How To Tell If It’s A Real Snapchat Account? Know The Details Here!


How to tell if it’s a real Snapchat account? Do you have an idea how to do so? If not, then don’t you worry. In this article, we will be discussing some ways using which you can tell if it’s a real or a fake Snapchat account.

Snapchat is one of the popular social media platforms with around 363 million active users. With the increasing popularity of Snapchat, there has also been an increase in fake accounts. Fake accounts were usually created to troll, harass, or even steal personal information from other users. To avoid falling for these fake accounts, it is important to know how to identify them. Let’s read to find out the ways to identify a real and a fake account.

What Is A Real Snapchat Account?

How To Tell If It’s A Real Snapchat Account? Know The Details Here!

A real Snapchat account is an account which is genuine and managed by a user who is the real owner of that account. The users of a real account can add photos and videos from their camera roll to their public profile and make snaps and videos using the app. A real user is usually active and responds to messages.

What Is A Fake Snapchat Account?

How To Tell If It’s A Real Snapchat Account? Know The Details Here!

A fake Snapchat account is almost similar to a real account, which is usually created to troll or harass other users. They pretend to be someone else, making it difficult to distinguish between real and fake accounts. A fake Snapchat account doesn’t share its original photos or videos. The content they post doesn’t reflect their true personality and behavior. There’s little to no engagement from the user.

Okay, so now you know what real and fake accounts are, let’s come to our question: How to tell if it’s a real Snapchat account? 

How To Tell If It’s A Real Snapchat Account? Everything You Need To Know!

Snapchat is one of the fastest-growing social media nowadays. There’s no doubt with this large number of users, the problem of identity theft also arises. Many users create fake accounts with some evil intent or for fun purposes. These accounts are difficult to identify, but there are some ways in which we can identify a fake Snapchat account. Below are some ways in which we can identify a fake account. But before that let’s discuss the types of Snapchat accounts.

There are two types of Snapchat accounts Private account and a Public account.

  • Private Account: A Private account is only visible to users who have been added as friends by the account holder. This type of account is ideal for individuals who want to share snaps and chat with a smaller, more intimate group of friends.
  • Public Account: A Public account is open to the public and can be viewed by anyone on Snapchat. Public accounts were usually created by celebrities, influencers, and businesses looking to reach a large audience.

Now, let’s discuss the ways to identify real and fake accounts.

  • Check The Profile: Before adding someone to your Snapchat, you can check the profile of the user and check if it’s a private account or a public account. If the account is Public, check their posts and stories to ensure their authenticity. Only accept if you find that user authentic. But in the case of private accounts, you must ensure their real identity by simply adding them and checking their stories or asking them directly about their identity. 
  • Check The Username: One of the easiest ways is to check the Username of the account. If the username seems familiar, then it gives you an idea about the user. You can also see if the users have mutual friends.
  • Check Their Snap Score: You can only see a user’s snap score when you add them to your friend list. So while adding someone to your friend list first check their snap score. Snap score tells how long the user is using Snapchat, which can be used to check their authenticity. But remember, you cannot always rely on snap scores, because some fake accounts are very old which makes it difficult to identify them. 
  • Monitor Their Posts And Stories: If you are not sure about a user who is your friend on Snapchat then monitoring their stories and posts might be a big help. If the user posts something irrelevant to their identity then this indicates that the user is fake. 

Spotting a fake Snapchat account is not always easy, but by being vigilant and aware of the signs, you can avoid falling for fake accounts. Remember to check the account’s profile, look for signs of authenticity, verify the username, and check for unusual activity to determine if the account is real or fake.

Final Words

Keep in mind that some fake accounts have bad intentions. So it’s better to add only those users who you believe to be the real ones or you know about!

Well, I hope you understand how important it is to identify a real Snapchat account. If you find this information to be useful, tell us your thoughts in the comment section. For more articles like this do visit Viebly

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