How Can We Make Our Instagram Interesting?


Your company has a decent number of Instagram followers, but you want more, more, more! You want to do this, though, without having to pay for followers. Why do you have thousands of followers that aren’t interested in what you’re posting?

You’ll learn three basic tactics for gaining more Instagram followers and free Instagram likes in this article, as well as a few bonus tips!

If they don’t find you, go out and find them!

Wouldn’t it be fantastic if Instagram just followed you and you didn’t have to do anything but post a nice shot every day?

How Can We Make Our Instagram Interesting?

For huge businesses and influencers, this is true, but it isn’t a beginner’s strategy. So, what can I do to grow my audience? Take control of the situation!

To begin, go to the accounts of your competitors and look for their followers. If you start observing them, they may begin to watch you. If you find it unpleasant, you might enjoy their photographs. You can gain an average of 6.1 new followers for every 100 random likes on photographs of individuals you don’t already follow.

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Another method for attracting followers can be expressed as follows: If you follow me, I will begin to follow you. The concept is that in order to get followers, you must first begin studying them. Now all you have to do is find the users you wish to follow. 

It’s not difficult to locate these users. Take another look at your competitors’ accounts. There are a few solutions, but we recommend doing the unimaginable and beginning to comment on their content. You have a chance to attract a few new website followers if you can demonstrate your sense of humor or provide intriguing insights.

Following your competitor’s fans is the second thing you can do on their account. Some of them will undoubtedly begin to observe you as well.

Use #Hashtags To Help Them Discover You!

Use #Hashtags To Help Them Discover You!

Hashtags are critical for getting your content discovered. If you’re unfamiliar with hashtags, consider them an indexing tool. You can add some text to a photo when you upload it. People can find your photos by searching for them using keywords preceded by the “#” sign in your posts. You may use up to 30 hashtags on Instagram, which opens up a lot of possibilities. If you want to get likes for your posts quickly, you can use Instagram auto liker.

Hashtags function similarly to keywords in Google. Their application strategies are also comparable. The first is to employ hashtags that are really popular (for example, #love #instagood #photooftheday). Using well-known hashtags can help you reach a large number of people and gain a large number of followers. This strategy, however, is only effective if you wish to gain followers regardless of your intended audience. Furthermore, because the competition for the most common words is fierce, it’s unlikely that you’ll get discovered.

The second hashtag method is to employ very particular terms or phrases that aren’t as well-known as others but are nonetheless active in a specific community. It’s likely that fewer people will see your images, but those who do will be from your target demographic. This strategy might be summarized as prioritizing quality over quantity. Remember that having 10,000 followers from your target demographic is preferable to having a million random followers. Simply be aware of your objectives and employ the most appropriate method.

You only have to be careful not to use too many hashtags in your images. Using 30 hashtags in a single post could be construed as spam. Put hashtags in the comment field rather than the photo description to avoid this.


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