How To Remove Waterproof Eyeliner? 4 Best Helpful Methods! 


bEyeliners are a must in a girl’s makeup kit as they are the one that carve the beauty of eyes. And for a long-lasting look, most girls prefer waterproof eyeliner, which also requires learning how to remove waterproof eyeliner. So, here’s all you need to know about it!

And it’s not only waterproof eyeliner. Many even prefer magnetic eyeliner because it gives more definition to the eyes. That’s why girls nowadays try to learn how to remove magnetic eyeliner. But today, we will touch on various methods to learn how to remove waterproof eyeliner! 

How To Remove Waterproof Eyeliner? Here Are All The Possible Ways!

Well, learning how to remove waterproof eyeliner is not very tough. You need to be ready with a certain product so you can get the eyeliner off your eyes quickly. It’s time to have a glimpse at all the methods to remove waterproof eyeliner!

METHOD 1: Use Eye Makeup Remover | How To Remove Waterproof Eyeliner? 

How To Remove Waterproof Eyeliner? Learn 4 Easy Methods! 

The first method is to use an eye makeup remover, the simplest method to remove waterproof eyeliner. These are the steps that need to be followed:

  • First, you need to choose an eye makeup remover that will suit your skin type. Also, I would suggest opting for an oil-based remover as it will allow the eyeliner to dissolve quickly. If you have sensitive skin, it’s better to use cleansing water. 
  • Now, take a pad and soak the remover in it. Here, I am suggesting a pad because cotton fibers may stuck on your eyelashes while removing the eyeliner. Also, you can use the same remover if you wish to undo your mistake while applying the liner. 
  • Press the pad on your eyes for not more than 20 seconds. Remember you don’t have to scrub it on your eyes. Just apply a little pressure between lashes to remove the eyeliner. 
  • Use strokes downwards to wipe the eyeliner and clean the area around your eyes to remove the smudged eyeliner. 

After these steps, don’t forget to clean your face with regular face wash. 

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METHOD 2: Using Makeup Removing Wipes | How To Remove Waterproof Eyeliner?

How To Remove Waterproof Eyeliner? Learn 4 Easy Methods! 

Makeup-removing wipes are another product that you can use to remove waterproof eyeliner. You don’t even need to saturate them with any solution! Follow the following steps:

  • First of all, you need to select facial wipes that are alcohol and fragrance-free. Although you can use baby wipes for removing makeup, it won’t work for removing waterproof eyeliner. Also, makeup wipes are designed to remove all types of makeup. 
  • Apply the edge of the wipe to wipe the eyeliner in an outward motion. Use different edges for both eyes so that one eye does not get the eyeliner of another eye. 
  • After cleaning up the eyeliner and the entire face with makeup removing wipes, wash your face with your cleanser so all the makeup and solution of the wipe gets off your face. 

This method makes it easy and quick to remove waterproof eyeliner. So, if you are short of them, better to go with this method!

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METHOD 3: Use Petroleum Jelly | How To Remove Waterproof Eyeliner?

How To Remove Waterproof Eyeliner? Learn 4 Easy Methods! 

You will be surprised to know that even petroleum jelly can help you remove waterproof eyeliner. These are the steps that will help you!

  • First, scoop a small amount of jelly on a cotton ball. Don’t scoop too much petroleum jelly; otherwise, it will fall from the cotton ball. Also, the jelly should be of a reliable brand and high quality because it comes in various qualities. And unpurified jelly means exposing your skin to lots of toxins.
  • Rub the cotton ball on your eyes and the area between eyelashes to get all the eyeliner off your eyes. Don’t rub the cotton ball in a hurry; rub the cotton ball gently. Use another cotton ball for another eye. 
  • After removing the eyeliner, wash your face with a cleanser to remove the jelly from your eyes. 

If a little amount of jelly gets in your eyes, use warm water to wash your eyes. Meanwhile, you may experience blurred vision, but it will get back to normal after some time. 

METHOD 4: Using Natural Oils | How To Remove Waterproof Eyeliner?

How To Remove Waterproof Eyeliner? Learn 4 Easy Methods! 

Well, natural oils are not only for strengthening hair or healing skin. They can be used for removing waterproof eyeliner as well. For this purpose, you can choose coconut oil, olive oil, or jojoba oil. 

Interestingly, these oils will dissolve the eyeliner so it can be wiped easily. Other than this, oil is a nice way to moisturize the area around your eyes and eyelashes. And they are the best way to remove waterproof eyeliner. 

  • Selec the oil that you want to use for the eyeliner removal process. 
  • Pour some oil on your fingertips and massage the oil on your eyelids. Make sure you cover the area where you have applied the eyeliner. Don’t even think of massaging with pressure (eyelids are sensitive). 
  • Let the oil rest for ten seconds, and then wipe it with the help of cotton with downward strokes. Here also, you need to be careful and not rub your eyelids because it will result in wrinkles and fine lines. 
  • Remove the oil on your skin by washing your face. Although oil is not harmful to the skin, you may feel uncomfortable with oil on your skin. 

If oil gets inside your eyes, don’t panic and wash your eyes with warm water. Just like jelly, your vision may get blurry for some time. Close your eyes and give them rest until your vision gets clear. 

 Final Words 

By now, you must have learned all of these methods for how to remove waterproof eyeliner. So, if you were struggling before, it’s time to say goodbye to it and remove waterproof eyeliner with any of the methods you feel comfortable with. Thankfully, these methods don’t require a prerequisite setup, and their required products can usually be found at homes. So, apply waterproof eyeliner without any worry!

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