How To Use Residential Proxies To Secure Your Instagram?


Digital security while browsing the Internet has become a mandatory need for users these days. That is why it is important to use Residential Proxies. Internet users need to be aware of their digital footprints to avoid giving out important data to other sources. Nowadays, it is quite common for Internet Sevice Providers to use data centers in an attempt to store user information.

You might not know, but data centers allow ISPs to track user locations. This is harmful to users as it can allow ISPs to geo-block content. Not only that but users can also get blocked for using bots and other automation scripts while accessing social media. The best way to resolve said issues is by using residential proxies. Residential proxies provide a physical address for your device by hiding your original IP address from service providers.

What Are Residential Proxies?

How To Use Residential Proxies To Secure Your Instagram?

Residential proxies are a way to generate a residential IP address for your device. This way, users can anonymously browse through the Internet. Notably, most devices have IP addresses stored in a data center. However, residential addresses are proxy IP addresses available through public databases.

Why Residential IP Addresses Are Required?

If you are wondering why it is important to use residential proxies, then we must tell you that a proxy is considered a real physical human on websites. That means even if you hide your data center IP address, you can still browse through the Internet without leaving suspicious traces. If you use VPN services, for example, your IP address is masked by another IP address, but these IP addresses are often altered. So, when you access any social media website, it will be read as suspicious activity since your IP address will not be real.

How To Secure Instagram With Residential Proxy?

How To Use Residential Proxies To Secure Your Instagram?

Instagram is not only a way to stay connected with other people online these days. The social media platform has created a niche for itself by providing facilities for influencers and creators. So, most Instagram creators and influencers have to secure their accounts, as it is their source of income. It will be difficult for hackers to breach your device or your account if you use a residential proxy for your device. That is why we will explain to you the steps to get a residential proxy with the help of service providers.

Residential proxies are not only useful for hiding your internet browsing activities. These proxies can also safeguard your device from any hacking breaches. Since your actual IP address is not visible to other users online, it is quite hard for them to breach your device. When it comes to protecting your Instagram account, getting a server proxy for your device is the best way to safeguard your account. It is also notable that out of all the proxies, residential proxies seem to work best with Instagram, as it protects you from getting flagged or banned from the website.


There are two simple ways to set up a proxy server for your Windows device. You first need to go to Settings and then search for Proxy Settings. 

If you select the Automatic proxy configuration option, you can follow the steps given below.

  • Tap on Use Automatic Proxy Configuration from Proxy Settings.
  • Turn on the Automatically detect settings option.
  • Then turn on the Use Setup script option.
  • Now you can simply add the script address. A script address is the website address for the service provider that provides physical addresses through public databases.
  • You can then tap on Save to enable the residential proxy on your Windows device.

If you want to set up a manual proxy configuration, here are the steps to do so.

  • Turn on the use of a Proxy server option.
  • Now input the server address as well as the port number in the given space.
  • You can also add in any websites that you would want to bypass the proxy for in the space given below the server exception addresses. This way, the proxy addresses will not apply to the specified website.
  • You can check the box given at the end if you do not want to use a proxy over local networks. However, you can also keep it off if you want to access a proxy server over local networks as well. This will include browsing over your home network.
  • Once you have made all the changes and set up the proxy address, you can tap on save.


If you want to access a proxy server on your MAC device, you can follow the steps given below. 

  • Click on the Apple icon provided on the screen. 
  • Select the System Preferences option from the drop-down menu that appears.
  • Now select Network from the given options, and click on Advanced on the Network window.
  • It is also notable that before you go to your Network settings, you should connect to your wifi network.
  • Once you are on the Advanced Network settings, find the proxies option and click on it.
  • You will be redirected to the Proxy server settings on your device. It is also notable that you can not automatically configure a proxy server on Mac OS, and you have to do a manual configuration.
  • From the multiple protocol options, select the one that you want to configure. Usually, the HTTPS protocol requires configuring for a web proxy server. Also, turn on the Secure Web Proxy as well.
  • Enter the Proxy Server Address and Port Number in the given spaces.
  • You can also add hosts and domains that can bypass the proxy server settings.
  • Once you have configured the proxy server, simply tap on OK, and your proxy server setup is complete.


When it comes to protecting your social media information, a lot of users seek help from data center IP proxies like VPNs. Even though these services are quite easily accessible, they are not very reliable. That is why Residential proxies are a better and more secure way to safeguard your social media accounts like Instagram. It is important to know that these proxies allow you to stay anonymous online while browsing through real physical addresses.

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