How To Update Instagram Messenger In 2023? Easiest Way Here! 


Instagram is an ever-evolving social media platform. It keeps releasing updates, new features, crazy filters, and challenges for reels– just to spice things up. Yes, you guessed it right, Instagram likes to give its users a pleasant time and keep them hooked to the app. Now, Instagram has some new updates for its messenger. So, obviously, users want to know how to update Instagram messenger. 

I’m sure you’re one of those people who are too excited to know what the update is; you want to know what has changed and how it is going to enhance your messaging experience on the app. Well, a lot of things have changed, Instagram has introduced plenty of latest features for its messenger. If you want to have more details on the changes and understand how to update Instagram messenger, keep reading this article. 

Here’s How To Update Instagram Messenger? Read Everything About The Update Here!

Also, it’s no secret that Instagram updates can sometimes lead to bugs and glitches that can gives users a hard time. Then, why are people so keen to update their messengers? What if updating Instagram messenger does more harm than good? But, the unique features that come along with the update are simply irresistible and totally worth it. So, keep scrolling through to know how to update Instagram messenger. 

What Is The New Update About?

How To Update Instagram Messenger In 2023? Easiest Way Here! 

So, it’s time I told you why users are so hyped about the latest Instagram messenger update. Well, the update will allow users to interact with their friends– not just the ones who are on Instagram— but also the ones who are on Facebook. What’s so special about this is that you will be able to do all this without exiting Instagram at all. This is because the features that come with Instagram Messenger provide you with ways of connecting with people on these platforms. 

Also, after you update your Instagram messenger, you will be able to receive Facebook message requests and video calls from your Facebook account on Instagram. Plus, Facebook users will be able to search a profile on the basis of their Instagram’s public information. On Instagram, they will be able to search for people who use Messenger by using their Facebook name. 

Apart from that, the latest update comes with some new features as well. They are as follows:

Aren’t these features pretty cool? But, please note that not all of these features are available in group chats. 

How To Update Instagram Messenger In Under 10 Minutes?

How To Update Instagram Messenger In 2023? Easiest Way Here! 

Now that you know how cool the new update is, I’m sure you’re excited to update your messenger as well. So, follow the below-mentioned steps for the same. But, before that, make sure that you’re using the latest version of Instagram, i.e. there are no pending updates. Otherwise, you may not be able to update Instagram messenger either. 

  • Open Instagram. 
  • Tap on the top right to go to the DM section. 
  • There you’ll find the Update option, tap on it. 


  • Open Instagram on your Android or iOS device. 
  • Tap on your profile picture at the bottom right corner of the screen. 
  • Then, tap on the hamburger icon at the top. 
  • From the menu that appears, tap on Settings. 
  • Then, tap on the Update messaging option. 
  • From there select ‘Update’. 

Now, go back to the main feed. If you can see a Messenger icon at the top right in place of an airplane icon then it means you’ve successfully updated. Now, you won’t be able to go back to using Instagram direct again. Also, you might have to exit the app and open it again to see the changes you’ve made. 

 In case you can’t see the update option on your Instagram app, then it may be because the update isn’t available in your country or region yet. The app itself says that some European nations do not have access to the new features yet. 

Final Words

Alright, everyone! This was how to update Instagram messenger! Now, that you know what the hype is about and you’re so well-acquainted with the steps required, go and level up your messaging game! Also, if you have any doubts regarding the whole update thing, feel free to mention them in the comments section! 

Why my Instagram is not showing new messages?

When you are having a DM problem on Instagram, close and restart the application. Logout from your account and sign in again. If it still does not recover, delete and reinstall the Instagram application. If your device’s memory is full, it may not accept new data.3

How do I connect Instagram to Messenger?

You can log into Messenger by going to Instagram settings and navigating to the “Meta” section. Click on the “Accounts Center” link, then tap “Accounts” to add Facebook Messenger.

What happens when I update Instagram messaging?

Updating to Messenger features on Instagram doesn’t change who can see your stories or posts. Messages only appear on the account they were sent to. Messages sent to your Instagram account won’t appear in your inbox on the Messenger app.

Does uninstalling Instagram delete messages?

We are glad to say that nothing will happen to your messages. Your past messages will continue to remain in your Instagram’s Inbox. And, people can also message you, but you won’t be notified about it. Only when you install the app again or log in from a different device, you will see the messages.

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