How To Recover Deleted Reels Drafts On Instagram? Get Ready For The 2022 Pro-Tips!!


Do you use Instagram for quite some time? But are you aware of most of the features offered on this popular platform? Well, if you aren’t, then be sure to read this article where I discuss how to recover deleted reels drafts on Instagram. It’s time for you to take your social media game to the next level!

You must be well acquainted with most of the basic functionalities of Instagram. But with the constant updates, made for this platforms, it’s quite easy for one to lose track! And, later wake up to find out that the locks have changed! The old ways with which you used to make your favorite reels on instagram, or maybe save it to your draft, is not functioning anymore. Trust me I know the pain!

But you necessarily don’t need to endure the same pain! And lament over the previous obsolete features of Instagram! As in this article, I’ll help you to get a clear understanding of how to recover deleted reels drafts on Instagram!

How To Recover Deleted Reels Drafts On Instagram? All You Need To Know!!

You’ve come to the right place to get a pro-tip in solving the predicament that you have with Insta reels! But it’s only fair that you first understand why the favorite reels which you had saved in your drafts are getting deleted in the first place!

Ok, so as the algorithms of these popular social media platforms are required to be changed every now and then. It could be that during the last update of Instagram, a minor bug is causing the reels to get deleted. Secondly, the specific device that you are using to access Instagram, could be the root cause of the problem!

Now, there are a couple of easy ways to solve this problem, that we will begin to discuss shortly! To get your reel game on Instagram, up and running once again.

#1 Keep Your Instagram App Updated!

How To Recover Deleted Reels Drafts On Instagram? Get Ready For The 2022 Pro-Tips!!

The first thing that you need to do is, go to the Google play store (for Android users) or App Store (for iOS users) and check whether there are any options prompting you to update! If you see any, then press on it and update the app!

#2 Locate The Reels Draft Screen

How To Recover Deleted Reels Drafts On Instagram? Get Ready For The 2022 Pro-Tips!!

If updating the app doesn’t cut the cake, then you work a little more! All you need to do is, open the Instagram app on your device and head straight into your profile. Then select the option that says “Reels” and check whether any of them are saved in the “Drafts” section! Most of the users get the issues with reels sorted by now, after accessing the reels draft screen!

#3 Locate The Deleted Folder

How To Recover Deleted Reels Drafts On Instagram? Get Ready For The 2022 Pro-Tips!!

That’s right, Instagram now has a new feature that lets you access the “delete folder”. Enabling you to check the posts or reels that might’ve been deleted by you accidentally!

And in order to restore them, what you need to do is, access your Instagram settings, by pressing the three horizontal lines appearing at the top right corner of your screen! Second, select the account option and locate the “recently deleted” section.

Lastly, if you can find out anything that says, “Reels Draft”, just press on it. Which will give you an option to “Restore” at the bottom of your device’s screen. Press on that as well, and boom it’s done! Your reels are back for you to post!

#4 Locate The Reels Upload Screen

How To Recover Deleted Reels Drafts On Instagram? Get Ready For The 2022 Pro-Tips!!

If the problem still persists, and you still can’t find the reels that were saved in your drafts. The final option is to open the reels upload screen. A question should appear on your screen, asking whether you want to “Continue Editing Your Video”, with two options – “Continue” and “Start New Video”. Carefully select continue, and finish editing your reel. And post it later!

#5 Points To Remember

How To Recover Deleted Reels Drafts On Instagram? Get Ready For The 2022 Pro-Tips!!

Ok, to make sure that you don’t end up in the same place in the future, maybe next time you’d want to plan on posting the reels from the get-go! For that, you just need to check a couple of things such as selecting different thumbnails/ cover images, researching Instagram captions, and previewing the reels feed!

Final Words

Ok, so by now I hope that you know how to recover deleted reel drafts on Instagram. I also hope that you’ve enjoyed reading this article! Don’t forget to add your thoughts in the comment section below. And be sure to check out other amazing articles on Viebly.

How Many Reels Can You Post On Instagram?

You can make and post as many reels as you’d like on Instagram. There’s no particular limit to it!

Can Reel Captions Be Prepared On Instagram?

Yes, you can prepare Reel Captions on Instagram. Most of the famous users actually do so!

Is It Possible To Save A Reels Draft Along With The Audio?

Yes, you can absolutely save a reel along with the audio, in the drafts. But make sure you double-check the points discussed above!

Is Instagram Music Available Everywhere?

Unfortunately, Instagram music is not globally available for all users. I know it’s a huge bummer, but if you happen to live in America, New Zealand, Australia, Canada, France, the UK, or even Germany you should be able to access it, without any notable problem!


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