How To Paint Pumpkins For Halloween 2021? 7 Scary Designs For Decoration


Halloween is around the corner, and nothing can be more satisfying and fun than decorating your house with some hand paint pumpkins, but how to paint pumpkins for Halloween? Which design to choose for the same. Should it be scary or decorative? Oh my God! Relax; we will help you from tip to toe.

Painting Pumpkins is every years’ ritual where you decorate your house with some fantastic designs and give your home either a scary or a festive look, so that all your guests ask, where did you get it from? And the secret remains closed with you and me.

For painting a pumpkin during Halloween, you have to make sure you have the following things, which are essential requirements for the same, You should have scissors, oil or poster paints, paintbrushes, a dry pumpkin of course, and yes, some decorative material as per your design. Which design you will choose should match your Halloween theme so that it doesn’t look absurd when you place it somewhere in the house.

Let’s go through some of the fantastic designs and techniques to paint a pumpkin for Halloween 2021.

How To Paint Pumpkin? Things Required To Paint The Pumpkin

I know you are eager to paint your pumpkins but before that what are the essential requirements for painting and how to paint, everything is discussed for you in detail-

Things Required To Paint The Pumpkin! Do Not Forget Any!

Keep this list ready while shopping for Halloween decorations-

  • Poster Colors and Oil Paints
  • White Glue
  • Scissors
  • Chart papers
  • Paint Brushes
  • Old Buttons (can us them as eyes)
  • Old clothes (Cut them to give a real clothe like touch)
  • Water
  • Bamboo Sticks
  • Bandages
  • Leaves & Flowers
  • Old Newspapers

How To Paint Pumpkin For Halloween 2021? Follow The Steps To Get The Best Pumpkin!

Everyone can paint a pumpkin, but you need to follow a few steps, to make sure, it lasts long.

  • You can either use a dry pumpkin (availale in the market) or make a pumpkin- at home.
  • Learn how to make a pumpkin at home from a lot of DIYs available on the YouTube.
  • You can paste newspaper layers on the balloon after shaping it like a pumpkin with few rubber bands.
  • Now apply the mixture of glue and water (70:30 ratio) and let it dry, until it gets hard. You have to keep one end open, so that you can remove the hard newspaper layer out.
  • Next morning, after removing the balloon after bursting the balloon scrub it well to add smoothness and then decide which design you want to choose.
  • After painting the pumpkin, you can paste clothes, chart papers, as per the choice of your deisgn to complete the entire look.


  • To make the pumpkin lamp, you can make ceratin cut-outs and then paint the pumpkin.
  • Follow the same process, and then place a filament bulb inside and let light come out of the cuttings.
  • Let us know in the comment section, if you want to know more reagrding the designs, we can help you to make one.

7 Easy Ways To Paint Pumpkin For Halloween! Designs That Will Help You Show Off!

Are you interested in showing your designs off during this Halloween groove where all your guests will get jealous of your decorative pumpkins and will ask your decorator’s number, but only you and me know the reality. (say it slowly!)

1# Emoji Pumpkin Design

Emoji Pumpkin Design | How To Paint Pumpkins For Halloween?

You might not like this design but, I feel, the safest and easiest way to make your Halloween party look dazzling is to paint the pumpkin as emoticons. You only need to have basic colors of emojis, which are yellow, black, red, and white.

Now you can paint your dried pumpkin in any emoji you want to. You can also use a scrubber with soft bristles to rub off unwanted gaps. Make some funny and scary faces to give your decorative pumpkin a Halloween vibe.

2# Design It For A Minion Fan!

Design It For A Minion Fan!

Are you a Minion fan? If yes, then I would suggest, that you should try the above design to make your garden smile with these one-eyed creatures. Cartoon Minion is every child’s favorite, even some adults with brains like kids (me) love Minion.

