessary.

Seven properties required for intimate relationships

Another way to think about intimacy may be to think about how you want the other person to feel and what the benefits of building a close relationship are. The following seven qualities:

・ Communication
Are you crushing your feelings? Are you able to listen to the other person rather than thinking about how to answer while the other person is talking?
・ Trust
Is there any lie in your information and actions? How about the other party?
・ Tolerance
Are the other party’s faults accepted as well as your faults?
・ A sense of
Security Do you feel a sense of security in your famous relationship? Have you built an environment where another person can feel a sense of security as well?
・ Compassion
When the person is painful, do you want to not only care about the other person but also relieve the pain as much as possible?
・ Affection
What kind of affection do you have? How do you feel loved by the other person?
・ Required distance
When the other party is having a hard time, can you give them an emotional space?

How to improve intimate relationships?

There is a way of building an intimate relationship. It takes mutual aims to build a deep bond. More prints to increase the intimacy between you and your partner. Cenforce 150 and Vilitra 40 use to improve intimate life relationships.

Have a space in your heart

It takes calmness and open thinking to get a deep connection with the other person. Before starting a vulnerable conversation, recommends that you make your own time undisturbed by anyone. Sit on a chair in a peaceful place with your eyes closed, focus on your breathing, and spend 20 minutes focusing on your body. Reaffirm your current feelings, how you breathe, & your thoughts. But take the time to face yourself for tension, fidgeting, anger, and fear.

Access yourself as a child

By looking back on past experiences, we may find obstacles to building relationships with our current partners. Looking at his pictures when he was 8-10 years old, he asked, what do you need this child didn’t get? What do I not get today? What this child and I lack what should I do to get things?

Stare at each other’s eyes

It is a good idea to stare at your loved one in a peaceful space for at least 5 minutes (up to 20 minutes if you’re not uncomfortable). You will be amazed at how much you can learn from the other person’s eyes. Next, share what you thought through this experience. How did you feel when you were stared at by the other person?

Empathize with the other person

Hawk Meyer says that the ultimate thing you can do to build an intimate relationship is to be considerate of the other person. Try to experience the world of another person through the experience of the other person. Once you know the other person’s value, take action to know that you are seeing and hearing properly.

Consider couple therapy

The therapist’s main job is to make you aware. There are limits to learning your life and behavior from your perspective. A good therapist will know the particular pattern you have. You can notice what you are not seeing and suggest healthy ways to improve your intimate relationship with your partner.

Genuine intimate relationship

Please do not take all responsibility for what happens between two people.
Discard the idea that your relationship with your lover affects your life. Depending on what you accept, you can destroy yourself. Vilitra 60 and Vilitra 20 help improving love life.
To build a good relationship, we must have the right balance of feelings with each other. If that balance is upset, you may be giving more than you need.
By believing in this, you will succumb to the other person. And it reduces your self-affirmation and makes you think you’re not worth the money.
You will think that it is your fault if you are hurt or insulted by others and that you must take good care of anyone near you.
Is it worth suffering so much? Do you need to have a hard time or cry that you will never have a good relationship? This kind of intimacy is not the relationship you want.


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