How To Organize A Short Distance Move? Note The To-Do List!


Planning an NYC move is never simple, and it doesn’t matter if you plan a long or short distance move. You have to consider tons of things before even searching for a Manhattan moving company and another bunch more when using movers’ services. So what exactly is it worth taking into account? 

Before You Arrange Plan A Short Distance Move

How To Organize A Short Distance Move? Note The To-Do List!

First and foremost, you need a plan. Even moving to the other part of the city requires careful preparation. Make a list of: 

Tricks To Organize A Small Apartment
Tricks To Organize A Small Apartment
  • arrangements you need to make;
  • preparatory you need to do in the premises you leave and in the ones you move to;
  • things to clear up;
  • situations to be aware of – search for possible solutions.

Design approximate time limits you need to follow to make your move the most comfortable for you and your family. Then, start collecting information.

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Exploring The Services Market For A Short Distance Move

How To Organize A Short Distance Move? Note The To-Do List!

It’s better first to choose a moving company, to have a clear vision of what your move will cost. Have regard to your budget when asking for some additional services like professional packing, storage, cleaning, etc. 

Call three different moving companies to learn more about the services, request the quotes, and invite them for estimation. SEKA Moving offers the possibility to give an on-place or a video estimation if a visit is not comfortable for you for some reason. The company provides the customers with most of the supplementary services people can need when moving, so by choosing SEKA, you pay for an opportunity to arrange everything at once. 

It would be clever to inquire about the cleaning services if you can afford them.

Go Through The Stuff That Are Essential For A Short Distance Move 

How To Organize A Short Distance Move? Note The To-Do List!

Moving to a new place is a chance to get rid of unnecessary things that take place and serve for nothing. Go through your notes, papers, books, clothes, your child’s toys, etc. Make it a pleasure inviting your family members to join you – spend time together, remember some pleasant events you have had, and let the past go.

Such a purge will give you the feeling of renewal and help save money on moving or storage services a lot. 

Use your chance to inventory your property and group them by zones or rooms. It simplifies the process of unpacking and checking if something is lost.

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Plan For Unpopular Time

Plan For Unpopular Time

Usually, people prefer to move when it’s the most comfortable conditions and at the end of something: warm periods, end of the week, month, season, etc. Consequently, moving companies use these chances to raise their pricing. You can avoid this by planning your move during unpopular periods, like weekdays, the middle of the month, etc. 

Generally, the situation when you need to move makes you think out of the box, invent something to save time, money, and nerves, and the more creative you are, the more chances for success you have. Сooperation with SEKA Moving will give your creativity a fresh coat of paint, releasing you from another worry. 

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