How To See Birthdays On Snapchat? See Upcoming Birthdays On Snapchat 2023!


I already know that Snapchat, one of the most popular social media apps, provides various means of staying connected with our friends and family. I can send them snaps – a form of update on our daily lives, create a snap streak, post private stories, and whatnot. But did you also know that Snapchat can help you in keeping track of the birthdays of your loved ones? Yes, it’s possible! So, keep reading to learn how to see birthdays on Snapchat! 

Suppose you want to know how to see birthdays on Snapchat in greater detail. Just keep scrolling through, and by the end of this article, you will be able to see birthdays on Snapchat and know how to send a birthday snap! The latter part will be especially useful in celebrating your loved ones’ birthdays.

Here’s How To See Birthdays On Snapchat 2023 | How To Find Birthdays On Snapchat! 

Oh, and how kind of Snapchat to allows its users to keep track of birthdays? Every day, with all its updates and features, the app goes over and beyond to ensure a quality user experience. Also, I understand that it can be hard to understand how to use some of Snapchat’s features. But understanding how to see birthdays on Snapchat is comparatively easier! 

So, Snapchat lets you access birthday data on several devices at once. On your Android or iOS device, open Snapchat. From there, tap on ‘Chat.’ From the chat history that appears, tap on the rocket icon. Then, tap on ‘Minis.’ A bunch of options will appear. From that list, select ‘Birthdays.’ Snapchat will now show you a list of upcoming birthdays in chronological order.

Also, even though it’s easy to see birthdays on Snapchat, many other features on Snapchat can be difficult to make sense of. With newer stuff coming out regularly, even the best of us can lose track of the changes happening hard and fast. It’s okay; you’re not getting old. It’s just that Snapchat has clever and inescapable ways of keeping its users hooked to the app.

No worries, though. After you’re done reading how to see birthdays on Snapchat, you can read other how-to articles like getting Snapchat on a school Chromebook when blocked, using Snapchat filters in Zoom, disabling Spotlight, etc. Yes, I am hell-bent on making Snapchat more understandable to users.

How To See Birthday On Snapchat Using An Android | How To See Upcoming Birthdays On Snapchat Android?

If you’re an Android user, then you can follow the below-mentioned steps to see the birthdays on Snapchat for people in your friend list on Snapchat:

  • Open the Snapchat app on your phone. 
  • Locate the “Chat” option present at the lower end of the screen.
  • Click on it. 
  • From the chat history, select any friend. 
  • When the chat screen opens, tap on the small rocket-shaped icon present at the lower right of the screen. 
  • From there, tap on the “Minis” option. 
  • From the list of options that appear, select “Birthdays.” 

And that’s it. Snapchat will now present a list of all upcoming birthdays in the coming months. These dates will be arranged chronologically. And, I think this arrangement will be convenient for people who tend to be more forgetful of birthdays the nearer they are. It is very easy to see birthdays on Snapchat.

You also have the option of accessing birthday data from the camera page. The steps for the same are as follows:

  • Open Snapchat. 
  • Keep scrolling till you reach the “All Minis” option. 
  • From there, tap on “Birthdays.”

How To See Upcoming Birthdays On Snapchat Using An iPhone | How To See Birthdays On Snapchat New Update?

One of Snapchat’s handy features is the Birthday Page. It allows you to see a list of all the upcoming birthdays and also reminds you to send a Birthday snap to your loved ones. 

To see birthdays on Snapchat using an iPhone, follow the steps given below:

  • Open Snapchat. 
  • From the lower half of the screen, tap on the “Chat” option. 
  • From the chat history that appears, tap on a contact’s username. 
  • When the chat screen opens, tap on the small rocket-shaped icon present at the lower right of the screen. 
  • From there, tap on the “Minis” option. 
  • From the list of options that appear, select “Birthdays.” 

If you want to create a Birthday Page shortcut, follow these steps:

  • Open the Snapchat app. 
  • Navigate to the bottom of your screen. 
  • From there, select the “Games and Minis” option. 
  • Then, choose the “Birthdays” option. 
  • A new page will open. 
  • Tap “My Minis.” 
  • Next, tap “Birthdays.” 

Doing this will create a birthday page shortcut from where you can easily see upcoming birthdays on Snapchat for all your friends.

How To Send A Birthday Snap On Snapchat | Snapchat Birthday Minis Not Working?

Apart from reminding users of their loved ones’ birthdays, the app Snapchat also allows you to send a birthday snap to someone. So, when you open the Birthday page on a friend’s birthday, the app will remind you to send them a birthday snap. 

When you tap on the “Send a birthday snap” option, your camera will open. The picture you will take will be decorated with stickers, birthday caps, balloons, etc.–you get the idea. 

If you want to send something more personal, you can record a video with some heartfelt message. I assure you, it will be enough to make your loved one’s special day even brighter. 

If you are facing issues with your Snapchat birthday minis not working, you can also try using simple troubleshooting options to access the feature. Now that you know how to see birthdays on Snapchat, you might want to send some fantastic birthday minis that are available on Snapchat. 

But if you can not access the Snapchat birthday minis feature, you can try simple tricks like rebooting your devices or restraining the app. If the issue remains, try to update the app or clear the app cache. If nothing resolves the issue for you, you can also contact Snapchat support.

Final Words

So, this was how to see birthdays on Snapchat. The process is fairly simple, as I have already mentioned above. You can follow these steps and ensure you never miss another birthday! Also, I’ve discussed how to send a birthday snap. So, when the time comes, remember to send a birthday snap to your friend!

If you found this article helpful, share it with your friends who might be struggling with keeping track of birthdays on their Snapchat! The Birthday Page feature will surely make their lives easier as well!

Why Are Birthdays On Snapchat Not Working?

If your Birthdays feature on Snapchat isn’t working, head to Settings. From there, go to the Birthday option. Check if the Birthday Party option is toggled on. 

How Do You Get The Birthday Mini On Snapchat?

You will find the Birthday Mini option when you tap on the rocket-shaped icon on the chat page of some friends. 

Does Snapchat Send Birthday Notifications?

Snapchat doesn’t send birthday notifications. But hints and new features allow users to have a distant celebration. 

What Happens When It’s Your Birthday On Snapchat?

When it’s your birthday on Snapchat, your zodiac sign emoji will appear next to your username if you enable the Birthday Party option. But, even without it, Snapchat will add a cake emoji next to your username.  

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