How To Run Incredible Instagram AR Filter Promotions In 2023 For Brands?


Brands rush into considering how they might develop a customized Augmented Reality (AR) campaign in response to Apple CEO Tim Cook’s statements that “AR will change everything” during Apple’s 2017 fourth-quarter results call with investors. 

In 2023, it is expected that filters on Instagram along with other AR social lenses would bring in $13 billion in ad income for marketers. With the introduction of new Instagram AR Ads and user competitions, you may expand the audience for and usage of your Instagram AR Filter. Let us highlight one more item here – outreach to influencers. They are an important segment for rising niches wanting to utilize social media AR filter promotions, such as virtual sports betting on the best Canadian betting sites in 2023 at Bookmaker-Expert, wherein influencers are frequently seasoned bettors, experts, or even ex-athletes with in-depth knowledge of the sector whose opinions and advice are respected by their audience.

Simply said, they are experts in the industry you want to promote through them. Additionally, you can utilize Facebook Pixels to boost and monitor website conversions caused by your AR Filter.

Why Make A Customized Instagram AR Filter? But First, What Is AR? 

Digital pictures are placed into the actual environment in an interactive experience known as augmented reality (AR) filters. AR filters use the front and rear cameras on your device to add an additional layer of images to either the background or the foreground of your picture. The most widely used AR site is Instagram, which has one million active monthly users, as per Backlinko.

As we said, brands are quickly considering how to develop their own AR campaign in response to Tim Cook’s remark. And thanks to Instagram Filters, they can now do so quickly, effortlessly, and affordably. 

Facebook has launched its Spark AR creation program in response to the remark. Before that, you had to be an approved AR Filter maker in order to build an AR Filter for Instagram. Anyone can now develop and post their own AR filter on Facebook or Instagram.

The user base of Instagram is enormous. Along with having more than 2.3 billion users (Demand Sage), these users are incredibly engaged both daily and monthly, and 80% of Instagram users report following a company they like. Advertising-wise, it is anticipated that AR Filters will bring in $13 billion for businesses in 2023.

How To Create Your Own Custom Instagram AR Filter?

As technology advances, businesses may produce an ever-increasing variety of AR Filters. 

However, as things are, they typically divide into two groups. Real-world AR effects, which make use of the back-facing camera, may make virtual items come to life. The front-facing camera is also used by Face Filters, which include the user in the effect.

How To Utilize Instagram’s AR Features? Where Can Your Followers Discover Instagram Filters?

How To Run Incredible Instagram AR Filter Promotions In 2023 For Brands

You want people to utilize your effect after it has been built and released.  

The cheerful face will appear on your Instagram profile if your company has developed an Instagram filter. Additionally, a 15-second demonstration film of your impact can be viewed by everyone who visits your profile. Additionally, there is a “Try It” button so that people may utilize it as well.

The Gallery Of Instagram Effects 

From anyone’s personal Instagram newsfeed, you can also locate Instagram Filters, including your own.

  • Right-swipe from your newsfeed.
  • A series of icons representing recently utilized Instagram filters and fashionable effects will then appear.
  • In order to access the magnifying glass, swipe the icons to the left.
  • The Instagram Effects Gallery will open when you tap the magnifying glass.

In the Instagram Effect Gallery, there are hundreds, even thousands of distinct AR Filters (Warning: you might spend hours getting lost here). On any Instagram profile with an Instagram filter, you may find the AR Filter Effect Gallery.

  • Click on a cheerful face.
  • Click on three dots at the right bottom of the screen.
  • Click “Browse Effects”.

How To Use Instagram Reels To Share Your AR Filter 

AR Filters function best in your Instagram Reels. The first location to post your AR Filter once it is online and ready to share is on Instagram Reels. Here, both your followers and, more crucially, those who are not followers may quickly test the filter directly from their news feeds.

  • Take a video or photo with your AR filter.
  • Upload to Reels.
  • Share to Reels.
  • Your followers will see the AR Filter name in their feed and they can try it too.

