How To Move A Pool Table?


The pool table must be heavy and stable to ensure fair play. Otherwise, a light table would allow players to loosen it, and the balls would roll just under pressure on its surface. But this quality of heaviness may create great difficulties when moving it even within the same house. With vast experience in the transportation of pool tables, Marin movers have mastered the technology of proper transportation and storage of this piece of furniture. They will not only ensure the safety of this valuable cargo but will share their secrets with everyone who decides to do it on their own.

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Find Some Moving Supplies And Materials 

How To Move A Pool Table?

Transporting such a bulky table in the assembled state is not only impossible but also dangerous. Due to its severity, something very valuable can be damaged:

● the pool table itself, which after that will not be functional

● floor, if one of the loaders does not hold him, and it falls 

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● the loader himself, since if one of them has no experience, he can cause troubles

Therefore, before moving, the billiards should be disassembled. Prepare the tools and packing materials you will need for this:

● Electric drill and socket wrench

● Staple removal tool for felt upholstery

● Tape for measuring all door openings

● Air bubble wrap and plenty of blankets to protect all components

● Screwdriver and scissors

● Moving boxes to pack all the details

Rent A Moving Truck 

How To Move A Pool Table?

Due to the size of a pool table (7 to 9 feet long), neither a regular car nor a minivan can handle its move. Therefore, before ordering a specific vehicle for transportation, measure its length, width, and height with tape and report all these parameters to the moving company. Find a large furniture professional movers like Got2Move company. It will offer you a choice of different models of pickups and vans that are suitable for the moving process of that complexity. 

Find As Many Helpers As You Can 

Ideally, it is better to find a team of movers to carry the billiards. Because they know how to professionally distribute weight and work smoothly, move in narrow aisles and secure each other. If this is not possible, and you decide to move it with the help of friends, these should be men of large build and without health problems, especially with regard to the spine or internal organs. At least 4-5 participants will be needed to carry such a heavy item to the truck.

Measure Staircases, Doorways, And Hallways

If, after buying and installing a pool table, you did not redesign the house, then it will be possible to take it out in parts without expanding the doorways. To understand whether it is necessary to disassemble the billiards into absolutely all their components or not, particularly heavy ones that can be left, measure the doorways and all the bottlenecks along the route with tape.

Disassemble The Billiards Before Moving 

How To Move A Pool Table?

Next comes a very crucial moment ‒ disassembling the table. For this stage, it is also better to invite a specialist who can easily do it and reassemble it later. If you decide to manage this task without professional services, be sure to sign all the details and the sequences into the checklist. If you miss something, it will be much more difficult to put it together later. Follow this pool table disassemble algorithm:

● Unscrew the ball pockets if they are screwed on. If they are stapled, use a suitable tool to release them.

● The side rails are removed with the help of a socket wrench.

● Removing the felt with a staple release tool must be done very accurately: if it is slightly worn somewhere, you need to be very careful not to damage the fabric. Otherwise, you will have to buy a new coating later.

● Using a drill or screwdriver, it is necessary to separate the slate, which is very heavy but also quite fragile. After unscrewing it, with the help of several people, carefully carry it aside for further packaging and put it into the load containers.

● Unscrew the legs from the main body of billiards. Put it on its side and use a drill or screwdriver to remove the bolts.

Performing all these procedures, be very careful about such small details as bolts, nuts, etc. To later know where to screw them in, pack separately in boxes and sign them.

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Pack All The Parts And Load The Truck 

Dismantled parts must not be transported or put in a storage unit in this form, as they can be damaged on not completely smooth roads. It is necessary to reliably secure each part by its degree of fragility. The easier it is to damage, the more layers of bubble wrap or blankets should be on it.

After loading all the components in the moving container, secure those that may fall when cornering or shaking on uneven roads. The advantage of experienced Marin movers is that due to their extensive experience in transportation, they perfectly know all the roads in the region and always choose the safest path for the moving truck.

Put The Pool Table Together After The Moving 

How To Move A Pool Table?

The assembly of the table is carried out strictly in the same sequence as the detachment of all components:

● Screw the legs to the main body

● Overlay slate

● Fasten the felt

● Fit and screw side rails

● Attach ball pockets

The hardest part of the assembly is fixing the felt to be perfectly smooth. And without this, the game of billiards will be spoiled, not only because it will be visually unaesthetic but also because the wrinkles on the upholstery will affect the movement of the balls.

After you have done all this, you can congratulate yourself and your helpers. Because you have completed what is considered one of the most difficult tasks in moving furniture.

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