How To Increase Followers On Instagram?


When it comes to marketing your brand, social media platforms like Instagram are the best way to do so. Instagram has created a creator-friendly algorithm so professional accounts can expand their brand reach. If you want to increase followers on Instagram you can follow the steps mentioned below. With multiple features and better visibility for influencers and creators, the platform is helpful in the growth of small businesses and brands.

However, there are multiple factors that you must consider to increase your Instagram followers organically. Be it the usage of the latest Instagram features or creating an aesthetic profile feed for your followers; you can garner the attention of Instagram users in many ways. Here’s all about how to increase followers on Instagram organically. 

Expand Your Instagram Followers!

Just like there are tricks to optimizing websites with the help of an SEO company, there are ways to increase followers on Instagram by using its algorithm. According to a digital marketing agency from Connecticut, it is beneficial to indulge in various features on the platform for better reach. Creators usually tend to ignore that they can work with the Instagram algorithm to boost their content reach. So here are some tips for you to increase followers on Instagram organically.

Select A Content Category For Your Account!

First and foremost, when you create an Instagram account, you must decide on a content category. Doing this will help you in targeting specific audiences. Once you have decided on the kind of content you want to create, it will be easier for you to research content ideas. Once you have a specific category for your account, you can also easily curate content ideas by researching online. Multiple online websites help content creators in generating ideas for content creation.

Create High-Quality Content!

It is beneficial to provide high-quality content if you want to increase followers on Instagram. If you want to garner the attention of Instagram users, you must think out of the box. Your content need not be very unique, but it should be informative and entertaining. It is also essential to ensure that you upload content that is high quality. Make sure to use proper equipment to capture images or record videos. You can also take help from various digital platforms like Canva and Photoshop to enhance the quality of your content.

Stay Consistent And Make Use Of New Features!

How To Increase Followers On Instagram?

Instagram has introduced multiple new features for creators. To increase your content reach, make content in all available formats. To increase followers on Instagram, you should use features like carousel posts, IG reels, stories, and Instagram stickers. More importantly, upload regularly on your Instagram account, so your content reach keeps increasing. If you do not upload regularly, your account reach will remain high. Instagram suggests users upload at least three times a week. You should have a fixed schedule of when and what to post. Try to upload at least one Reel each week and at least two image posts each. You can also create Instagram stories for your followers if you can not upload them frequently.

Use Hashtags To Improve Your Instagram Reach!

Hashtags are quite useful for Instagram creators, as they help them with reaching interested users. Instagram users can follow specific hashtags to consume content from a specific category. Creators must try to research popular hashtags so that they can boost their content easily. Hashtags also help in targeting specific audiences for your content and it will be beneficial to increase followers on Instagram.

Interact With Your Followers Regularly!

Once you start gaining some followers, make sure to reply to their comments and messages. Create interactive stories with a question and other stickers so your followers can interact with you. Similarly, take time to answer any queries related to your product and brand. Interacting with your followers will help you build trust with your followers, and they will not be inclined to unfollow you.

Collaborate With Other Creators!

How To Increase Followers On Instagram?

Instagram has recently introduced a collaboration feature for creators. This way, creators can upload content on both accounts. It will not only help them repurpose content, but they can increase followers on Instagram by reaching the followers of other creators as well. If you collaborate with other creators from your content category, you can help each other reach a broader audience.

Turn Your Feed Into A Visual Experience!

Nowadays, an aesthetically pleasing profile grid is a must. Try to curate a visually pleasing profile grid by creating a set template for your posts. You can also take help from multiple online websites to take inspiration for your profile grid. It is advised to set a color palette for your brand identity and stick to it. Having a specific color palette will ensure that your Instagram feed does not look cluttered. A visually pleasing Instagram grid also makes your feed look purposeful and well-structured.

Make Use Of Instagram Ads!

Many content creators try to sponsor their accounts by creating ads from their popular posts. If you want to increase followers on Instagram, you can create an Instagram ad. Instagram Ads are not very expensive, and you can select options that are within your budget. Users can target specific locations and age groups while creating sponsored ads for their accounts. Even though using Instagram Ads is not mandatory, it can help you substantially in getting followers and more interaction on your account.

Use A Professional Account!

How To Increase Followers On Instagram?

If you want to increase the visibility of your Instagram account, it is suggested that you should have a professional account. Instagram allows users to have a business or creator account. This also allows you to insert links and get brand collaborations on your account. If you use a personal account, the Instagram algorithm will not help you boost your content. A professional Instagram account also helps you track your post insights and any other statistics related to your account. This way, you can easily monitor your brand reach and focus on the areas that need improvement.


It is important to note that there is no shortcut to increase followers on Instagram. Stay away from any bots and other shady tactics like buying followers. Usually, such followers are ghost accounts, and Instagram can also flag your account for spam activity. It is beneficial for creators to remain consistent and provide high-quality content. If you try to create a well-structured brand identity with the help of the tips mentioned above, you will be able to grow naturally. 

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Cherry Sharma
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