On Instagram Stories, Advertise Your AR Filter With A Link Sticker

Next, post it to your Instagram Stories so that your followers may view it and attempt it. Keep in mind that non-followers seldom ever view your Instagram Stories.

  • Click on a cheerful face.
  • Click “Try It”.
  • Click on “Share effect link”.
  • Click “Copy”.
  • Add a video or photo of your filter.
  • Add link sticker.
  • Name the link.

Utilizing Channels That Are Owned, Earned, And Paid To Promote Your Filter

As a strategy to broaden your audience, “post and hope” is long dead. You need a three-pronged outreach approach in order to increase your audience: owned, earned, and paid. 

  • Owned: The channels under your control (website, Mailchimp, social accounts, etc.)
  • Earned: These are networks you will need to establish connections with in order to reach a larger audience: influencers, press, and collaborations.
  • Paid: The media you will employ to reach your target market (e.g., Facebook and Instagram advertisements).

Why Influencer Contests For Instagram Filters Are Effective

You receive a URL that can be converted into a QR code after your AR Filter has been published. Then, you may distribute this QR code at events, online, and on printed things like flyers. 

Holding an Instagram Filter challenge is yet another fantastic approach to getting more people to use your filter. For instance, if your followers share a video using our Instagram filter, you will award prizes to the top 10.

How To Make A QR Code For Your Instagram AR Filter

A QR code is created instantly after your AR Filter has been successfully published. This is something you can update and download from your Instagram profile. 

Additionally, you have the choice to make your own QR code using the AR filter. These QR codes may be distributed online, on tangible items like fliers, and at events. Users only need to aim their phone cameras at the QR code to activate the AR filter.

Utilizing Facebook’s New AR Filter Ads And Instagram 

How To Run Incredible Instagram AR Filter Promotions In 2023 For Brands

Reaching the precise audience you want to target with advertising on Facebook and Instagram may be cost-effective (around 20–50c per link click and $10 to reach 1,000 individuals). The Facebook Tracking Pixel is to thank for this efficiency; an installation of a small bit of code on a website. One is put on almost every webpage in the world. 

Additionally, if you visit that website and agree to cookies, you are enabling it to notify Facebook of your visit. It then distributes the information to Facebook’s advertiser base. There is the Off-Facebook tool, which allows you to view a summary of the data Facebook has collected about your online behavior on other websites and applications. Control is in your hands. You can remove such information from your account at any time, in which case it will no longer be linked to you specifically.

How To Access Videos Created By Users Of Your Instagram Augmented Reality Filter (Free UGC)

How To Run Incredible Instagram AR Filter Promotions In 2023 For Brands

It is really effective to share videos of actual people using your AR filter to demonstrate the legitimacy (validation) of your marketing campaign. 

From your profile, you may see the user-generated content (UGC) and Instagram Stories of everyone who has applied your AR filter in the previous 24 hours.

How To Evaluate The Success Of Your Instagram Filter Campaign

Their AR studio, Spark AR, makes Instagram and Facebook filters. 

When you build and publish an effect, you are granted access to the effect’s web dashboard. The dashboard displays your effect’s performance information, which is presently updated once per day. Impression counts (how many times your filter has been seen on Instagram), Captures (how many times your effect has been applied), and Shares are some of these.

Utilizing The Facebook Pixel To Its Full Potential To Track And Improve Your Instagram Filter Campaign

“See how our new t-shirt appears on you”, for example, if you have try-before-you-buy filters set up for your Facebook and Instagram advertisements. 

To determine how much it costs to get visitors to your website and how many of those visitors end up purchasing your goods, you may utilize Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel. Your Instagram filter is part of this.


Let us conclude. 

Half of the advertising procedure involves creating and uploading your AR Filter. The way you plan to distribute your influence is equally crucial. To make the most of your Instagram filter, there are a number of easy methods you may go about it, depending on your goals, audience, and budget.

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