How To Mute A Word Or Phrase On Twitter? Stop Seeing The Words That You Got Bored Of!


Just like tv shows, it’s obvious to get bored with anything else. And words are no exception in this! When it comes to social media platforms like Twitter, it becomes monotonous to keep seeing repetitive words, whereas one always looks forward to getting something new from it. That’s why I have brought a solution to your problem. Don’t delay checking out how to mute a word or phrase on Twitter!

If you already know how to quote a tweet in reply, you must learn how to mute a word or phrase on Twitter to make your tweet look different. Now, you cannot only mute conversations. It’s easy to mute words and phrases as well. Keep reading to know all about it!

How To Mute A Word Or Phrase On Twitter? Learn New Words On Twitter!

It has been a long time since Twitter is striving hard to deliver a memorable experience to its users. For that matter, even many users prefer using the best Twitter management tools. But to mute a word or phrase, you need to take out a bit of your time. These are the steps to learning how to mute a word or phrase on Twitter!

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How To Mute A Word Or Phrase On Twitter On An iPhone? 

How To Mute A Word Or Phrase On Twitter? Stop Seeing The Words That You Got Bored Of!

Here are some steps for those who will use an iPhone to mute a word or phrase. 

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  • Start by opening the Twitter app on your phone. It will be there on your home screen. 
  • Now press the word that you want to mute for a long time. 
  • A pop-up menu will appear where you need to choose the “Mute” option. Don’t get confused with other options in the menu. 
  • Next, you will be transported to a page where you can select the places where you don’t want that word to appear. That place can be your notification, and you can even decide the time duration to mute that word (for 1 day, 1 week, or 1 month). 

After all these steps, you will see that your selected word will appear at the selected places. 

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How To Mute A Word Or Phrase On Twitter On An Android Phone? 

How To Mute A Word Or Phrase On Twitter? Stop Seeing The Words That You Got Bored Of!

If you were waiting for your turn, here are the steps for those who use Android phones. Learn the steps thoroughly. In Android phones, you can mute a word or phrase by going through the app’s settings. Though doing this might be slow on Android, you will do it finally!

  • Open your Twitter App by clicking on it. 
  • Now, select your profile icon on the left side of the screen. 
  • After that, a new page will appear with various options. Among all the options, look for “Settings and Privacy.” After that, go to “Privacy and Safety” and reach “Mute and Block.” 
  • Now, you need to click on “Muted words.” 
  • Lastly, click on “Muted Words,” and you will see a plus sign that you need to click. At the same moment, you will see options like where you want to mute the word, duration, etc. So, click on the choice as per your convenience. 

Even if you have muted the word, but there is a change of mind, or you want to extend the duration of the mute word, you can do so. For this, you need to go to the “Muted Words” and change the settings of the available options. You can also choose “Delete the word” or “ Change mute time.” So, make sure you note down all of the above steps!

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How To Mute A Word Or Phrase On A Desktop? 

How To Mute A Word Or Phrase On Twitter? Stop Seeing The Words That You Got Bored Of!

In case you use a desktop to tweet on, you can mute a word from the official website of Twitter as well. These are the steps that belong to desktop users!

  • Start by opening the official website of Twitter. 
  • After opening the website, look for the menu on the left side and click on “More.” Then go to “Settings and Privacy,” then click on “Privacy and Safety,” and finally click on “Mute and Block.” 
  • On the right side, you will see the option of “Muted Words.” Just click on it, and you will see a plus sign on the right side. 
  • Click on that sign and enter the word you are no longer interested in seeing. Just like the options that mobile users get, the same options will be available to desktop users. So, you can fix the timeline of muted words or either decide to delete them whenever you want to do so. 
  • After making the changes, click on the Save button. 
  • If you have muted a word by mistake, you need to click on the red crossed-out volume symbol. After that, click on “Unmute” to unmute that word. 

Yes, I know what you are thinking! The process is quite long, but it’s not very time-consuming. You will be able to do them easily!

Some Additional Notes On How To Mute A Word Or Phrase On Twitter!

How To Mute A Word Or Phrase On Twitter? Stop Seeing The Words That You Got Bored Of!

While performing the process, make sure you keep in mind the following notes.

  • You can select specific accounts to mute certain words. Don’t worry. Muting a word does not meet muting that account. 
  • After muting a word, you will not be able to see the hashtags of that word. 
  • It’s not only a word or phrase that you can mute. Even phrases with punctuation can also be muted. 
  • You will be glad to know that Twitter is about to extend its feature of muting words to almost all of its places and not only notifications. 

So, before beginning with muting the word, make sure you remember all these additional notes!

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Final Words 

So, you must have checked all the steps of how to mute a word or phrase on Twitter. Other than this, you must know how to check who retweeted from your account to look after the security of your account. So, make sure you know all the relevant hacks on Twitter. Keep visiting us to learn more about it!

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