How To Make Snapchat Pictures Fit On Instagram? 2 Easy Ways You Can Try!


Do you know how to make Snapchat photos fit on Instagram? Snapchat is supposed to be your best friend when it comes to sending pictures and not worrying about saving them. But sometimes, a picture is so good due to a Snapchat filter that you just have to save it. What if you want to share that saved picture on some other social media platform? That is why I will tell you all about how to make Snapchat pictures fit on Instagram!

Unfortunately, for heavily skewed photos and pictures from Snapchat, they do end up being cropped sometimes. Especially if all the details lie at the top or the bottom of the image, for such a case you would need third-party apps to help you. There are plenty of apps that you can learn in order to know how to make your photo fit on Instagram. Thus you don’t have to worry about which one works the best.

How To Make Snapchat Pictures Fit On Instagram? How To Crop Photos On Snapchat!

Everyone dreads the annoying Instagram crop feature. Though there have been updates to Instagram that let you zoom out, some images do end up being cropped. Snapchat images with their cool filters are of a set ratio. Unfortunately, for those who want to post these images on Instagram, there is some snipping of the images that take place.

In order for that not to happen, you need to know how to make Snapchat pictures fit on Instagram! The easiest way to make Snapchat pictures fit on Instagram is when posting a photo on Instagram, you need to press the green little arrow at the bottom of the photo. It zooms out so that your photo is not cropped.

Before I tell you the steps to make Snapchat pictures fit on Instagram, let me address the concern about privacy since you will be posting your images with the help of certain third-party apps. While Snapchat itself has been dealing with some privacy lawsuits, most apps on the play store or app store should be okay to use. You can keep on increasing your snap score and keep maintaining your snap streak without worrying about getting breached by some other app.

Now, let’s check out how to make Snapchat pictures fit on Instagram the native way and then through third-party apps.

Use The Inbuilt Zoom Out Feature In Instagram | Resize Snapchat Photo For Instagram!

How To Make Snapchat Pictures Fit On Instagram? 2 Easy Ways You Can Try!

If you are looking for for the steps to make Snapchat pictures fit on Instagram, then it’s possible that you are looking to post images on your Instagram feed. The criteria of Instagram forever has been to fit images in a square format of 1080×1080.

Luckily if you’re looking to post images from Snapchat as a story on Instagram, then you should face no such issue. However, if you want to upload a post then you will have to know how to make Snapchat pictures fit on Instagram with the help of the inbuilt crop feature of Instagram.

When you are posting an image on Instagram from Snapchat, the image is most likely going to be of portrait size. When uploading such an image, Instagram will automatically crop out the picture. So save yourself by following the method below!

  • Open the Instagram app on your iPhone or Android phone.
  • There, click on the (+) icon to add a picture to your feed. Select the image that you saved from your Snapchat.
  • When you tap on add, you will see a preview of the cropped version of the image that you are going to upload.

Tap on the crop button at the bottom left of the image. You will immediately notice that the image is now zoomed out, which means your image will not be cropped. Depending on the composition of the image, you can end up using it as it is or then turn to an alternate method.

Use Third-Party Apps | How To Make Photos Fit On Instagram!

How To Make Snapchat Pictures Fit On Instagram? 2 Easy Ways You Can Try!

Now that you know about the zoom-in feature on Instagram, you are somewhat close to learning the steps to make Snapchat pictures fit on Instagram! But, there is one thing I think everyone can agree on, and that is not compromising on the image quality. If the image you are uploading from Snapchat ends up being cropped even a little bit, it loses all meaning. That’s why you can make use of various third-party apps to make Snapchat pictures fit on Instagram. 

These apps will help you fix the dimension of the images that you want to upload from Snapchat to Instagram. And when the dimensions are skewed, these apps are the only ones you need to know on how to fit Snapchat photos on Instagram! Some of the best options are No Crop For Instagram, Squaready, and Whitagram.

Let’s take the example of the app Squaready. To use the app, all you need is your image and the app, and you’re good to go!

  • Open Squaready on your phone and give it all the necessary permissions to access media.
  • Once all permissions are given, open the app and open the image that you have saved from Snapchat.
  • The app will then let you set vertical as well as horizontal borders to the image, thus preserving its original dimensions of it completely. 

That’s it, you follow these steps, and you will be able to make Snapchat pictures fit on Instagram! All other third-party apps work the same way. They let you edit the photo by reducing its size of it and giving you the ability to add vertical and horizontal borders.

These borders are usually white in color. This gives the illusion that your image has a frame. While it’s nice to have, one thing that not everyone might like about this ‘hack’ is that the image size is reduced significantly. If you’re trying to see something in the image, it’s not always clearly visible.

Final Words

So, there you have it, snap chat freaks! I hope you know the steps to make Snapchat pictures fit on Instagram. From one picture-sharing social media platform to the other, there are many different ways to connect and share. Whether you want to share snap codes or want to share memories, there is always a way to interconnect one app with the other!

How do you fit the whole picture on Instagram?

You can fit the whole picture on Instagram only if you crop it. unless your image fits the sizing criteria, your image will be cropped more than required.

How do I stop Instagram from cropping photos in 2022?

The only way you can stop Instagram from cropping photos in 2022 is by uploading the correct square dimensions as mentioned in the Instagram guidelines.

How do I turn off auto-crop on Instagram?

There is no direct option to turn off the auto-crop function on Instagram. You can press the crop button while posting your photo to the feed to make sure the photo isn’t fully cropped or is the intended size you want.


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