How To Play Gomoku? Let Us Teach You!


Gomoku is a unique Japanese board game that is played by 2 players and happens to be a little more complicated than Tic-Tac-Toe. We are aware of different types of board games. The most common being Chess or, say, Chinese Checkers. But Gomoku is different in its own way and is highly interesting. So, in this article, we’ll tell you How To Play Gomoku? 

In Gomoku, a player’s goal is to create an unbroken line of five pieces (called Stones) in whichever direction by placing the black and white pieces on the board when their turn comes. Usually, a traditional Japanese Gomoku board has a 15X15 grid of lines. But people also, at times, play it on a Go Board, which has a 19X19 grid.

Now that you have an idea of the game, let’s jump into the details and tell you how to play Gomoku.

How To Play Gomoku? Try Out These Methods!

How To Play Gomoku? Let Us Teach You!

There are only a few ways using which you can play Gomoku. We have listed a couple of these methods so that you can use them in order to play Gomoku in a much better way. Continue reading and explore the methods.

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Method 1: Setting Up And Starting The Game

How To Play Gomoku? Let Us Teach You!
  • First things first, divide the black and white pieces equally between the two players. Now, remember, Gomoku is played with circular black and white pieces called stones. As it’s obvious, one player will be given all the black pieces, and the other will be given all the white ones.
  • Begin the game by moving a black stone. According to the game’s rules, the player using the black stones opens the game by moving one of its pieces on the board. The stones are usually placed on the crossings or intersections, formed by the Gomoku board’s grid lines (rather than placing them inside the squares). In a standard Gomoku game, you have the complete freedom to place your stone on any crossing only when it’s your turn.
  • There are alternate turns between both the players. When the first player will be done placing their black stone, only then the second player will move their white stone respectively.
  • In order to win the game, the player’s ultimate goal would be to place 5 pieces in a row. It does not matter in which direction they put it. The line may go in any given direction, be it vertically, horizontally, or diagonally.

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Method 2: Play Strategically

How To Play Gomoku? Let Us Teach You!
  • Be very attentive and use all your concentration during your opponent’s turn. Use that time to think and plan your next move. Each player only gets 10 minutes for their turn to play throughout the game, especially if it is a tournament. You can have an upper hand or an advantage if you happen to use your opponent’s time and your own time to think about your next effective move. This mostly works when the game proceeds toward the end.
  • Always remember that how you begin the game will determine the end of the game. You’ll have very little time and way too few options as the game proceeds. Be extremely careful with each and every move because putting yourself into unnecessary situations, specifically during the first 10 moves, will be a disaster. It will certainly become burdensome to get out of it during the rest of the game.
  • You need to develop a habit of learning your opponent’s gaming style and particularly where their strengths lie. While playing the game, especially when it’s life, try to figure out how your opponent functions. And see if they are more aggressive or more defensive. If you’re playing against a known opponent, try to remember their sequences and how they played earlier, so you could counter. You can seek information from other players regarding your opponent in order to understand their strategies.
  • You need to, no matter what, stop your opponent from gaining an open 4. An open four happens to be a specific sequence of the stones. If someone achieves it, then no one can stop that person from winning the game. Now, in order to stop something like that from happening, all you need to do is block any 3 stone lines that have both the ends open. This move will certainly stop you from falling into the wrong situation.
  • If you wish to play more aggressively than playing defensive, try to create two attacking lines simultaneously. If you can try and create a “fork,” you’ll certainly have the upper hand. Having two possible victorious lines of stones will surely make your opponent’s situation difficult. All you need to do now is play carefully, create overlapping lines that are open at all ends, and push the game towards the end.
  • If you wish to become better at playing Gomoku, learn from experienced and professional players. You can even watch YouTube videos, but don’t just observe them. Pause and think about why a certain move was made and what would you have done if you were in such a situation. Think of different situations you might be in and develop distinctive strategies that would turn you into a better player.

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Final Word

The above mentioned are the two different methods you can use to play Gomoku. As we mentioned before, Gomoku happens to be a complex game, just like Chess. If you’re new to it, you’ll take some time to figure certain things out. I hope you have gone through the article properly and understood what we have explained. Let us know if you liked reading the article, and do not forget to give us your feedback.

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