How To Stop Instagram From Posting To Facebook 2023? Smart Hacks Here!


Have you ever thought to yourself, “Okay, Instagram. I know you and Facebook work together. But please stop posting my Instagram stuff to Facebook?”. Well, Instagram may not have heard you, but I did, which is why this article will tell you how to stop Instagram from posting to Facebook. 

Now, this might be your “Wait, WHAT?!” moment, given how you didn’t know you could stop Instagram posting to Facebook 2023. But yes, guys, it’s possible. So, keep scrolling through this article. By the time you reach the bottom of this article, you will know various different ways of keeping your Instagram and Facebook content separate. 

Here’s How To Stop Instagram From Posting To Facebook

Even though it may not seem possible to you, there are three different ways to stop Facebook posting to Instagram iPhone. They are as follows:

Each of these methods has its own merits and demerits. While one method may work for one individual, it may not work for the other. And so, if you want to know how to stop Instagram from posting to Facebook, you need to know about each of these methods in detail and decide which one works best for you. All of this is done in the article below. So, keep scrolling!

Way 1: Unlink Your Instagram And Facebook Accounts

How To Stop Instagram From Posting To Facebook 2023? Smart Hacks Here!

Meta provides you with the option of linking your Instagram and Facebook accounts. Doing so has various benefits for a user who has an account on both of these platforms. But, if you want to know how to stop Instagram from posting to Facebook, then you will have to delink these two accounts. Here’s how this can be done:

  • Open the Instagram app on your Android or iPhone and go to your profile page. 
  • On the profile page, you will have a three-line icon at the screen’s top right corner. Tap on it. 
  • A menu will appear on the screen next. Choose the “Settings and privacy” option from it. 
  • Then, tap on the “Accounts Center” option located right at the top of the page. 
  • Next, select the “Accounts” option. 
  • Select the “Remove” option from next to the account you wish to unlink. 
  • A confirmation page will appear on the screen, choose the “Remove account” option again. 
  • Next, select the “Continue” option again. 
  • Lastly, tap on the “Remove (username)” option. 

And, done! Your Instagram and Facebook accounts will now be delinked. Nothing that you post on Instagram is going to be shared on Facebook as well. And although you might think that all your problems are solved now, there are a few demerits to this method as well. For example, you won’t be able to log into your Instagram account using your Facebook account credentials and vice versa. 

However, if this isn’t a major problem, feel free to follow this method. And in case it is, refer to the other two methods mentioned below. 

Way 2: Change Your Instagram Settings

How To Stop Instagram From Posting To Facebook 2023? Smart Hacks Here!

In case you do not wish to delink your Instagram and Facebook accounts, you can change your app settings in a way that content on one app doesn’t automatically get posted to the other. Here’s how to stop Instagram from posting to Facebook using this method:

  • Launch the Instagram app and go to the profile section. 
  • From there, go to the Settings and Privacy section of your profile. 
  • On this page, you will have the Accounts Center option right at the top. Select it. 
  • Then, choose the “Connected experiences” option from here. 
  • On this page, the “Sharing across profiles” option is present. Select it. 
  • Next, choose the Instagram account from which you no longer want your posts to be shared.
  • When the settings of this account open, scroll till you see the “Automatically share” section. From this section, toggle off the “Your Instagram posts” and “Your Instagram reels” option. If you want to stop Instagram posting to Facebook story, then toggle off the “Your Instagram story” option as well.
    •  However, before you do this, ensure that your Facebook profile is selected above that.  

And, that’s how to stop sharing Instagram stories to Facebook 2023!

Way 3: Change Your Post Settings

How To Stop Instagram From Posting To Facebook 2023? Smart Hacks Here!

You must have noticed, that whenever you’re posting something on Instagram, on the final sharing screen, there’s this toggle option that asks you if you want to share the same thing on Facebook as well. When it is enabled, your post or reel gets shared on Facebook, too. 

So, if you want to know how to stop Instagram photos from automatically posting to Facebook, follow these steps:

  • When you’re at the last leg of posting on Instagram, i.e. on the Share screen, there’s this “Share to Facebook” option present. When this option is toggled on, your post gets shared on Facebook at the same time as Instagram. 
  • Since you want to stop cross-posting, toggle off this option. 
  • Now, to know how to turn off cross posting on Instagram stories, read these steps:
  • When you’re posting a story on Instagram, you have the option to share the same thing on your Facebook stories as well. First, select the “Send to” option, and then choose “Share”. 
  • If you don’t want to share the story on Facebook as well, all you have to do is to NOT select the “Share” option next to “Your Facebook story.” 

And that’s how to stop cross posting on Facebook groups. 

Final Words

Okay then, everyone! This is how to stop Instagram from posting to Facebook! In this article, you guys got to look at three different methods of preventing your Instagram stories and posts from being shared on Facebook. So, I hope you all found this article interesting and helpful. But, in case there’s something you don’t understand well, please feel free to seek clarification in the comments section! 

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