How To Unroll A Twitter Thread? Enjoy Reading Tweets On Twitter! 


Threads on Twitter? It sounds exciting, but it might get challenging when it comes to following long threads. If you are experiencing the same, here’s a guide on how to unroll a Twitter thread! You may also consider using some best Twitter management tools to carry forward other tasks. 

All of us are aware that the best part of Twitter is to wrap up within 280 characters. And whenever we find something nice, we try to follow the thread. But what if one fails to continue with the thread? For this, you need to learn how to unroll a Twitter thread! In addition, learning how to mute a word or phrase on Twitter will also prove to be beneficial. 

How To Unroll A Twitter Thread? Collect All The Tweets In One Thread!

If you are wondering how to unroll a Twitter thread and just keep the person’s comments to whom the thread belongs. Doing so is commonly known as unrolling a thread. In other words, it means removing the excess or waste substance in a thread. Check out the steps!

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What Is A Thread On Twitter? How To Unroll A Twitter Thread?

How To Unroll A Twitter Thread? Enjoy Reading Tweets On Twitter!

I know some of you are curious to know what a thread is. Let me tell you about it in the first place!

When various tweets of a person are connected and make a series, they are called a thread. That does not mean you can’t add additional information with a thread. Interestingly, a thread is formed after 25 tweets combined. 

A thread does not mean only something in the form of a text! It can be images, GIFs, videos, or anything else. In other words, it is a nice way through which you can let other people become a part of the post. In addition, you can give older posts a chance to get highlighted. 

I hope you have got the clarity of what a thread is!

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How To Unroll A Twitter Thread? Respond Directly To The Tweet!

How To Unroll A Twitter Thread? Enjoy Reading Tweets On Twitter!

Being a Twitter user, you must know that you can unroll a Twitter thread without spending much time. Interestingly, you can reply to any of the tweets of the original poster by typing “@threadreaderapp unroll.” No, No, the poster will not do anything! It is the bot that will be performing the task for you!

After replying to any of the tweets, you just need to wait until you get a reply from the bot. What will the bot do? Of course, it will compile the tweets (only tweets, not comments) and will make a single piece of all those posts. It only asks for a few minutes to get done with the task. And finally, you will be transported to the link, where all the posts are in a compiled form. 

Interestingly, you need to do something special than reply to the tweet because the bot will connect to you automatically. Isn’t it amazing to see your work getting done within a blink of an eye!

How To Unroll A Twitter Thread? Retweet The Thread!

If you want to keep the thread with all the comments on it, then better to retweet it on your timeline. For this, you need to click on the retweet icon. After that, go to “Retweet with the comment,” followed by typing “@threadreaderapp unroll” to communicate with the bot. 

Don’t think that bot will reply to you on the spot! It will take some time and will reply only when it’s done with the assigned task. How professional are bots these days!! HAHAHA! 

But the benefit of doing so is that you won’t be disturbed by the thread in the middle of your work. Otherwise, you may end up replying to the original poster of the tweet. On the other hand, you may disrupt the process of someone else. That’s why the bot makes sure it handles one person at a time. 

After getting your thread unrolled, you need to proceed to the bottom to look for “ Force a fresh.” By clicking on this, the bot will add any new tweet that has been posted recently, and it missed to add in the compiled form. Finally, you will get all the titbits of the original post in one piece. 

During the process, you may suddenly feel the need to reply to or retweet a certain tweet of the original post. Well, you can do it at the same time! For this, you need to hover on that Tweet and click. As a result, you will be taken back to the original post, and you can start your desired activity with it. 

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What Are The Limitations While Unrolling A Thread? How To Unroll A Twitter Thread?

How To Unroll A Twitter Thread? Enjoy Reading Tweets On Twitter!

Like any other process on social media, unrolling a Twitter thread also has a few limitations. And for that, none of us can do anything but bear with it!

The bot may not be able to help someone who has blocked @thereadreaderapp, is a private user or has locked his account. So, make sure you don’t fall under any of this category before requesting to unroll a Twitter thread. 

The limitations are not only on the user but also on the bot. And the bot is allowed to access the last 3,200 tweets per user. So, if there are a lot of new tweets, you may not be able to get them in your compiled form. 

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Final Words 

All in all, these were some effective ways to learn how to unroll a Twitter thread. It is also crucial to learn how to download a full-size Twitter profile picture if you use Twitter often. So, use any of the mentioned ways to unroll a Twitter thread. Unroll any of the threads that you feel is relevant to you!

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