How To Remove Self Tanner? Applying Is Easy And So Is Removing!!


For a sun-kissed glow, many of us make use of Self Tanner. However, things can go wrong even with the best tanning products and, that’s why at that time, removing them from the skin turns out to be the only option. This article will guide you with some easy, convenient ways how to remove self tanner ASAP so you don’t end up harming your skin.

There are a lot of self-tanning products available in the market that can give you a tanned golden glow look without exposing yourself to the sun. The right product gives you the best result preventing self-tanning disasters like patchy, poorly dyed ester-like skin. However, there is no 100% avoidance of the wrongs that can go with applying these products.

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As there are a lot of self-tanner products available in the market, there are also many products available to remove them as well. Apart from that, there are several homemade DIY techniques that can help you remove the fake tan of these products. Well, Baby oil and whitening toothpaste are the ones that can remove the self-tanners effortlessly. 

The steps to remove fake tan using baby oil, whitening toothpaste, and many more are discussed down below. Scroll down and read how to apply them!!

How To Remove Self Tanner? 7 Safe DIY Techniques To Other Readily Available Products!!

Self-tanners are not bad for your skin compared to lying on a tanning bed or spending long hours in the sun. However, it’s said that these lifestyle products contain DHA and should be avoided if you have dry skin. Now if you unknowingly have applied the self-tanner on dry skin, don’t worry these techniques will remove the fake tan products easily and quickly.

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#1 Removing Self-Tanner Using Baking Soda And Lemon Juice | Home Remedies At Rescue!

As discussed above, there are different methods used to remove the self-tanner from the skin. Let’s start with an easy one you can follow with the items available at home.

  • Prepare a mixture of lemon juice, baby oil, and baking soda, in a bowl. 
  • Stir it well so that ingredients get mixed properly. 
  • Once done, apply it to your body and let it rest for 5-10 minutes.
  • Rinse the solution with a washcloth or loofah afterwards and see the progress. 

Well, let me tell you this is a quick fix you can use if your tan color has somehow turned to an orange shade. However, this method won’t remove the self-tanner permanently. So if you have a few streaks or spots here and there, you can follow this method a few times or opt for a much stronger self-tanner removal option.

#2 Whitening Toothpaste Can Remove A Self Tanner | Morning Brushing Will Help!

Toothpaste is a multi-utility product, as not only does it whiten your teeth but it also leaves the metal taps shining. Another thing that toothpaste can do that you might not have known is removing self-tanner. Well, whitening toothpaste consists of Sodium Bicarbonate, an active ingredient used to whiten the teeth. Many people don’t know this but Sodium Bicarbonate can also help fix/remove uneven patches of faux tan. 

Toothpaste can work best if you want to remove the tanner from the areas between your fingers and on your palms.

  • Apply the toothpaste to the desired part of your skin.
  • Leave it to rest for 5 to 10 minutes. 
  • Once the paste is dry, remove it using running water or a wet washcloth. 

It is advised not to use this method more than once on a similar area as it might end up irritating your skin. 

#3 Removing Self-Tanner Using Baby Oil | Why Should Babies Have All The Fun? 

How To Remove Self Tanner?

If your tanning product has somehow ended up giving you a shade of bronze on your dry skin, it is advised to reach for baby oil. Baby oil will not only nourish your skin but also remove the self-tanner product. Apart from that, raw coconut or olive oil can also work, but the use of baby oil is recommended for better results. 

To use Baby oil as a self-tanner remover, follow the steps discussed below:

  • Apply baby oil on your skin and let it absorb the product for 30-40 minutes. 
  • Once the time is up, take a mildly hot shower to remove the oil easily. 
  • After you have dried your skin, you will notice that the shade of the self-tanner has reduced to one or two points.

The slight change in your tan is a sign that soon the tan will leave your skin completely. Also, if you have used a gradual tanning product (lotion or cream), the shade will be removed completely with the use of baby oil in a few days.

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#4 Using Sugar Scrub As Self-Tanner Remover | Scrub & Rub In The Tub!

#4 Using Sugar Scrub As Self-Tanner Remover

What could be the best way to remove the fake tan while making your skin soft and removing dead cells from it? Well, the answer is sugar scrub. Sugar scrubs are body scrubs that remove the dead skin cell build-up and break the fake tan because of the oils present inside it.

 To use sugar scrub as a self-tanner remover, follow the steps discussed below:

  • Take a quick shower and then apply sugar scrub directly on the skin.
  • Give your skin a gentle massage with the scrub and let it absorb the product. 
  • Let the scrub sit on your skin for a few minutes to dry.
  • Once the time is up, rinse the sugar scrub from your body using cold water. 
  • This will remove the self-tanner along with the dead skin cells, giving you soft skin.

There are many different ways to make a sugar scrub at home. The basic method is to mix two parts of sugar (white or brown) and one part of the oil. Remember that the sugar should be gritty and not too fine. If you don’t have the time to make one at home, then Coco & Eve Body Buffing Sugar Scrub is also a great product to use. 

#5 Hair Removal Creams As Self-Tanner Remover | One Product = Two Benefits! 

#5 Hair Removal Creams As Self-Tanners 

You will be surprised to hear this but a fake tan can also be removed with the help of hair removal creams. Yes, that’s true these products not only remove hair by breaking the bond in the body’s hair keratin but also remove the dead skin and so the skin tanner. 

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To use Hair removal cream as a self-tanner remover, follow these steps:

  • Apply the hair removal cream on your skin.
  • Let it sit there for half of the recommended time. 
  • Once the timer is up, rinse it properly and gently with a cotton towel or microfiber cloth to avoid any irritation.

#6 Self Tanner Removal Products | Please Consider Them Too!

If you are someone like me who doesn’t fall in the category of DIY, don’t worry; the market is always open for you. From there, you can easily get your hands on different self-tanner removal products. However, there are a lot of things that you need to keep in mind while buying a self-tanner remover like the chemicals inside it and whether it suits your skin or not.

Some of the best tanner products available in the market that are praised by many are:

  • St. Tropez Remover Mousse – Price $19 at Ulta beauty.
  • The Isle of Paradise, Over It Magic Self-Tan Eraser – Price $27 at Sephora.
  • Isle of Paradise, Self-Tanning Water- Price $28 at Sephora.
  • Tanologist Tan Eraser Plus Prime- Price $14 at Tanologist.
  • Model Co. Exfoliating Self Tan Remover Soap- Price $12 at Modelco.

#7 Removing Fake Tan Using Exfoliating Mitt | Hot Tub, Or Sauna

#7  Removing Fake Tan Using Exfoliating Mitt | Hot Tub, Or Sauna

Apart from scrubbers, there are other products like exfoliating mitts that can remove a fake tan while simultaneously exfoliating your skin. An exfoliating mitt is a glove-like product with a rough texture that can help you remove the dead skin and self-tanner. When bathing, use the exfoliating mitt in circular motions to remove the fake tan.

Apart from all these products, the other simple method that can help you remove the self-tanner is taking a hot tub bath or sauna. Doing this will open up the skin pores, helping you get rid of the fake tan while providing relaxation to your body and mind. 

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Final Words

You can buy the above-mentioned self-tanner removal products easily from Amazon. Also, if you have any other suggestions or methods on how to remove self-tanner from the skin, don’t forget to share them with everyone in the comments section below.

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