How to Speed up Your Computer? 5 Best Ways Might Help You


The pressure of your computer’s speed is boiling your blood. It happened to me too. The speed of my computer went haywire. So, today to help you speed up your computers or Laptops, I have got something for you.  

Speeding up your tortoise-like computers is not that difficult; you can follow specific protocols every six to five months and make your laptops and PCs work efficiently, but if you are a lazy pig just like me, then following essential ways mentioned in this article can help you well. 

The best ways to keep the speed up of your device include a regular, thorough go-through to web portals and your everyday access to specific sites. Keeping a check whether you are removing the cache after every use, these are just two; all the essentials are mentioned in a detailed and elaborated form.

So, let us go through each point sincerely and make sure we keep our device everlasting horse on the run. 

How to speed up your Computer? A detailed overview

Following are the points which will help you boost your Laptops or Computer’s Speed for daily usage and also for playing games on PC– 

1# Check the internet connectivity 

Check the internet connectivity

Sometimes, whenever we search for something online, there is an issue in loading the web page. There are two to three things that can determine your concern about speeding up the computer or Laptop.

First, You can check the connectivity, the speed of the internet, but going online or many apps can help you do that.

Second, if the connectivity shows low, after a record of two to three hours or maximum for a day, it is time to change the internet connection. It will help you buy a better internet service and will make you enjoy in falling days.

Third, you can try deleting the entire search history from the web portal, which might give space to newly searched content. Hence loading of the new searched web page can show a visible time difference.

2# What are those Unnecessary software doing on your PC?

What are that Unnecessary software are doing on your PC?

If you are literally up with those heavy space covering software on your computer or Laptop and are not using them regularly, then I would suggest you change the system, which gets rid of that heavy non-usable software.

There are quite a few photo editing software for beginners courses, but after installing them, you don’t find interest in the course and end up not using the software again; hence you even forget the software from the PC. It will be occupying space and generating leads, which means making your computer a slow device.

It is just like a parasite, staying at a place and fetching energy. So, dear host to a parasite (PC owner) deletes the software to make your PC or Laptop run.

3# You can increase the RAM

You can increase the RAM

The new models of the laptops are supposed to be the most advanced and speedy versions and compact. The new Windows 10 arrived in the market with a feature to use less space in the RAM, but another window version occupies more space. No wat you can do?

So, to increase the space of the PC or Laptop, you can add extra RAM or even expand it by transferring the data on the drives, which are necessary these days, as we have a lot of data these days.

RAM will help you boost the speed of your computer and will increase the space of your computer.

4# The walk of Viruses and Spywares 

The walk of Viruses and Spywares

If you want to protect your computer or laptop and save them from viruses and spyware, your walk into your laptops and computers will help you catch hold of it. If we talk practically, once the virus enters your Laptop or computer, rectifying it is equal to impossible.

To keep a check, you can install specific applications and software s which record the malware sites and will not allow your PC or laptops to carry viruses. This can be easily related to the security guards always guarding the entity.

The best device for keeping your laptops and PCs free from spyware and viruses is macOS. The Safari – the only browsing portal specifically made for apple devices holds the record of all the unwanted entrance.  

5# A Laptop Cleaning session

A Laptop Cleaning session

You don’t have to wash your devices but have to clean the existing mess on your device. Storing things on the device is the best thing, but later the entire storage becomes a mess, and then there is a massive pile of files, images. Cleaning can be difficult.

You can be like Monica Geller and make folders to distinguish the files from the first day itself. Later you can add sub-folders in the same folders to segregate more. Once you feel that your Laptop is complete, you can transfer the same to portable storage.

Final Words 

These were some of the best and tried options to boost the speed of your Laptop or PC. Devices these days are expensive, but after every six to twelve months, a cleaning process is required.

Vansh Sharma
Vansh Sharma
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