How To Use My Snapchat Recovery Code? An Ultimate Guide For You!


Snapchat is mostly used for its privacy-based features. So, losing your Snapchat account can be frustrating. There can be different cases in which you may lose the account. For e.g, if you forget the login details or if your account is hacked by someone. But don’t worry, you have the option to recover your Snapchat account in different ways and one effective way is using a recovery code. In this article, you will learn how to use my Snapchat recovery code.

Almost all social media platforms offer features that help one to secure their account. Two-factor authentication is one of the most commonly used security features that you can find on all platforms. Recovery code is a feature on Snapchat which helps one to get back their account if they forget their email or their phone numbers that have been used at the time of sign-up.

Many would think it is easy to get back the lost account by generating a verification code. But if you don’t know your email id or lost your phone number, then it is not possible to get the verification code. This is where the recovery code comes in to help the users get back their Snapchat accounts.

Are you still confused about the Snapchat recovery code, and how to use my Snapchat recovery code? This guide will help you to know everything you want.

How To Use My Snapchat Recovery Code? The Best Privacy Feature You Need To Know!

How To Use My Snapchat Recovery Code? An Ultimate Guide For You!

Snapchat is one of the topmost applications with significant qualities. It has a disappearing feature that makes it easy for users to protect their privacy. On the other hand, features like Spotlight and Discover help business owners to promote their brands on the application. So, with all these amazing features Snapchat has become the must-have application.

If your Snapchat account is locked for any reason and not able to get a verification code to unlock it,  then a recovery code acts as a backup for you. It helps you to log into your Snapchat account if you could not get the verification code via text messages or emails. There can be different reasons that you might not be able to get a verification code if:

  • You lose your phone
  • You lose your phone number or email
  • You change your phone number
  • You restore your phone
  • You delete or lose the original authenticator app

If you are in any of the above situations, then only the recovery code can help you to get out of the locked Snapchat account. 

How To Create Snapchat Recovery Code | How To Use My Snapchat Recovery Code?

How To Use My Snapchat Recovery Code? An Ultimate Guide For You!

In this digital world, hackers are waiting to seize a person’s information and other content. And they mostly hack social media accounts. This made the Snapchat account introduce extra-privacy features to keep the hackers away. 

So, Snapchat introduced a two-factor authentication feature in 2015. Whereas Snapchat recovery code is part of this feature. Do you want to know how to use my Snapchat recovery code? Before that learn the below steps on how to create a recovery code and save it.

Step 1: Open your Snapchat account on your device.

Step 2: Click on the profile icon that is on the top-left corner of the screen

Step 3: On your profile page, you could see the setting icons and tap on them.

Step 4: Now, scroll down to find the Login Verification option.

Step 5: You have to select the Recovery Code from the list of options.

Step 6: At the bottom of the screen, you can see the Generate Code option and you have to enter your password to create a recovery code.

Step 7: A recovery code will be displayed on the screen. You have to save it on the cloud or you have to write it down in a safe place that is easily accessible to you.

Step 8: Once you saved the code, you have to choose the option I Wrote It Down.

That’s all, you have successfully created the Snapchat recovery code. Now, even if you lose your phone number or email address you will still be able to log in back to your account. 

Steps On Using Snapchat Recovery Code | How To Use My Snapchat Recovery Code?

How To Use My Snapchat Recovery Code? An Ultimate Guide For You!

In addition to the above details, you need to know that if you use the code to log into your account, then your two-factor authentication will be turned off automatically. So, you have to enable it again manually by visiting the settings menu. Also, you need to create only the recently created recovery code. It will not help you to log in with the previous codes. Now, read the below steps to learn how to use my Snapchat recovery code.

  • Launch the Snapchat application on your device.
  • Choose the login option and then enter your username and password
  • If you use the new device login and you have the recovery code, then Snapchat will ask for you the code to enter.
  • Once you entered the code, you will be signed in to Snapchat.

But remember that recovery codes are valid only once, so you have to create the recovery code by following the above steps on how to create the recovery code. Also, don’t forget to enable two-factor authentication.

Final Words

That’s all, folks! Now, I hope that you have learned how to use my Snapchat recovery code. So, it is good to set up your code and protect your Snapchat account. When you have the code, then you don’t have to worry about anything and you can have a safe experience while using the application.

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Can you create a Snapchat recovery code without logging in?

The answer is no. It is not possible to create a recovery code without accessing your account. So, you have to log in to Snapchat and follow the steps mentioned in this article to create the code.

Can you get a lost recovery code by contacting Snapchat support?

It is essential to know that if you use a recovery code and don’t save it properly, then Snapchat support will not help you to get back your lost recovery code. This is clearly mentioned on the official Snapchat page.


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