How To See Deleted Chat On Snapchat? Recover Your Precious Messages!


One of the main reasons for Snapchat’s growing popularity as a social media platform is its privacy and security features. The app doesn’t allow one to take screenshots, notify the other person if you do so, delete chats almost immediately, etc etc. However, when you want to reread a conversation you had with someone Snapchat’s automatic deletion of chats can be a problem to you. But, don’t worry. Read this article on how to see deleted chat on Snapchat and solve your problem. 

Snapchat has always gone out of its way to ensure that its users feel safe as they snap and chat with each other. Most probably, it is the only platform that can provide you with ephemeral messaging. And, I know there are several benefits of it like it saves storage space, but again, in the end, you quickly lose conversations that you want to cherish. And, that’s one of the main reasons why you should know how to see deleted chat on Snapchat. 

So, you can see deleted chats on Snapchat using a few workarounds. For example, you can see your device’s cached data using a PC and download all your deleted messages from there. You can also request your data on Snapchat’s Data Recovery page. You also have the option to use third-party data recovery options and tools that will do the job just fine. 

Pretty simple, right? But, do you want me to elaborate a bit more on how to see deleted chats on Snapchat? I’m sure you’ll like a detailed explanation! And, that’s quite alright! Just keep scrolling and I’ll discuss each of the methods mentioned above! 

Here’s How To See Deleted Chat On Snapchat | Simple Ways To Recover Messages!

However fascinating and useful Snapchat’s features may be, there’s no denying that sometimes these very features can restrict us from performing certain actions. Thankfully, we live in a technologically advanced world and there’s a clever alternate solution for everything. If one door doesn’t open, the other one definitely will. 

For example, there are workarounds for getting Snapchat on a school Chromebook when blocked, using Snapchat filters in Zoom on iPhone, getting Snapchat on PC without Bluestacks, and so much more. When you’re done reading about how to see deleted chat on Snapchat, make sure to check these out. 

How To Get Back Deleted Messages On Snapchat Using PC?

How To See Deleted Chat On Snapchat? Recover Your Precious Messages!

You can see your deleted chats by opening your device’s cache using a PC. This is done by recovering messages from the cached memory. The steps for this method are as follows:

  • Grab a USB cable and connect your phone and PC.
  • Check if the PC you’re working on has recognized your device. 
  • If it has, then go to your device’s folder. 
  • Locate the Android folder and click on it. 
  • From there, click on ‘Data’. 
  • In that folder, you’ll find a file called ‘’
  • From there, open ‘cache’.
  • Select all the messages you’d like to get back. 
  • Choose ‘Recover’. 

And, that’s it! Using this method you’ll be able to get back deleted messages. However, please note that this method will only work for the most recent chats. Older ones get deleted as time passes. 

How To See Deleted Chat On Snapchat Using Data Recovery Tool?

How To See Deleted Chat On Snapchat? Recover Your Precious Messages!

You also have the option to see deleted chats by requesting Snapchat for your data. Snapchat has a data recovery page from where you can get back your photos, texts, and videos. 

Here’s how to see deleted chat on Snapchat using its data recovery tool:

  • Open your web browser. 
  • Go to My Data Page. 
  • Enter your login information. 
  • Once you log in, you’ll be redirected to the My Data page.
  • Keep scrolling until you come across the ‘Submit Request’ option. 
  • Click on it. 
  • Snapchat will send you an email that contains a link to a zipped folder that contains your data. 
  • Click on the link to download the zipped folder.
  •  Once downloaded, open the zipped folder. 
  • Methods of extracting the files in the folder will depend on the software that was used to compress it. 
  • Select one that will work with your zipped folder and extract files.
  • Once you’ve extracted files, click on a file called ‘Mydata’.
  • Open the file called ‘index.html’. It contains all your deleted Snapchat messages.  

And, that’s it! You can now see all your deleted Snapchat messages!

How To See Deleted Chat On Snapchat Using Third-Party Recovery Tools?

How To See Deleted Chat On Snapchat? Recover Your Precious Messages!

You can also use third-party apps to see your deleted Snapchat messages. There are many such tools in the market, both paid and free, but all of them work similarly. In this section, I’ll talk about Android Data Recovery Tool. 

Here’s how to see deleted chat on Snapchat using Android Data Recovery:

  • Download Android Data Recovery on your PC and finish the installation process. 
  • Open the software. 
  • Click on the Data Recovery option. 
  • Take a USB cable and connect it to your phone and PC.
  • Once the PC has recognized your phone, a list of all kinds of recoverable data will appear on the screen. 
  • Checkmark the boxes you wish to recover. 
  • Choose ‘Next’. 
  • Then choose the ‘Recover all files’ option. 
  • Click on Next. 
  • Android Data Recovery Tool will search for all the messages it can recover. 
  • Once that’s done, you can click on ‘Recover’ next to the messages you wish to save. 

Final Words

Alright, Snapchatters! This was how to see deleted chat on Snapchat! Using any of these processes you can recover your memorable chats with your loved ones! All of these processes are fairly simple to follow through. To me, Snapchat’s Data Recovery Tool looks a lot more credible than the others! What about you? Which method did you like the best? Let me know in the comments below!

Can You Recover Deleted Messages From Snapchat iPhone?

There’s no direct way to obtain deleted Snapchat messages on iPhone. However, you can make use of third-party apps to do so. 

How Do You See Snapchat Saved History?

You can see your Snapchat saved history by checking the saved messages–it will show you all the messages you’ve saved. 

Are Snap Messages Gone Forever?

Snapchat servers detele messages after 31 days. 

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