How To Prepare For Surgery | Both Physically and Emotionally!


If you’re on the waiting list for a surgical procedure, chances are you’ve run the gamut of emotions and thoughts about the process, the operation, and the weeks to come. It can be hard to stay upbeat in the face of a nerve-wracking event – one which between 1 and 10 million in the UK experience in a given year – but there are ways.

Tell me, what part of surgery scares you the most? Is it the procedure that is keeping you in fear of your mental health? or How you are going to hold yourself or your loved ones before and after the procedure? Here are some basic ideas to let you know how to prepare for surgery.

How To Prepare For Surgery | Start By Taking Care Of Yourself!

The thought of getting into surgery can be scary because of many different reasons. Plenty of thoughts like the after-effects and the well-being keep running through one’s mind. While you cannot do much to avoid these thoughts but it is important to remember that going into surgery with a strong mind is necessary. Before anything else, knowing how to prepare for surgery should be on top of your priorities. Keep going ahead to see all the things one should do before going into surgery.

1# Preparing Your Body

1# Preparing Your Body

You might be concerned that your body needs to be in a particular shape before your surgery – but there is no need to make any drastic changes to your lifestyle unless recommended by a doctor or your surgeon. The best thing you can do for your body ahead of an operation is to eat and drink healthily. Attempting to lose weight by dieting – unless directed to – can be harmful to your post-surgery recovery, so make sure you are eating well and that your diet includes a diverse range of nutritional sources. Hydration is also key, so make sure you are drinking the recommended daily amount of water right up until the day of the operation.

2# Speaking To Loved Ones

2# Speaking To Loved Ones

This can be tricky to navigate, particularly if you are due to undergo an elective cosmetic procedure; you might be torn over whether or not to share that you will be undergoing surgery with loved ones. You certainly aren’t obliged to tell anyone about your surgery, as it is, after all, a personal decision about your own body. 

However, speaking to close friends or family could be helpful to you mentally in your preparations to go under. You might have anxieties about the procedure or, having heard the risks of anesthesia, have feelings of fear with nowhere to go. This is where conversation with loved ones can set you at ease; they can reassure you that everything will be fine, talk through each of your worries one by one and keep your spirits up ahead of the big day. You could even participate in relaxation exercises such as yoga, meditation, and mindfulness together to promote calm and feel connected all the while.

3# Preparing A Friend For Surgery

3# Preparing A Friend For Surgery

Of course, it may be a friend of yours going through a process of surgery, and you might be looking for meaningful ways with which to connect to them and reassure them. Many people fall into the trap of telling someone set to enter an operation about a similar experience they or a relative have experienced. Rather than decentralizing the experience from the patient-to-be, instead focus on that person and the aftermath of their operation. Reminding them that the op is in service of a better life afterward can bring some perspective to things and make them feel much more at ease.

Final Words

Whether you or your loved ones are going into surgery, make sure that you are following all the things discussed above. Going through these activities can help you (or any other person) have a strong mind. A strong mind and body are the two things that will keep the after-effects to a bare minimum.


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