How To See Instagram Followers In Chronological Order 2023? Find Easy Hacks Here! 


Do you prefer things to be neatly arranged? If yes, chances are your social media would be properly organized too. For example, your Instagram posts would be arranged in an order, same goes for your highlights. Plus you might even be someone who prefers having an Instagram followers order but doesn’t really know how to see Instagram followers in chronological order. Don’t worry though, this article is here to guide you through it.

How To See Instagram Followers In Chronological Order 2022? Read Simple Methods Here! 

Now, you must be thinking, if Instagram itself prefers being so neat and orderly, why is Instagram following in chronological order by default? Well, it used to be so in 2021. Back then, people didn’t have to read any articles on how to see Instagram followers in chronological order. Because their followers would be arranged that way by default. On the mobile app, at least. But the latest Instagram update changed it. You can no longer check your Instagram followers that way. 

Now, the way you get to see your followers totally depends on Instagram’s ever-changing algorithm, which is not revealed to the general public. And the only thing an average Joe can do to change it is to understand how to see Instagram followers in order using some hacks.

How To See Instagram Followers In Chronological Order 2022 Using Web Browser?

How To See Instagram Followers In Chronological Order 2022? Find Easy Hacks Here! 

So, as I said above, after an update in June 2021, Instagram no longer allows you to view your followers in chronological order on mobile. But, having your Instagram followers chronological order 2022 can help you check on all of your followers, keep a tab on recent followers, and whatnot!

And that’s why, one hack you can try is to use Instagram on your web browser. And for this, follow the below-mentioned steps:

  • Open a web browser of your choice. 
  • Go to
  • Click on login. 
  • Enter your credentials to log into your account. 
  • Tap on your profile icon located at the top right corner. 
  • From the drop-down menu that appears, click on profile. 
  • When your profile page opens, click on followers. 
  • A list will appear on the screen with your followers arranged in chronological order. 

And, that’s it! You now have your followers in a chronological order!

How To See Instagram Followers In Chronological Order Using Third-Party Apps?

How To See Instagram Followers In Chronological Order 2022? Find Easy Hacks Here! 

The above-mentioned method can work well to see your followers in chronological order. But, if you’re not comfortable with using a web browser to check your Instagram, and would rather use mobile, then it’s okay. You can use third-party apps to keep tab on your followers. There are many such apps in the market, one of them is Followers Gallery. 

You can download the app, enter your login credentials and then sort your followers on the app in whatever way you like. You can view them alphabetically, or the date they started following you, etc, etc. 

However, remember that third-party apps are not very reliable and trustworthy. They can put your data privacy at risk. But, in case you still want to go ahead with using them, then please do it at your own risk. 

Final Words 

So, this was how to see Instagram followers in chronological order! I’ve mentioned two methods of checking your followers, you can use whichever method you feel the most comfortable with! In case you have any doubts about the usage of the methods mentioned above, feel free to drop them in the comments section! Also, if you’ve got a friend who likes to have things organized like you, then make sure to share this article with them! Understanding how to see Instagram followers in chronological order will help them have things orderly too! 

How To See Someone’s New Followers On Instagram In 2022?

To see someone’s new followers on Instagram in 2022, go to their profile, and tap on their followers count. The list that you see will be arranged in a way that displays the newest followers on top. 

How to see someones Instagram followers in chronological order?

To see someone’s Instagram followers in chronological order, go to their profile and tap on their followers’ list. here, you will get to see the list in chronological order, such as the oldest followers displayed at the end and the newest ones on the top. However, sometimes recent followers may also be placed at the end of the list. This is because how followers appear depends a lot on Instagram’s algorithm.

How to track someone’s Instagram followers?

If you want to track someone’s Instagram followers, you will have to make use of activity tracker apps. There are plenty of such apps in the market. For example, SnoopReport, Glassagram, InsTrack, Hoverwatch, DataJam Pro, InstaOnline, uMobix, KidsGuard Pro. However, almost all these third-party apps, and using them come with quite a few safety and privacy concerns. Plus, tracking someone’s activity on Instagram can be illegal too.

How to tell when someone started following someone on Instagram?

If you want to find out when someone started following someone on Instagram, then the best thing you can do here is to have a look at the other person’s activity on the account they have been following. This means, you should try checking if they have liked any posts or dropped comments on some, etc. By finding out when they started commenting, you will be able to make an accurate guess.

Are TikTok followers in chronological order?

The TikTok following and followers list that you get to see on your TikTok account are in chronological order by default. The newest account that you start following are located at the top and the oldest ones are at the bottom of the “followers” list. This rule applies to the “following” list as well.

What does the order of someone’s Instagram followers mean?

The order of someone’s Instagram followers can indicate various different things because it mainly depends on the algorithm. For example, the followers list can show the accounts they are most likely to interact with, the profiles they commonly see, message, or engage with. It can also be based on common interests.

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