Deepika Padukone’s battle with Depression| Complete Guide to Overcome Depression


How to overcome Depression:- There are times in your life when you feel like things will never get better. It will remain like this only. And that your feeling of depression will never end. What can you do at that time when you feel unmotivated, hopeless or overwhelmed with life?

If you feel depressed, your first step should be to focus time and energy on yourself. Taking care of yourself emotionally, creatively, physically, can help you to turn negative thoughts into positive ones.

Depression Drains your energy and make it difficult to taking steps that will help you to feel better. Coping up with depression isn’t quick or easy. Feeling better Takes times but possible too. You can change your negative thought into positive ones.

Dealing with depression requires action, but taking action when you are suffering from depression becomes hard.

Sometimes, you just thinking about the things you should do it feel better, like exercising or spending time with family or friends can seem impossible to put into action.

Deepika Padukone’s battle with Depression:-

How to overcome depression after breakup, How to overcome depression and sadness, How to overcome depression naturally

Bollywood actor Deepika Padukone, who is all set to tie the knot with long-time with Ranveer Singh on 14-15 November, and once revealed that battling and recovering from depression has been one of the most powerful experiences in her life.

In early 2014, Deepika Padukone woke up one day “feeling different” and with a “strange emptiness” in her stomach and She dismissed it as stress, but when the “nagging pain” did not go away, she consulted a psychologist and found out that she was suffering from depression.

She also started the Live, love, Laugh Foundation on October 10 (World Mental Health day) in 2015 to create awareness about mental illnesses and reduce the stigma surrounding them.

Steps How to overcome Depression and sadness, makes your life hopefully  better 

Here are some steps how to overcome depression and makes you feel better and you can try to take care of yourself:-

How to overcome depression after breakup, How to overcome depression and sadness, How to overcome depression naturally

  1. Exercise regularly with listen some soft  music which makes you feel better.
  2. Eat healthy food and take care of yourself.
  3. Sleep well which makes you feel fresh and reduce half of the stress.
  4. Find goals:- find your goals and work hard diverted your mind somewhere else and there are some chances to easily overcome depression.
  5. Create a list of small goals to achieve.
  6. Clear your mind before bed clear all the negative thoughts into positive ones.
  7. Listen to music or watch a movie that makes you happy.and you feel better.
  8. Do a creative activity as a way to express  your emotion.
  9. Don’t isolate yourself, be around people –even if it means just going to a store.
  10. Start Recognize and appreciate your surroundings and the people in your life.
  11. Meditate to relax and refocus your thoughts (try a meditation app).or yoga which makes your mind fresh.
  12. Use thought stopping techniques.
  13. Check out our 99 coping skills , which can offer a distraction or refocus your thoughts and you can easily overcome depression.

How to overcome Depression naturally:- 7 Things you can do to cure your depression naturally

How to overcome depression after breakup, How to overcome depression and sadness, How to overcome depression naturally

1.How to overcome depression through Exercise:-

Exercise heals your brain, it boosts your self-esteem, and it releases endorphins, dopamine, serotonin, and norepinephrine (happy chemicals) that plays an important part in regulating your brain’s functioning and your mood.

2.How to overcome depression through Eating healthy food:-

If you eat nutrient-stripped, overeating, you’re going to feel like shit. Garbage in, garbage out.

To the best of your ability, eat a diet loaded with vegetables, lean proteins, and fruit, eat healthy food. Too much sugar, caffeine, alcohol/drugs, and (for some people) dairy and grains will lead to a lot of inflammation and bad moods. If you can’t muster up the energy to make your own nutrient-dense,  then ask a friend, family member, or significant other to make your meals for you.

3. How to overcome depression through  Prioritize quality sleep:-

If you’re slamming coffee, isolating yourself indoors, and only sleeping for an hour a night, it is absolutely unavoidable that you’ll feel terrible within a week (whether you classify yourself as depressed or not).

Sleep is when we recharge at the deepest level and make yourself feel fresh. This is when we regenerate and rest. Sleep is more important than anything because our body work throughout the day and it needs rest to recharge our body again.

4. How to overcome depression through Getting sunlight during the day

Sunlight is a natural antidepressant that has been proven to balance your immune system, improve your cognitive function improve your hormonal regulation, and stabilize and improve your mood

5. How to overcome depression through Socialize

Meet up with friends or family members spend time with. Share your feelings with anyone who cares about you and loves you. Meet up with anyone who makes you laugh. It makes you overcome depression naturally and easily.

6. How to overcome mental depression through Taking action

In the past, when you have felt  most depressed, you become very prone to staying indoors and ruminating on what it is that you should do to fix the problems that you perceive with your life. Take actions its very hard when you’re depressed but possible too.

Tips How to overcome depression After break-up Faster and easily:-

How to overcome depression after breakup, How to overcome depression and sadness, How to overcome depression naturally

How to Overcome depression after break-up through Expressing yourself- share your feelings

One of the best ways to deal with the pain of a break-up or the pain caused due to heart break is to share your feelings with friends or family- the people you trust.  This is the simple process and easily recover from your heartbreak after breakup.

How to Overcome depression After break-up through Giving yourself time to grieve

Allow yourself to be sad about the loss of your relationship, rather than trying to rush into feeling well again.  People who refuse to face the pain of a break-up get involved in rebound relationships before working through the painful issues of the past relationship.

How to Overcome depression After break-up through Consider having a conversation with your ex-partner

You may be able to have a final discussion with your ex-partner to help you understand what caused the break-up

And express any pent-up issues and feelings if the conversation helps to clear out all the things and fell again in relationship is good if not so you have overcome with it relationship are not everything. Life is not stuck here only. You have to move on.

How to Overcome depression After break-up through Sleep

Sleep is one of the best ways to deal with stress and avoid depression and anxiety, yet it can be hindered by emotional distress.

How to Overcome depression After break-up through Exercise

Working out, running, and even brisk walking release opiates, which can help you deal with stress and depression.

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  1. Hi , Its good to hear some practicals tips for depression ! It’s great you could take into consideration all the points while considering for depression symptoms, causes and treatment. Inspirational. Really sometimes its difficult to find out if a person is depressed or not. Clinical depression is a real killer for population. Thanks!.
    I am counselor too trying to establish a portion of myself! I know it’s not that easy, I can say it from my own experience . It’s not same for all! Some grow early while it takes more times for others to establish as popular writer.

    • Yeah sometimes it’s quite tough to reach the heights but if we are good at something, not today but tomorrow we will succeed… and as we all know great things takes time.


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