How To Improve Netflix Streaming Quality? Best Hacks 2023! 


Are you searching for how to improve Netflix streaming quality? Netflix streaming quality is debatable for Basic plan users. Though they can access the complete Netflix library, they have to compromise with the picture quality. Well, not anymore! I have a few cheat codes that you can use to enhance your streaming experience. So, how to improve Netflix streaming quality? Read ahead to know the answer!

Netflix already has a few quality check settings that you can adjust according to your internet connection and device storage. To know more about it, click here to learn more about how to change streaming quality on Netflix and how to change picture quality on Netflix. Apart from the visuals, you can also change the default audio settings on Netflix. Now, read how to improve Netflix streaming quality by using secret code combinations. Also, read about Netflix’s Secret Codes and Netflix’s password-sharing crackdown for more information.

How To Improve Netflix Streaming Quality? Netflix Streaming Quality Tips!

How To Improve Netflix Streaming Quality? Best Hacks 2023!

Netflix is among the top-rated streaming platforms at the current time. It has collaborated with multiple internet providers to have a more direct connection to its customers. However, it has also resulted in quality issues.

If you don’t have a high-tier plan, you can only adjust streaming quality to a certain level like auto, low, medium, or high-quality options. However, this article uncovers a few effective codes that you can use on your keypad to enhance your Netflix streaming experience. So, read till the end to know everything about how to improve Netflix streaming quality.

#1 COMMAND 1: Press Control+Alt+Shift+S Buttons Together

One of the most used commands to enhance Netflix streaming quality is Control+Alt+Shift+S. When you press all the buttons together, it opens a control panel for your video containing bitrate and the CDN (content delivery network) details.

Generally, you can adjust your video to the highest bitrate possible to watch HD content. However, if you are also downloading a show or movie while watching a video on Netflix, select a lower bitrate. It will stream videos in good quality without affecting the downloading process.

#2 COMMAND 2: Press Control+Alt+Shift+L Buttons Together

How To Improve Netflix Streaming Quality? Best Hacks 2023!

We have another wonderful and helpful command to improve your Netflix streaming quality that you can use to check the bitrate, framerate, and buffering speed of your streaming video.

You can press Control+Alt+Shift+L together to watch these details on your screen. It also gives details about the content delivery network. You can use this information to adjust your streaming quality accordingly.

#3 COMMAND 3: Press Control+Alt+Shift+D Buttons Together

If you already have made a lot of quality changes and don’t know what you have done previously, you can check the log of information about your video showing all adjustments you’ve made. You just need to press Control+Alt+Shift+D together.

It will open a box on your screen showing the current status of your video like whether or not you’ve paused the video, changed the volume, added a subtitle track, etc. This command is also helpful while troubleshooting. This helps to track down past changes and solve the issues easily.

#4 COMMAND 4: Press Alt+Shift+Left Click Buttons Together

How To Improve Netflix Streaming Quality? Best Hacks 2023!

Lastly, you can use the Alt+Shift+Left Click command to open a menu with picture quality options and a separate page to adjust audio-video synchronization. However, this command has several restrictions, like OS X does not read this command. So, you can use it on limited operating systems.

Final Words

I hope that you have got all the answers related to how to improve Netflix streaming quality. You can either change the streaming quality by using the normal options like resolutions, or you can use advanced quality options by using these hidden codes. If you have any questions or queries, ask in the comments section.


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