How To Turn Off Age Restriction On Youtube? Unblock Your Favorite Videos In 2022!


Was your YouTube video restricted? Is it because of the age restriction? If that’s the case, you must update your knowledge on age restrictions. Besides this, you must learn how to turn off age restriction on Youtube. Don’t panic because I will share the steps in this article!

Before proceeding, you must know that only the content gets approved by Youtube, which does not violate its policy. I mean a video that is inappropriate for viewers who are not 18 years old or below. To prevent the uploading of such videos, Youtube applies age restrictions. Here’s how to turn off age restriction on Youtube!

How To Turn Off Age Restriction On Youtube? Easy Steps To Turn It Off! 

If you are worried about why your video is witnessing age restriction, you must go through all the pointers of this article. Other than this, we will cover why Youtube applies restrictions and how to turn off age restriction on Youtube. Additional information is always beneficial, right!

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How To Turn Off Age Restriction On Youtube?

How To Turn Off Age Restriction On Youtube? Unblock Your Favorite Videos In 2022!

If there is an error while uploading your video, it’s surely because of age restriction. And the only way to overcome this hurdle is to turn off the restriction. And these are the steps through which you can do the same:

Turn On Off Subtitles on YouTube (M...
Turn On Off Subtitles on YouTube (Mobile and Desktop)
  1. Start by going to the YouTube studio. 
  2. Now, move toward content. 
  3. Lastly, click on the Appeals Link, which is located next to your age-restricted video. 

That’s not it! Now, the team on Youtube will look into the matter and go through your request. After its analysis, the team will decide to take appropriate action. Other than this, you must keep in mind that you can apply for this request only once. 

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How To Turn Off Age Restriction On Youtube As A Viewer? 

How To Turn Off Age Restriction On Youtube? Unblock Your Favorite Videos In 2022!

The same issue of age restriction appears not only with the video creators but also with the viewers. If you are facing this issue, you can resolve it either by updating your date of birth or disabling the safety mode. I am going to share the steps for both of them!

How To Update Your Date Of Birth On Youtube?

Follow these steps carefully to update your date of birth:

  1. First, you need to enter your e-mail address and password (Google account). 
  2. Look for the home tab on the top and click after locating it. 
  3. Next, search for the profile tab on the left side of the screen. 
  4. Now, you will see the About tab, click on it, and get all the information about your profile. 
  5. Locate for options like Gender and Birth date. At the same moment, look for a pencil icon, which will be next to the birthday option. 
  6. Lastly, enter your birth date and save it. Other than this, you can consider adding your birth date to your Google Plus profile. 

How To Disable Safety Mode On Youtube?

To disable the safety mode and remove the issue of age restriction, follow the mentioned steps:

  1. Go to the homepage of Youtube and locate your profile icon at the top of the screen. 
  2. Within the menu, go to the bottom of it, and you will see Restricted Mode: On
  3. Now, click on the box and click on the option to turn off Restricted mode. If your safety mode is locked, you may see some prompts that will ask for authenticating your Google Account before you proceed with disabling Safety mode. 
  4. After all the above steps, save the changes, and the safety mode will be disabled. 

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How To Turn Off Age Restriction On Youtube? Why Does Your Video Get Age Restricted?

You must be thinking about why your video falls under the category of age-restricted videos. Therefore, you must know that there is a list of videos that face such an issue. The following are the reasons for which age restriction is applied:

Child Safety 

Many videos have activities that can influence young minds, and they may try to imitate the video. And such activities include the use of hand explosive material and bodily injuries. In addition, many videos intended to be viewed by adults are easily assumed to be suitable for all the family members. 

Use Of Harmful Or Addictive Substances

Some videos that perform pranks with harmful substances may influence the viewers to use them. It becomes extremely tough to detect whether it’s real or not in such videos. 

S*xually Aggressive Content 

Many videos encourage s*xual activities like dancing, which provokes someone s*xually. Other than this, some videos include poses that may s*xually arouse the viewer. Therefore, Youtube makes sure not to stream such content. 

Violent And Graphic Content 

Some videos face age restrictions due to the presence of major injuries and road accidents. Further, some videos possess gory images and graphically violent content. 

You may have to bear with the issue of age restriction if your video has any of this content!

How To Turn Off Age Restriction On Youtube? What Happens If Content Is Age Restricted?

How To Turn Off Age Restriction On Youtube? Unblock Your Favorite Videos In 2022!

When a Youtube video gets restricted, viewers below 18 years cannot view that video. That’s not it! Such videos are not permitted by third-party websites to be watched by their visitors. Instead of letting them watch the video, the website will transport them to Youtube Music. 

Over and above, you should know that such videos cannot make money. In addition, certain sections of Youtube will not even show those videos. 

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Final Words 

Finally, you have learned how to turn off age restriction on Youtube. I hope this article will prove fruitful for you and you will share it with others. Besides this, I have provided additional information, which will help you decide the content of your upcoming Youtube video. So, make sure you follow all the rules of Youtube, and if not, you know how to remove age restrictions from your video. 

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