How To Use Voice Changer Filter on TikTok? Simple Steps To Get This Trending Filter!


The most famous short-form video-sharing application has come up with a new feature that is making users go balls to the walls. Tiktok recently introduced the voice changer filter which enables users to change their voice. Do you know how to use voice changer filter on Tiktok? If you are an adamant Tiktok and social media user, then you must be aware of this new filter. Well, if you don’t then read the article as we are going to tell you all about it. 

The new voice change filter enables the user to change the sound of the audio that they use in their videos. The users can make their voice sound high-pitched or low-pitched to confuse the viewers. Due to it being very realistic the filter’s popularity is growing day by day and users have started to use this filter in their clips often.

If you are wondering how to use the voice change filter on Tiktok, worry not! We are going to let you know. All you have to do is keep reading the article. We have covered simple steps that will help you make the best of this voice changer filter on Tiktok. But, do you know what other voices and filters are used more?  Let me tell you that before we talk about the steps on how to use voice changer filter on TikTok.

Popular Voice Change Filters? Other Trending TikTok Filters!

How To Use Voice Changer Filter on TikTok? Simple Steps To Get This Trending Filter!

The most popular voice change filters used  on the platform for making your voice sound like the voices of other people are “deep” and “Jessi.” Many women have begun using “deep” filters to make their voices sound more like those of guys. Many Tiktok video creators are now attracted by this filter and eager to include voice change in their own videos. Others have been encouraged to join the trend by creating tutorial videos on the same topics.

You can pick from 18 different voices. Additionally, there are filters for creepy, chipmunk, cat, and robot. The “deep” filter, which gives any voice a male baritone sound, has so far proven to be the most popular. Another well-liked voice is that of a young American woman named “Jessi.”

There are four kinds of preset filters on TikTok—Portrait, Landscape, Food, and Vibe Each filter is used to expressly to improve a certain kind of video. Some of the most popular Filters on the Tiktok are the Green Screen effect, Time warp scan, Brew, Cozy, Bling and Expressify.

How To Use Voice Changer Filter on TikTok? Simple Guide To Start Creating!

How To Use Voice Changer Filter on TikTok? Simple Steps To Get This Trending Filter!

TikTok’s filters and effects can be a great place to find inspiration for new content. You may utilise these alternatives to diversify your content and maintain providing your audience with engaging videos, whether it’s a trend that everyone is following or an effect that lets you go creative.

How to use voice changer filter on TikTok? Well, you can find the feature by following the steps below. 

  • Start the TikTok app.
  • Use the + button to start a new video.
  • Tap the button once you’ve recorded a voice-over video.
  • There are three dots or an arrow on the right side of the screen that, when clicked, brings up a drop-down menu with the option of audio editing.
  • When you select audio editing, a list of available filters will appear, from which you can pick your favourite.
  •  After you add the filter and click save, your video is now ready to share.

Any video can be utilised with the voice-change feature. According to sources, the filter is also effective on television videos If you record a scene on a phone while the filter is activated, the results can be funny.

However, the voice change filter works best when the creator talks clearly face-to-camera in the video. It also helps to remove any background noise and is a perfectly ideal filter for bringing humour and lightheartedness to videos. The filter has been used in various popular videos. Other TikTok users are now joining the craze, thanks to the abundance of tutorial videos that have circulated. 

How To Use Voice Changer Filter on TikTok? Simple Steps To Get This Trending Filter!

Final Words

TikTok has a wide range of filter choices that you may use to create visually appealing and interesting video content with the vice change filter being one of them We have explained the filter in detail and as told you how to use voice changer filter on TikTok

Now go and try the voice changer TikTok filter, and keep an eye out for new trends on the Discover page. Get into it, and you’ll soon be making videos that make people stop scrolling! For more similar content regarding Tiktok follow our website You can also check our social category to find more such articles Till then, we bid you adieu!

How to use beauty mode on TikTok?

At the bottom of the screen, select the + icon. Hit the beauty symbol on the right after that. Press the button to begin recording a video after the beauty mode is activated.

What is the most popular filter on TikTok?

 The most popularly used effect on the platform is the green screen effect, which automatically detects your outline and removes the background.

What Filter inspired users to bring back the ’90s Look on TikTok?

The thin eyebrow trending filter was used to get  the ’90s look on TikTok

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