How To Stream Anime On Firestick TV?


Amazon’s Firestick is an innovation. You can watch pretty much anything you can think of on your TV. You have access to movies – both classics and modern movies, live sports, commentaries, highlights, news, and so on. However, while most people mostly care about sports and movies, the truth is one category, in particular, has been overlooked – anime.

Anime lovers will love to find out that you can also stream anime on Firestick without too much hassle. Like every other platform out there, you can find a few applications specifically designed for anime lovers. Here is how to stream anime on Firestick TV and what the best apps for anime lovers are.

Popular Ways To Stream Anime On Firestick TV

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Popular Ways To Stream Anime On Firestick TV

Crunchyroll is estimated to have more than 100 million users so that you can figure out there must be something for everyone. The app claims to be the largest anime collection globally – more than 1,200 shows and over 200 drama shows, not to mention the manga titles.

There are plenty of genres too – popular or less known, you can always find something suitable. The content is well organized, so there is no way to get lost. You can also sort results or browse subcategories for an even more specific search, and installing Crunchyroll is easy.

Crunchyroll also has its shows – about 60 titles so far.



Crunchyroll and VRV are part of the same family. VRV is similar to the cable style rather than modern streaming platforms. However, you have a good lineup of channels – most of them based on anime. You can also find classic cartoons, adult content, series, shows, and movies.

VRV brings in access to a bunch of different channels. It is worth noting that the list is constantly being updated. It could be a good thing, but it may also be an issue – imagine starting an anime show, only to realize that the channel is gone by the next day.

You can watch through this app for free or get a premium subscription.

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Funimation is a top choice if you are not sure how to stream anime on Firestick TV. Owned by Sony, the platform is aimed at the English-speaking world, so you will find anime dubs pretty much everywhere – great if you hate subtitles.

Some people would rather hear the original language, while others would rather focus on the actual action. Different people have different preferences – nothing unusual. This app is the most suitable for those who dislike subtitles.

Other than that, there are over 600 shows out there.



Yidio is not just one of the top-rated apps to stream anime on Firestick but also a great search engine. Feel free to find new shows and series and more than just anime – movies, shows, and series. Over 100 streaming services are running through Yidio.

What makes Yidio so convenient is that you can watch anime and various other content hosted on a plethora of different applications. You can have one app instead of installing dozens of them. Its discovery tool is just as convenient for searches.

Some of the platforms available through Yidio are free, while others may ask for a subscription.

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FireAnime is specialized in anime and brings access to an impressive collection. Get ready for HD anime and straightforward navigation. It aggregates content from various websites – such as GogoAnime or Anime Twist. You have links, as it does not host anime on its platform.

The best part about FireAnime is that it brings in the latest shows and episodes in the industry. You can come up with your playlist, save titles and even use the search function to discover new titles. Feel free to watch anime in the actual app or use a different media player.

Finally, FireAnime is free of charge.

Final Words

Bottom line, while anime is not always mentioned when it comes to Firestick television, the truth is there are plenty of apps – both specialized in anime and with heavy amounts of shows. Streaming anime has never been easier, whether it comes to free apps or premium subscriptions. No matter what you are into, there is something for everyone out there.


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