So, whenever our community (Minion Lovers) sees an object depicting Minions, we become like parents who talk to their kids in baby language. You need very few colors again. A generous amount of yellow, blue, white, pink, and black will give you a beautiful look. You need to be good at drawing to accomplish this amazing task.

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3# I Am Getting Ready Bit*hes!

I Am Getting Ready Bit*hes!

I am getting ready bit*hes!! This kind of pumpkin design is for all the women who want to party only with their girl gang during this Halloween. This year’s Halloween party, all the girl gangs can choose the same theme and have different and interesting things at their pad.

They can relax with the spa facility and yes, of course, color the pumpkins with different facial expressions of women getting ready. I think this will be the coolest party theme ever.

4# The Huge Tarantula

The Huge Tarantula

I think one of the most amazing designs for this year’s Halloween Party is the huge tarantula which will eat all those small insects. Yes! Kourtney this is not the real tarantula this is a showpiece.

Never mind, You don’t even have to paint your pumpkin. You only have to use a knife and give your orange pumpkin a scary design and add artificial legs made from a slender bamboo stick wrapped with black paper or cloth.

You can use old white medical bandages to give your huge tarantula an old haunted house vibe. All these bandages will give a web-like feel and will make the entire setup look real.

5# Cinderella’s Chariot

Cinderella's Chariot

Oh, dear! Cinderella’s fan. If you are head over heels and found your man just like Cinderella did, you can make a spooky magical chariot with the help of a pumpkin for the upcoming Halloween.

You only need a few decorative materials in order to decorate the chariot and silver color. You can color it and make some openings to make it look like a chariot. To make wheels you can use very tiny pumpkins and paint them white.

I feel it would go best with the fairy tale & the witch theme, where all your guests will be dressed in either some fairies, princesses, or witches. I feel everyone will like this pumpkin design.

6# The Little Kitten Head

The Little Kitten Head

Haunted night and little black kitten. I am already sweating! Yes, to give that complete haunted vibe for the Halloween party you can paint a huge dry pumpkin as a basket and put small pumpkins as a small kitten faces peeing out.

You can either make them look scary or cute depending on the age group of the party, obviously, you can’t be a bad host for kids, sacring the sh*t out of them (Yes, it will be fun, but No!).

You can use jute thread to give the dry pumpkin a basket feel and paint small pumpkins with black or white color. To make mustaches and eyes, you can use threads or paper cuttings. Believe me, people will love it.

7# Little Cartoon Faces

Little Cartoon Faces

Yes! kids, why should adults have all the fun. If your kid is planning to throw a Halloween party for his classmates, then I would suggest that instead of going for a haunted theme, you can choose a cartoon theme and paint your pumpkin the same way.

You can choose cartoon-like faces or cute animal faces and paint the pumpkins. For instance, in the image above you can see a cute lion, fox, and a unicorn. You can also make some efforts and design the pumpkin.

For such a colorful theme, you need to have good stationery, like colors, chart paper, scissors, glue, and some extra things to decorate. You can use this as a task for your kids and let them design the Halloween pumpkin.

8# 3D Halloween Pumpkins


A little matte spray paint or chalk is all you need to turn the orange pumpkins into a subtle art of beauty. Okay that may have been a little over the top but come on guys it’s Halloween, which means you can officially go over the top with fancy decor and parties.

Ensure that you have cleaned your pumpkin and the surface is dry so you can start with designing. Carve the design on your pumpkin with a pencil and don’t worry about the details. They can be easy or complicated as per your taste. Once you are satisfied with the design, go over the pencil lines with puff paint.

Wait for the paint to dry and then proceed with a second layer if required. Now, take matte paint and carefully spray the content all over your pumpkin without destroying the stem.

Final Words

These were some of the popular and quirky paint designs, that you can use for this year’s Halloween. Definitely, you can order some designer pumpkins from the market, but I think making efforts and decorating your house yourself during this festive season, will give never-experienced satisfaction. So, get started and share your designs on our Twitter page or in the comment section.

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