How To Restore Old Photos At Home?


We all have our family history and photos from the last century. The electronic format of the photo appeared not so long ago but exactly captivated everyone. But what about the photo, where your grandparents were in their youth? Most likely, the condition of the images is not first fresh and there are certain defects and scuffs. Do not rush to throw away the photo, as it can still be fixed, even if the photo is torn. Certainly, this process can take you a lot of time, but you can save family history!

  • It is necessary to reformat the real photo into digital format. The first option is a scanner. Thanks to this, copying photos will not cause any glare, which will improve the quality of the picture. The second option is easier — just take a photo on the phone, but try to take it without glare and light. In two variants you should get a JPG image format.
  • The next step is to select the necessary photo editor or Photoshop. If you are not ready to spend a lot of time on restoration, then you can use the RetouchMe photo restore online application, which will do everything for you. If you are set to work long and hard to process every millimeter of a family photo, the following editing programs can help you.


This app is great for beginners. Thanks to the varied menu of editing tools you can recover photos in just a few minutes.

  1. Download the app to your phone. It’s very convenient because you don’t need a computer. You can recover old photos anytime.
  2. Open the app and upload the photo. It is best to scan the old photo and translate it into electronic format. If the scanner is not at hand — then take a photo.
  3. Select the tools you want. It can remove unwanted objects or scratches. Edit face or background. You can also change the color of the photo to make it look fresh.
  4. After all editing items are selected, your photo will be sent to the editors’ team. Within 5 minutes they will convert your photo. This method is fast and high-quality.
  5. The received photo you can save and print. As a result you will have a new photo.

Such an editor will be a great help in photo recovery. The most convenient thing is that you do not need a computer. Also, you don’t need Photoshop skills because they’ll (team of editors) do it for you.  


It is an excellent program for beginners, as here assembled simplified editing tools that have an automatic recovery system. For example, a «Regenerating brush» will help you to restore gaps in the photos that have been erased or torn off. In order to recover the photo, you need to do the following actions:

  1. Open the application and download the digital photo, which should be in JPG format.
  2. Focus on trimming the image, namely removing uneven or yellow edges. This function is located in the section of tools called «Cutting». Also in this section, you can change the correct position, if the photo is taken at an angle. Once you have configured the photo size, you need to click «Apply».
  3. Now it is possible to proceed to the key aspect, namely the removal of white dots, scuffs, or scratches. We go to the section «Retouch» and choose a restorative brush. We advise you to choose almost minimal of its subtlety to thoroughly process defects. Also, if the scratch touches several objects at the same time, it is necessary to edit them separately. So editing will be more invisible and professional. The most important thing is patience because every detail will need to be worked on with a brush.
  4. After the photo cleaning and recovery, you can proceed to face editing. In the «Retouch» section we move on to the perfect portrait, where you can choose the right one. The program will do everything — you just need to choose the necessary facial features.
  5. If you do not like the shade, it can also be corrected by setting the warmth or coldness. Go to the effects section and choose the one you like the most.
  6. Now you can save a fresh photo and you will have it digitally. You can also print it again.


It is considered one of the most popular and simple photo restorers. This program is practically automated since the tool you have chosen mainly does everything yourself, you only need to guide and control it.

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  1. Open the program in the upper left corner and go to the file section to download our digital photo.
  2. After the photo is opened you will have a window on the right, on which you will need to translate the photo from black and white to color. We’ll have to wait a minute because it takes some time.
  3. In the improvement section, go to the tab «Color», where you can choose the temperature, shade, contrast saturation, and succulence. Do not overdo this option to make the photo have natural colors.
  4. Now the most important thing is to remove all defects and scratches with the help of the healing brush in the section «Retush». If there are some undesirable objects in the photo, you can remove them using the tool «Stamp». This way you can convert the image to its original state.
  5. If the photo has lost its shape, for example, the corners were torn off or bruised, then you can remove them using «Cutting» and give the picture even angles.
  6. Your photo is ready. You can leave it in color, or you can convert it back to black and white.

We’ve told you two of the easiest ways to do this without having to be an editor. Certainly, the use of Photoshop will not be as easy, as there is a wide range of tools and functions. You will also need to familiarize yourself with the layers to understand the working principle. So this option will take you even more time, as you will need to understand its principle of work.

In addition to photo editors on the computer, you can contact the person or company that is engaged in the restoration of real photos. This method has existed for a long time because it is not an easy process. The photo goes through several stages, including a meeting with special solutions that help the author to remove contamination. This type of service is rare, as photos are now mostly restored in electronic format. 

How do I keep the photos in perfect condition?

The first and most important thing is to buy an album, where you can put each photo separately. Do not store photos on the open shelves or balcony, as direct sun rays will contribute to color change. Also, make sure that the album is in a cool temperature where there will be no high humidity. The best option would be a wardrobe where you put the album in a dark place without sunlight. Also, it would be nice to sign the photos at the back, with dates and surnames, so that your future children or grandchildren can see their relatives and know their names.

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