How To Unadd Someone On Snapchat? 2 Quick And Easy Methods!


Have you been wondering how to unadd someone on Snapchat? How often has it happened that you were stalking someone, and you accidentally sent them a friend request? The notification is now sent, so you can’t cancel the request because they will know. The only thing that you can do is let the request be, wait for them to add you, and then remove them.

So, how to unadd someone on Snapchat? It’s easy to do. All you need to do to unadd someone on Snapchat is go to their profile on Snapchat, then to their profile settings and then tap on the option which says Remove Friend. That’s it, the person will be removed from your friend list. You can also deactivate your Snapchat account if you don’t want to face embarrassing conversations.

How To Unadd Someone On Snapchat? How To Unadd Multiple Friends On Snapchat!

Like most social media apps, Snapchat lets you do the same. You can add people in a jiffy from Quick Add, Snap Maps, or through other websites like Instagram. The private stories option also lets you keep things tight and confidential. When things get too much to handle, you can simply unadd someone on Snapchat from your friend list and be done with them.

Snapchat came out a long time ago. At the time of writing this article, Snapchat has been around for almost a decade now. Most Snapchat users were quick to adapt to the app and have been using it for the longest time. But not everyone I have on Snapchat who I added years ago is close to me anymore. Maybe you’re in a different part of your life and want to leave people from your past life where they belong – in the past.

Also, depending on your privacy settings, the person might still be able to send you snaps. If you have turned on the setting to receive snaps from people who are not on your friend lists, you will continue to do so from people not on your list. It is just that they will not be able to see your content anymore. So how can you unadd someone on Snapchat? Well, here is what you need to know!

How To Unadd On Snapchat Through Your Friend List | How To Unadd Someone On Snapchat?

How To Unadd Someone On Snapchat? 2 Quick And Easy Methods!

While the reasons you want to unadd someone on Snapchat might vary for each individual, the method is fairly simple. If you’re a Snapchat creator, then it is highly possible that you must have added tons of people and friends. If you have reached your limit and want to condense your friend list, then removing and unadding people from your list is your only option.

Snapchat users can unadd someone on Snapchat through their chat list or simply from their friend list. Either way, you will have to go to your friend’s profile and then remove them. Don’t worry, if you’re worried that Snapchat might send them a notification on being removed, then there is no such thing. Snapchat will not inform people that they have been removed from your friend list. Unless they specifically search for you or snap you, they will not know.

Unadding people from your friend list is easy peasy. Snapchat is very strict about its privacy. So if someone is spamming you or posting annoying stories, you can easily eliminate them. Check out the steps mentioned below to unadd someone on Snapchat with the help of your friend list.

  • Open the Snapchat app on your iPhone or Android phone. The method is the same for both operating systems.
  • Log in to your account if you already haven’t. You should be on your home screen with the camera and shutter options.
  • Go to your profile by tapping your bitmoji icon in the top left corner of your screen. 
  • From the options in the profile, tap on the option which says, My Friends. Your friend list with all your friend list will open.
  • You can either scroll down and tap on the name of your friend’s name. You can also search for your friend’s name instead if you have too many to scroll from.
  • Tap and hold on to your friend’s name to open another menu. 
  • From the new menu, tap on the option which says More, and then tap on the option which says Remove Friend.
  • Confirm your action by tapping on the screen once again, and you’re done!

How To Unadd Someone On Snapchat Fast From Your Chats | How To Unadd Someone On Snap?

How To Unadd Someone On Snapchat? 2 Quick And Easy Methods!

An alternate way to unadd someone on Snapchat is by doing it from the chats. If you’ve had a recent conversation with someone and want to remove them as a friend, go to your recent chats. You can unadd someone on Snapchat by swiping on the home screen or by tapping on the chat icon at the bottom. Once you reach your conversation tab, simply follow the steps mentioned below, and you can successfully unadd someone on Snapchat through your chats.

Tap and hold on to the name or bitmoji of your friend whom you want to remove. Then the steps are the same. Tap on More and then tap on Remove Friend. Confirm your action, and you’re done. Your friend will be removed from your friend list. Unfortunately, if you want to remove multiple friends at once, there is no way to do so on Snapchat. You will have to remove each friend one by one on Snapchat, whether you do it from your chat or your profile.

Final Words

So, there you have it, folks! This is all you need to know on how to unadd someone on Snapchat. The process is quite straightforward yet might be time-consuming if you’re looking to remove many people at once. If there is anything else Snapchat-related that you need help with, then feel free to drop a comment down below!

When You Remove A Friend On Snapchat, Do They Know?

Like Facebook or Instagram, Snapchat doesn’t sell you out to the person you unfriended. They are not notified and won’t know what has happened to them until they start digging around or try to send you a Snap.

Can You Remove Multiple People At Once On Snapchat?

Unfortunately, Snapchat does not let you unadd multiple people at once. You will have to follow the steps mentioned above individually.

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