How To Power Off A FireStick? This Is How You Do It!


Today we are here with an important article that deals with a practical issue. If you happen to use the Amazon FireStick, then you’re certainly reading the correct article. Having used the FireStick, you probably know that it does not have a power button, so you might have wondered how to power off the device without unplugging it. In this article, we’ll precisely tell you How To Power Off A FireStick?

The Amazon Fire TV Stick or the FireStick happens to be a device meant for media streaming. It lets you stream videos, such as movies and shows, install applications, and play music on your TV. The device is built on the Android platform, and it turns your usual TV into a smart TV. 

How To Power Off A FireStick? Try Out These Methods!

How To Power Off A FireStick? This Is How You Do It!

There are a few ways in which you can power off your FireStick. To simplify what exactly power off means, we have to say that it’s resetting the device from time to time so that it does not hang or function slow. 

Now, these are some of the ways how you can power off the FireStick.

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Press And Hold The Home Button On The Remote

How To Power Off A FireStick? This Is How You Do It!

Follow these steps carefully, one at a time.

  • Use your FireStick remote to press and hold the Home Button for 5 seconds.
  • When you see the options on the screen, select Sleep.
  • After selecting the Sleep option, your TV screen will turn black, as the FireStick will turn into sleep mode.
  • The final step would be to press any button on the remote to wake up the device.

Yes, that is all it takes to power off the FireStick.

The Settings Menu

How To Power Off A FireStick? This Is How You Do It!

This is another way you can opt to power off the FireStick. You can use Fire TV’s configuration menu to turn off your FireStick. Follow these steps.

  • You’ll notice the Settings option on the top right corner of the screen.
  • Tap the drop-down menu & select Sleep.
  • After selecting the Sleep mode, wait for a while. 
  • Then to wake up your device, press any button on the Remote.

The FireStick Application

How To Power Off A FireStick? This Is How You Do It!

This option is mainly recommended for the lazy ones who do not want to leave their couch or someone whose remote is lost or is damaged. You can use your smartphone to turn on or off your Amazon FireStick. All you need to do is install the Amazon Fire TV application available on App Store and Google Play Store for iOS and Android users respectively. Once you’re done installing the app, follow these steps as mentioned.

  • If you already have the FireStick app installed, you’re good to go. If you don’t, then install it, and launch the app.
  • At the bottom, you’ll notice the Menu list, select Remote from there. Selecting remote will activate the remote functions.
  • Then click on the Gear icon in the upper left corner of the screen. The purpose of the gear icon is that it gives you quick access to the settings option on the Fire TV app.
  • Now, select the Sleep option, and let the device enter the sleep mode.
  • The screen will turn black once you select the sleep mode.

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Unplug The FireStick

How To Power Off A FireStick? This Is How You Do It!

The only process to turn off the FireStick or shut it down fully is to unplug it. When you put your FireStick into sleep mode in the background, the device keeps operating and consumes power. But in sleep mode, the main features are deactivated.

So, either you switch off the power supply or unplug it so that the FireStick has no source of power in order to function. 

Other Frequently Asked Questions

Why Am I Not Being Able To Turn Off My FireStick?

Suppose your FireStick is functioning, or at least it looks like that. Still, there are situations when it may not function properly if it somehow gets frozen or becomes unresponsive to your commands.

In such a situation, your only option will be to unplug it from your smart TV and wait for a little while before plugging it back in. 

Is There Any Chance Of Losing Data If I Turn Off The FireStick Completely?

If this makes you feel any better, then NO, none of your apps or files will be erased if you turn off your FireStick completely. Having said that, there is a chance that everything might get deleted if you do a reverse factory reset.

Can I Restart My FireStick?

There can be bugs or glitches in technology, especially that require the internet to run. And sometimes, these unwanted issues happen for no apparent reason. So, in such situations, our best and most common suggestion is that you restart your FireStick. 

Unplug it from your smart TV and wait before plugging it back. When your device hard reboots, the FireStick system relaunches from scratch, which most of the time fixes any bugs or glitches.

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Final Word

We hope this article sufficed, answered all your questions, and cleared all your confusion. The above mentioned are all the ways you can try to power off a FireStick. Let us know what you think about this article, and do not forget to give us your valuable feedback if you think we missed out on something.

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