How To Stop Suggested Posts On Instagram? Disable Them Today!


While using Instagram, it becomes vital to have an answer for how to stop suggested posts on Instagram. Why is it important? Of course, so that you don’t keep entertaining suggested posts. 

Not all Instagram users are interested in spending their time with suggested posts. And many times, these suggested posts turn out to be unworthy. Therefore, it’s better to know how to stop suggested posts on Instagram. Also, it’s not just you, but a large group of people who have tried and are trying to get up to a solution.  

How To Stop Suggested Posts On Instagram? Get Rid Of Suggested Posts Today!

I know you are all bored after looking at those suggested posts. And if you are among those who don’t like looking at irrelevant things, it becomes no less than torture to tolerate suggested posts. Let’s check out ways to know how to stop suggested posts on Instagram!

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What Are Suggested Posts? Understand Them Before Dealing!

How To Stop Suggested Posts On Instagram? Disable Them Today!

Through suggested posts, Instagram tries to help its users to discover something new. And it tries to do so that you can follow some more profiles. Interestingly, suggested posts appear after we see something or start following a profile. 

Before showing these posts, Instagram checks out the posts and profiles you have viewed. So, if you have liked a travel-related post, Instagram will start showing you suggested posts. Therefore, these posts can be similar to follow-ups that Instagram tries to give to its users. 

What Is The Use Of Suggested posts? Are They Necessary To See?

How To Stop Suggested Posts On Instagram? Disable Them Today!

When it comes to suggested posts, most people show disinterest because these posts are not always important. Some may show you relevant content, but others plainly just annoy you. And it’s more confusing for those new to this platform as they fail to differentiate between posts. 

For this matter, I would like to update your knowledge and share that these posts are equal to additional information that the platform aims to give to its users. And it is completely on the users whether they want to see these posts or ignore them. Also, there is no compulsion to view them. So, if you find something useful, you can continue watching it. 

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Can I Permanently Remove Suggested Posts From My Instagram? 

How To Stop Suggested Posts On Instagram? Disable Them Today!

Well, it’s awful to know that you cannot remove, disable, or hide suggested posts on Instagram permanently. But the good news is that you can hide a few suggested posts.  

You will be glad to know that you can stay away from the suggested post for at least thirty days. How’s this possible? This is possible with the help of the snooze option. But it completely depends on your region whether Instagram offers this feature there. 

Keep your fingers crossed and check out whether you can avail this feature or not. 

Are Suggested Posts Ads? Are They The Ones That Are Sponsored?  

How To Stop Suggested Posts On Instagram? Disable Them Today!

It is not just you but many people who think that suggested posts are ads. And it’s obvious to think so because social media platforms do have ads. But don’t perceive these posts as similar to ads because most ads are labeled ‘sponsored.’ And none have seen anything like this on suggested posts. 

Also, these posts are not made to make money. Their sole purpose is to get more views and likes. So, check any suggested posts to confirm that it is not an ad. 

How To Stop Suggested Posts On Instagram? 

How To Stop Suggested Posts On Instagram? Disable Them Today!

Well, there is no hard and fast way to stop suggested posts on Instagram, but there is a way through which you will be freed from viewing suggested posts. In addition, you can also snooze all the suggested posts. Here is how to stop suggested posts on Instagram:

  1. Start by opening the Instagram app and scroll down until you see suggested posts. 
  2. Next, you need to tap on the three dots icon on the suggested posts. 
  3. Next, you need to tap not interested. From now onwards, you will not see suggested posts. 
  4. Also, you can tap on any of the reasons to tailor your future suggested posts. But if your mind gets changed, you can undo it to view suggested posts. 
  5. If your region allows, you may see ‘snooze all suggested posts in feed for 30 days’. Doing this is the easiest way to stop seeing suggested posts for a few days.

Let me tell you, that is the only way available as of now. Even after extensive research, you won’t be able to develop something new!

How Do Instagram Suggest You Posts? Check Out The Starting Point!

How To Stop Suggested Posts On Instagram? Disable Them Today!

For this, it looks like Instagram keeps an eagle eye on the similar posts. And the moment we see any similar posts, Instagram starts suggesting similar posts in the feed. 

Interestingly, the same happens when we show interest in a post by liking it. Well, not many users are happy with this habit of Instagram because too much of anything is always bad. That’s why many Instagram users decided to use Twitter as their mouthpiece. As a result, Twitter was loaded with tweets that showed people’s disapproval of this feature. 

Even many people asked to share some ways to get rid of this troubling feature. 

How To Turn Off Suggested Posts On Instagram?

After several tweets by Instagram users, people tried to look for some ways to address this problem. At last, they concluded that there is no way to disable or turn off suggested posts. 

And this is so because Instagram has already noted in its app that no user can turn off or hide suggested posts permanent. And other than the above way to stay away from suggested posts, there is another way to stay distant from suggested posts. 

Interestingly, you can use Instagram on the browser. I am suggesting this because of the browser. You won’t see any suggested posts. So, think twice before using Instagram on your mobile phone. Moreover, if you have enough spare time, you can 

Final Words 

You must have got an insight into some new features of Instagram by answering how to stop suggested posts on Instagram. Also, it is quite evident that there is no concrete way to get rid of suggested posts. If you think the Instagram team may come up with a permanent solution, you need to wait for a long time. This is so because they have not shared any notification about the same. Nor have they shown any interest in helping out their users. 

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