How To Remove Sticker Residue? Learn The Magical Steps!


How to remove sticker residue? This question haunts every one of us! Right? Many a time at the parties or during voting, we get name tag stickers on the clothes that not only spoil their charm but also affect the fabric of garments.

Although they are essential for the purpose, the worst part comes when we accidentally throw these clothes for washing without removing the sticker. When we do that, the cloth fibers get a slight glue residue that becomes tough to remove but don’t worry, as we are with the easy steps on how to remove sticker residue. Let’s know them in detail!

How To Remove Sticker Residue? Make The Sticky Glue Vanish!!  

To remove the adhesive of stickers from cloths or upholstery, you will need undiluted distilled white vinegar, nail polish remover (optional), dry cleaning solvent, and liquid laundry detergent. Along with that, you will also need a sponge, a soft brush, and a terry cloth.  

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How To Remove Sticker Residue From Clothes? Get It Done Just Like That!

Before you start the listed treatment to remove the sticker residue from the cloths, do check for the care label on your garments. The garment made from wool and silk requires mild detergents, whereas the cotton cloths can go with the normal wash cycle and regular detergents. So do take care of that when treating the clothes with detergents. 

#1 Apply Warm White Vinegar On The Stain

How To Remove Sticker Residue | Make The Sticky Glue Vanish In No Efforts!!  

To start the process, begin heating the white distilled vinegar in the microwave. Take luke warm vinegar in a bowl and then dip the sponge in it. Now after that squeeze the sponge over the sticky & spoiled surface of the cloth until the stain is saturated and the vinegar is absorbed completely by the cloth. 

Once you do that, the adhesive will start loosening its grip from the cloth, and you can easily lift it with a dull knife or spatula.

#2 Treat The Sticky Residue With Prewash Stain Remover   

#2 Treat The Sticky Residue With Prewash Stain Remover   

After following the first step, you need to rinse the sticky area with cool water and apply a bit of heavy-duty liquid detergent, like Tide or Persil. After that, you need to gently rub the detergents with fingers or with a soft brush and make a foamy layer on that area.  

Now allow the detergent to work on the stain by leaving it for at least fifteen minutes and then launder as recommended on the care label. You can also use acetone (nail paint remover) to remove the sticky residue but remember not to apply it on acetate fabrics as it will melt its fibers.

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#3 Put The Garment In the Dryer

#3 Put The Garment In the Dryer

Before heading for this step, do check if the sticky residue is completely removed from the cloth or not. If you place the fabric in the dryer with the sticker residue, it will dry up the adhesive and make it harder to remove. Once you complete this step, you will get the cloth with no adhesive sticker residue.

How To Remove Sticky Residue From Upholstery? Save Your Covers Too!

Now, if the sticker has somehow landed on the upholstery fabrics, don’t worry, as removing the sticker residue is effortless. Fellas and that too when you follow these simple steps. 

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#1 Apply The Vinegar

#1 Apply The Vinegar

The first step to remove the sticker residue is applying the hot vinegar solution to the upholstery. Don’t directly put the vinegar on its fabric; instead, use a sponge or a towel and apply it to the gluey part of the material. Remember not to oversaturate the fabric with vinegar because moisture in the cushion may become a problem.

#2 Use Towel To Dry The Strain

#2 Use Towel To Dry The Strain

Following the first step properly now you need to dry up the strain, and for that, you will need a terry cotton white towel. Rub the towel on the sticky residue by following a pattern, i.e., start rubbing from the outside edges of the stain and then towards the center. This will remove the sticker residue and, at the same time, prevent the glue dust from getting more significant.

Do remember that if your upholstery is made of silk, consult a professional upholstery cleaning service before following these steps.

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Final Words 

If you want to speed up the process of removing the sticky residue from cloths or upholstery, directly apply the cleaning solvent to the sticky surface of the fabric. After that, rub that solvent on the surface and scratch out the adhesive part with the help of a dull knife. 

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