How To Play Mario Kart Online With Friends? Beat Your Friends And Be The Champ!!


You have got your first Nintendo Switch and brought the latest best-selling entertainment game, Mario Kart 8 Delux. So, what are you waiting for? Go start playing the game, but before that, do you know how to play Mario Kart Online with friends? If not, then I can help you.

Mario Kart 8 Delux is the best racing game on Nintendo switch that brings up the nostalgia of old times with modern graphics and gameplay. The game is best known for its multiplayer game mode, including Grand Prix, vs. Race and Battle that connect friends across the globe to either have a single challenging race or a tournament. 

So, if you have no idea how to play Mario Kart online with friends, you have to go to the online play menu in the game and select one or two players. From there, select the player that is currently playing and then add him to play the game. Well, that’s it, you are ready to have the best race with your friends.

Since there are many more modes in the game that you can enjoy with your friends, down here are everything in detail.

How To Play Mario Kart Online With Friends? Connect With Online Friends In No Time!!

In the game, you can join your friends online in one or two players modes or make a room and hold a long tournament. To make that happen, here are all the detailed steps. Let’s explore it now!

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How To Connect With Friends And Race In One Or Two-Player Mode?

How To Play Mario Kart Online With Friends | Beat Your Friends And Be The Champ!!

It’s no greater fun than to beat your best pal in the Mario Kart racing game in a one or two-player mode and check who is the greatest racer. From here, follow the steps to connect with your friend in a match. 

  • From the game menu, select the online player option, just above the tournament option.
  • On the side of this menu, you will see the 1p/2p option; select that according to the number of players.
  • After selecting that, you will see four several options: Worldwide, Regional, Tournament, Friends. Here click on the friends.
  • Now here, select the currently playing friend and then select join to join in a race.

If the player is in the middle of the game, you will be his Spector in his game and enjoy his gameplay and make your tactics on how you will defeat him.

How To Set Online Tournaments With Friends In Mario Kart? 

Online Tournaments can be played only with one or two friends. You have to make special codes from which your friends can join. Along with that, you can also set weekly tournaments, daily tournaments on a specific date, and the duration of races and number of laps. Now follow these steps to create online tournaments.

  • Open the online player option in the game menu. 
  • Now select from 1p/2p, and after choosing that in the following option, you have to choose the tournament option.
  • After choosing the tournament option, you must name your tournament match, set its icon, and set its rule. 

From there, you will get a code that you have to send to the players to join you in the game.

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What Are The Different Types Of Races That You Can Play In Multiplayer Mode?

What Are The Different Types Of Races That You Can Play In Multiplayer Mode

Playing with friends in online mode allows only one or two players to match with a straightforward race mode. The multiplayer mode will enable you to play with four friends simultaneously, with different game modes, including Grandprix, Vs. Race and Battle. The multiplayer option is not an online option, and you have to play the game using a single screen.

#1 Grand Prix: Now, in these races, you are required to select the different cc vehicles you want to race with. CC means how fast your vehicle is, and there are four cc options available, including 50cc, 100cc, 150cc, 200cc. Also, there is one fun race option in the game, i.e., Mirror mode that mirrors the race track making the game upside down.

#2 V.s. Mode: V.s. is always between two players, so if you want to show someone who is the best, select this option and meet him on the race track. In this option, you can choose from various options like computer vehicles, the number of tracks, items, and special powers that can be collected on the track, and much more.

#3 Battle Mode: There are six battle modes in the game that are fun to play with friends. Where some are cop-based, others are to collect most coins to win. The various battle in the game includes Shine Thief, Random Battle, Balloon Battle, Renegade Roundup, Bob-omb Blast, or Coin Runners.

  • Shine Thief: There is a special star somewhere located on the track; the players have to obtain it and hit the other players when in possession. This will eliminate the other player from the game.
  • Balloon Battle: Your kart is tied to a balloon, and you must avoid hitting the other players. Once you hit the other player, they will lose their ballon and lose the game.
  • Renegade Roundup: It’s a cop and thief battle, and you have to catch the players who have Piranha Plants on them.
  • Bomb Blast: Similar to Baloon blast, in a bomb blast, players have to obtain the bombs on the track and throw them on other players to eliminate them.
  • Coin Runner: Coins are scattered on the whole track, and you have to collect them in the given time. The one who collects the most wins the game.
  • Random Battle: In this, you will be given any of 6 battles randomly, which you have to play with your friends.

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How To Connect Players in The Multiplayer Mode?

How To Connect Players in The Multiplayer Mode?

You have seen the different game modes that you can play in Multiplayer mode; now follow these steps to play the game with your friends.

  • In the game menu, select the Multiplayer mode and the number of players from one to four.
  • After selecting the Multiplayer option, select the game mode, Vs. Race, Battle, or Grandprix. Along with that, the cc of the kart set the game’s rules.
  • Every player has to choose their cart and characters by pressing the A button.
  • After finalizing this, the players have to press the A button again on the remote.
  • Now the host of the game will select the cup of the game, and once done, the players are ready to race. 

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Final Words 

Mario Kart 8 Delux is available For Nintendo switch, Play station 4, and Xbox consoles. You can buy the game from, and for the Nintendo switch, its price is about $59.9.

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