How To Sharpen Eyeliner Pencil? Get Intensely Colored Eyes!


Not only do eyeliners give a bold look to eyes, but eyeliner pencils can also do that. But only a few women are aware of this. As a result, they prefer waterproof liners and end up looking for how to remove waterproof eyeliner. But I am going to make you learn how to sharpen eyeliner pencil so that you can have an alternative to eyeliner (eyeliner pencil)!

That’s not it, even many women opt for magnetic eyeliners to add more to the beauty of their eyes, but don’t know how to remove magnetic eyeliner. With an aim to prevent this situation,  I am going to make you learn all about how to sharpen eyeliner pencil before you use it. Check out all the tricks! 

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How To Sharpen Eyeliner Pencil? Get All The Tips And Tricks Here!

Unlike other eye products, eyeliner pencils can be sharpened with the help of an eyeliner pencil sharpener, which is also known as a cosmetic sharpener. Keep in mind that sharpening eyeliner pencils is important to create a sharp look for your eyes. These are the parts that you need to learn for how to sharpen eyeliner pencil!

PART 1: Freeze Your Eyeliner And Clean Your Sharpener

These are the steps that need to be followed in the first part to learn how to sharpen eyeliner pencil. 

  • Place your eyeliner pencil in the freezer for a minimum of five minutes. Doing so is going to prevent your eyeliner pencil from crumbling while sharpening it. In case your eyeliner pencil is thick, prefer leaving it for some more time in the freezer.
  • Now, use a Q-tip and dip it in alcohol to kill the bacteria that are residing on the pencil sharpener. So, it’s like sanitizing the sharpener before using it.  
  • Next, use a swap to clean the sharpener from all the edges. 

PART 2: Sharpen Your Eyeliner Pencil 

Now, you are all set to sharpen your eyeliner pencil. Kindly follow these steps:

  • Start by taking out the eyeliner pencil from the freezer and inserting it into the sharpener. Make sure that the pencil is not soft, it should be hard and stiff. 
  • Now, turn the pencil almost two times to get a pointed edge of the pencil. 
  • Take the pencil out of the sharpener and check if the pencil looks fine. If you are not satisfied, try sharpening the pencil once more. 

If you don’t have a sharpener, you can use an X-acto knife or a pen knife. For this, hold the knife in your dominant hand and keep it perpendicular to the pencil. Now, keep moving the knife in the same direction and the shavings are going to come in thin strips. Keep repeating this until you get the desired sharpness. 

PART 3: Test Your Liner 

Testing the eyeliner pencil after sharpening is crucial to ensure the results. Perform the following for this.

  • Try making a small line at the back of your hands and see whether the line is satisfactory or not. Check whether the line is too thin or blunt.
  • If you haven’t got the right tip, sharpen the pencil once again so that the tip can get the desired look. After this, try making a line at the back of your hand once again to check. 
  • Now, it’s time to sanitize the sharpener once again with the help of the steps mentioned above. 

Tools For Sharpening Eyeliner Pencil | How To Sharpen Eyeliner Pencil?

How To Sharpen Eyeliner Pencil? Get Intensely Colored Eyes!

Thankfully, there are a variety of tools that you can use to sharpen an eyeliner pencil. So, if you don’t have one, you can go for the other one!

  • Eyeliner Sharpener– this sharpener looks like the usual sharper but it’s not that sharp. As a result, it does not break the soft tip of the eyeliner pencil. Interestingly, you need to turn your eyeliner pencil twice to get a sharp tip. That’s not it, some sharpeners have a removable box for collecting the shavings. 
  • Small Precision Knife– in case you don’t have an eyeliner sharpener, you can bring into use a pocket knife or pen knife. To use it, place the pencil on a flat surface and run the knife in a downward direction. Keep turning the pencil to cut all the sides of the pencil. 
  • Scissors– yes, you can use scissors to sharpen eyeliner pencil but make sure you don’t cut your finger. Just like a precision knife, place the pencil and run the scissor in the downward direction to shave the pencil. Here, you need to make a better grip because scissors may slip from your hand. 

Tips For Sharpening Eyeliner Pencil | How To Sharpen Eyeliner Pencil?

How To Sharpen Eyeliner Pencil? Get Intensely Colored Eyes!

Learning how to sharpen an eyeliner pencil is not just like learning to sharpen a usual pencil. On the contrary, it needs to be handled with utmost care so that the tip of the pencil doesn’t break. But don’t worry, here are some tips that are going to help you out!

  • Use a sharpener that has a blade made of stainless steel– buy only the sharpener that has a steel blade and is not dull in look. 
  • Prefer buying dual-pencil sharpeners- these days many sharpeners have two holes so that all the sizes of eyeliner pencils can be sharpened. I would feel worried about jumbo-size pencils before knowing about this type of sharpener. Therefore, having a dual-hole sharpener is a must in your makeup box. 
  • Don’t turn the pencil, but turn the sharpener around the pencil– most people commit mistakes by turning the pencil in the sharpener which often breaks the pencil. So, make sure you gently turn the sharpener around the pencil to avoid its breakage. 
  • Sharp other pencils as well– with an eyeliner pencil sharpener you can sharpen other pencils like lipstick crayons and lip pencils. 
  • Check the type of eyeliner pencil you have before sharpening it- it’s obvious that you can only sharpen wooden or plastic eyeliner pencils. So, if you are thinking of trying it out with mechanical pencil liners, rub their tip on a paper towel to get a defined look.
  • Don’t use a pencil sharpener– as mentioned in the above paragraph, eyeliner sharpeners are not like pencil sharpeners. Therefore, it’s advisable not to try sharpening any of your cosmetics with a pencil sharpener.  
  • Clean your sharpener after every use– regular cleaning of the eyeliner sharpener is very important to prevent the clogging of makeup residue. For that, you can use the way mentioned in the above paragraphs. 

Final Words 

I guess I have imparted enough information on how to sharpen eyeliner pencil. Well, sharpening it is not so tough, it’s just you need to look a bit to clean it properly. After all, you are going to apply the products to the skin after sharpening. So, start sharpening your eyeliner pencil to get a bold look! But make sure you know how to remove eyelash extensions at home while getting back to your normal look! 

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