How To Introduce Yourself On Instagram? Easy Steps To Make The Perfect First Impression!


Are you wondering how people get so many Instagram followers, in a short period of time? Well, there are many aspects to it, but it starts with making the perfect first impression. Be sure to read this article where I discuss how to introduce yourself on Instagram. And know more about the steps to make your Insta profile better than most!

Apart from Instagram, any other social media platform like Snapchat, Twitter or Facebook, is a way for you to connect with the world. And in order to make the connection special, the person visiting your profile should get a fair idea about yourself or the type of content that you’re willing to share!

Now there are a thousand different creative ways to do it. But today we will only focus on the most effective and hassle-free ways to ignite that creative spark in you! And help you get a clear understanding of how to introduce yourself on Instagram! So without any further ado, let’s get started!

How To Introduce Yourself On Instagram? | All You Need To Know

Ok, so before we get started with the guide. The first order of action for you is to find out the actual use of your Instagram profile. In other words, you need to examine whether you want to make your profile public for business use. Or you’d rather like to keep it private and only post content targeting known followers. 

The introduction to both these types of profiles (personal & business) has a completely distinct approach. The information, you share with followers, changes according to the usage of the profile. However, to get the best of both worlds, I will discuss a couple of easy steps on how to introduce yourself on Instagram. That generally applies to all sorts of profiles on Instagram, regardless of the purpose of usage.

#1 Writing An Awesome Bio

How To Introduce Yourself On Instagram? Easy Steps To Make The Perfect First Impression!

Yes, as you’ve guessed, it’s the first hurdle that you ought to overcome. Writing a bio basically gives you an opportunity to introduce yourself, succinctly. 

Now, the most common mistake people make, while writing a bio, is copying from someone else’s. Don’t be a boring rat in the race! Be confident and express yourself! Use the words that define you. Mention the things you like. Use the hashtags that you’d want to associate yourself with. But please don’t write “murders cake on so on and so date”. Trust me, the cake has been murdered enough times. I’m only kidding!

The point is to write a brief yet powerful bio, that has things mentioned that define you or the profile, accurately! If you are using it for business, then mention the problem you solve for others. Or the unique product or service that you’re bringing to the online market. 

#2 Selecting The Perfect Profile Picture

How To Introduce Yourself On Instagram? Easy Steps To Make The Perfect First Impression!

The most significant step is to select the correct profile picture. Specifically for business use, a company logo works best. And if you’d want to take it up a notch, you can also add a picture with the name of your company, with an attractive background and font. However, make sure to resize it, to fit the circle.

But if your profile is for personal use, then you can add any picture, as long it’s in a high-resolution. Although, preferably a smiling picture of yourself, always works the charm.

#3 Using New And Trending Hashtags

How To Introduce Yourself On Instagram? Easy Steps To Make The Perfect First Impression!

The greatest mistake is to think that the first impression is the last impression. The fun thing about these social media profiles is that they’re always newly discovered by someone on their feed or recommendations. So, every time you post something with a new hashtag, a different set of people following or searching the same hashtag get to see your post. And generally engage with your profile if the content is good. So use trending hashtags to introduce your profile to potential new followers.

#4 Posting Videos Or Photos Regularly

How To Introduce Yourself On Instagram? Easy Steps To Make The Perfect First Impression!

The introduction does not stop with just a well-versed bio! If you’re looking to ace your Instagram game, you can’t keep your profile dormant. The algorithms work in such a way that the profiles which are not used to post any content, lose their reach over time. They not only stop gaining new followers but also get unfollowed pretty quickly.

So make sure to post relevant and well-shot content on your profile, in a systematic and efficient way. And you can use the latest feature on Instagram to schedule the posts, as well.

#5 Using Highlights

Last but not the least, add the best photos or videos of your Instagram profile by using the highlight feature. You can also customize the highlights and group them, according to name or type.

Final Words

Alright friends, now that you’ve gone through the article and know how to introduce yourself on Instagram. I hope you enjoyed the read! Don’t forget to tell us about your thoughts in the comment section below. And be sure to check out other amazing articles on Viebly.

Is Instagram Free?

Yes, Instagram can be downloaded for free! Although some features of the application require you to pay. Such as running a paid advertisement campaign.

Is Instagram Music Available Everywhere?

Unfortunately, Instagram music is not available on all locations. If you’re unable to access Instagram music, then it means the country where you live is geo-blocking this feature!

How Many Reels Can I Post On Instagram?

You can post as many reels on Instagram as you’d want to. There are no particular restrictions on the number of reels you can post in a day!

How Many Photos Can You Like On Instagram?

Same as the number of reels you can post! You can like as many pictures as you’d like on Instagram in a day.

Can Reel Captions Be Prepared On Instagram?

Yes, you can absolutely prepare Reel Captions on Instagram. Generally, most social media influencers do so, to make the content more unique!


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