How To Prepare for a Best Family Bikepacking Trip: Summer 2021 Edition


This summer, families can take advantage of the great weather and the large number of biking trails and paths with a bikepacking trip. Going on a bikepacking Los Angeles trip with your family will take some planning, especially if you have younger kids. If you take your time and do research about preparation for your trip beforehand, you and your family can have a safe and fun bikepacking adventure for summer 2021.

Prepare for a Family Bikepacking Trip

Start With Short Bike Rides    

Family Bikepacking Trip

The first thing to do before going on a bikepacking trip is practice biking with your children. Since bikepacking trips may run a few days or more and cover lots of mileage, you should start with short summer bike rides that cover a few miles or less. If your children are too young to ride their own bikes, get them used to riding in a child’s bike seat or a bike towing trailer. Get older children accustomed to riding on longer routes if they ride their own bike.

Pick a Realistic Route

The next thing to focus on is your planned route for your family bikepacking trip. Plan a realistic route that you and your family can handle for the trip. It may be smarter to avoid routes that have lots of hills and rougher terrain for your first bikepacking adventure. Instead, choose a course that includes flat trails and places that are easy to access.

Plan for Longer Stops

Plan for Longer Stops

Another big aspect of a fun bikepacking trip for a family is your nightly stop. If you’re biking a well-known route, there may be campsites or others places that are marked already for overnight stops. California bikepacking routes may incorporate forested, scenic trails and suitable overnight stops where you and your family can camp for the evening and get some rest. Look for overnight campsites that offer tent sites, bathrooms and showers, potable water and a store to stock up on supplies. 

Use the Right Biking Gear

Another big part of a great bikepacking trip is your gear. A successful adventure can only happen if you invest in quality bikes for you and your family. Choose bikes that are designed to handle trail riding and other types of riding that are part of your route. Equip everyone in your party with helmets for safety. Make sure you have lightweight sleeping bags, cooking supplies, a tent, clothes and toiletries for your family in your packs.

Pack Plenty of Snacks

Bikepacking Trip

The last thing to do before setting out for a bikepacking trip with the family is to be ready with sustenance and snacks. Spending hours on a bike trail may be exhausting for you and your children, so help everyone maintain their efforts with full water packs and protein-packed snacks. Granola bars with protein, fruit, peanut butter and nuts make excellent snacks that are light and easy to carry on a long bikepacking trip.

A family bikepacking trip is the ultimate adventure for you and your kids. Bikepacking is a great way to bond with your family and take on an active vacation that will be unforgettable for everyone.


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