How To Play Video On Instagram Story? Watch Your Favorite Videos Here!


Have you tried making videos on Instagram? I do it a lot because it helps me increase engagement. That’s not it, I also prefer playing videos of other users and learn how to make my IGTV videos more attractive. If you also wish to learn the same then, first of all, you should know how to play video on Instagram story. Here’s a helpful guide for you!

When it comes to videos on Instagram, you can perform a lot of things like fixing a stretched video and can even use Google Drive to upload videos. But all your efforts can go futile if you are unable to play the video on Instagram story. Of course, how will you determine the quality of the video without playing it? So, keep your eyes on how to play video on Instagram story. 

If you are unable to play a video on your favorite social media platform, you should check out the following ways. There’s plenty of information for you on how to play video on Instagram story! 

How To Play Video On Instagram Story? Learn The Trick Here!

Playing videos on an Instagram story is as easy as changing the thumbnail of a video. So, there’s nothing you need to worry about because the process is going to be pretty easy to follow. Check right now how to play videos on an Instagram story!

How To Play Video On Instagram Story? 

How To Play Video On Instagram Story? Watch Your Favorite Videos Here!

Although there are many ways to play a video in an Instagram story, the direct way is to simply post it and add it to your story. Apart from this, there are 5 helpful tips that can help you and your followers play videos on Instagram story. 

#1 Don’t Share IGTV Videos, Only Usual Videos

Usually, Instagram users share IGTV videos on their stories. As a result, their followers end up seeing only the picture of videos. Therefore, it’s advisable to check whether the video you are sharing is playing after uploading or not.

Also, the social media platform allows its users to share multiple stories and videos on the same post. So, this might be a reason that your video is not playing. Make sure you post only one video so that there’s a good chance to get it played. 

#2 Keep A Check On The Length Of The Video 

Many Instagram users prefer uploading videos that last for less than 10 seconds. That’s because videos whose length is more than 15 seconds are tough to play. Also, it’s important to make sure that you upload short videos so that there’s a good chance to get them played by your followers. 

#3 Play The Video Before You Share It

This is one of the best things you can do to make sure your video gets played when your viewers tap on it. In order to check, you need not waste your time seeing the entire video, just play it for a second or two. 

After this, you just need to click on the ‘Add’ button on your Instagram story. The task does not end here! You need to play the video once again to check if everything is fine. 

#4  Make Sure You Update Instagram To Get All New Features

How To Play Video On Instagram Story? Watch Your Favorite Videos Here!

Many times videos don’t get played due to the un-updated version of Instagram. Also, the platform does not offer all the features in all countries. So, it’s better to check whether you have an updated version or not. And if the above tips have not helped you, then this one surely will. 

#5 Try Making A New Account To Check If The Video Can Be Played 

If none of the above tips have benefited you, the best way is to make a new account and check if you can play the video there. That’s because, with a new account, you get all the new features. Although this tip cannot guarantee you, it’s just a workaround to get the ball in your court. 

#6 Take Help Of Third Party Tools 

These days, internet is loaded with third-party tools that can help you upload an amazing video on your Instagram story. These tools can help you because they automatically process the frame of videos by using high technology. 

This way, you can learn how to make video play on Instagram story.

Why Choose Instagram Stories To Make Videos?

How To Play Video On Instagram Story? Watch Your Favorite Videos Here!

Well, Instagram story is versatile enough as you can put weather and can even use a saved audio. Apart from this, you can use Instagram stories to make videos as well. Here are the reasons for it!

  1. Helps Share User-Generated Content 

This is usually the type of content generated by customers for publishing on social media platforms. It’s usually in the form of images, videos, podcasts, etc. And an Instagram story is a nice way to share content that is likely to get more attention from other users. 

  1. It Allows To Run Ads And Enhances Brand 

While playing videos on Instagram stories, you can also consider adding ads so that other users can learn about them while playing the video. This way, you don’t force anyone to watch your ad and make them watch at the same time. Interestingly, you can do this by personalizing the settings of your account. 

Final Words 

After learning so much about how to play video on Instagram story, you must be feeling excited to play a video. Apart from playing videos of other users, you can count viewers on your video. Try it today and share your experience with us!

In addition, you can consider reading our latest articles on Instagram scheduling tools and how to change color of location on Instagram. There’s a lot to learn about Instagram!

What Is The Maximum Length And Size Of An Instagram Story?

The maximum length of an Instagram story is 15 seconds and the dimensions are 1080 pixels wide & 1920 pixels in height.

How To Download A Video From Instagram Story?

Usually, videos on Instagram stories disappear after 24 hours. If you don’t want to lose it, here’s how you can download it.

1. Open the story you viewed before.
2. Now, click on the menu option.
3. It’s time to choose a video and save it to your camera roll. 

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