How To Watch Insta Stories Without Anyone Knowing?


When you discuss the most famous and widely used social media networking sites, you have to admit the fact that Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms these days. It comes with various options such as Insta Stories, Highlights, Reels, and Posts which keep the interest of users alive. Maybe that’s why users love to use Instagram over other social media platforms. It is such a popular platform that more than 1 billion users are using it all around the globe.

The other interesting point to mention is that Instagram is mostly loved by the young audience, like people from the age bracket between 20 to 35 years of age. Teenagers also love to use Instagram, and it even becomes a great platform for talented people to become Instagram Influencers.

Instagram-stories is a commonly used feature of the platform by the majority of users. Sometimes, people feel reluctant to make their Instagram account, or they want to hide their real identity while surfing on Instagram. It means when someone has to stalk his friend, family member, or even a girlfriend, they can’t do it by showing their real identity. If you are also looking to stalk or follow someone without letting them know, then this article is going to be a great piece of information for you as we will guide you on how to view Instagram Stories, Posts, Reels, Highlights, etc.

Why Are Users Not Able To Watch Instagram Stories Anonymously?

How To Watch Insta Stories Without Anyone Knowing?

The answer to the above question is the privacy policy and business model of Instagram. Instagram is so careful and serious about the privacy of its users so that’s why no one is allowed to do anything anonymously on this platform. That is the reason that people are not able to watch, as well, download Insta-Stories. If you want to see the Insta Story of your ex, girlfriend, or anyone else, and you try it without having an account, you won’t be allowed to do it. Instagram would ask you to make an account so that you can follow that person and watch his/her stories, posts, and reels.

Once you are done with the sign-up process, now you can watch Instagram stories, but when you watch a story, the person who posted the story will be notified that you have watched it. If you want to do it anonymously, then a few new steps are especially explained for you so that you can watch Instagram stories without exposing your identity.

Method Number 1: Using An IG Stories Viewer For PC, IOS, Or Android

How To Watch Insta Stories Without Anyone Knowing?

Instagram App itself does not have an option to keep you anonymous while using the platform and watching Insta-stories of other users. However, one can install Instagram Stories Viewers to watch Insta-stories. These IG story viewers are independent programs that can help you to enjoy the journey of Instagram even without having an account. So, if you are the parent of a young son or daughter and want to know what your children do and post on the Instagram platform, you can use these IG stories and viewers from your PC, IOS, or Android devices.

There are so many Anonymous IG stories viewer platforms available, and we will be talking about the best platforms in this regard:


It is a 3rd-party web page that allows people to watch Insta reels, stories, and posts without having an account on the Insta platform. it’s the best Instagram stories viewer platform that helps you to watch Insta stories anonymously. The best part is that it is totally a free platform to use without letting others know who you are watching on Insta.

Best Features

Some of the best features of this platform are mentioned below:

  • Browsing as an anonymous user
  • The most simple and easy-to-use IU design
  • No Fee or Registration required
  • Don’t ask for your Instagram account
  • Comes with a variety of language versions
  • Option to download Insta stories, posts, reels, and photos

Steps to Watch Insta Stories through Instastories.Watch

How To Watch Insta Stories Without Anyone Knowing?
  • Open your Chrome or Firefox, or any other Web Browser, and Type the URL:
  • Once the browser loads the page, you will see different options. To select a language, you can click on the right sidebar to select your desired language. In the middle of the page, there is an option to enter the Username of the person whose story you want to watch anonymously.
  • Once you enter the correct user name and enter it, the next window will show you the Insta profile page of the user, and you can click on the profile picture to watch their Insta stories.
How To Watch Insta Stories Without Anyone Knowing?
  • When you are watching the story, and want to download it, then click the below button of download to download the story.


Here is another Instagram stories anonymously viewer platform to watch Insta stories and reels without letting the other person know about you. You can use this web page on your phone or PC by opening it in a browser.

Best Features

Some of the most amazing features of this platform are given below:

  • You can anonymously browse this page without letting the other user know about your identity
  • It comes with a simple UI so that you can easily use it without facing any issues.
  • You don’t need to log in or sign up to use this service
  • You don’t need an Insta account
  • There is no fee or charges to use this platform
  • You can select a language of your choice
  • It is possible to download videos, stories, and photos with a great downloading speed

Steps to Watch Insta Stories through

How To Watch Insta Stories Without Anyone Knowing?
  • Copy and paste the following URL into your browser:
  • Then put the user name of the desired account and select your desired language, and click enter.
How To Watch Insta Stories Without Anyone Knowing?
  • You can click on the profile picture, and it will open up the stories of the user.
  • If you want to download the story, click on the below download button.
How To Watch Insta Stories Without Anyone Knowing?

Method Number 2: Turn On The Airplane Mode Of Your Phone

How To Watch Insta Stories Without Anyone Knowing?

There is an option to select Airplane Mode on your smartphone. So, if you are trying to stay anonymous and watch Insta stories. For this purpose, you have to open your Instagram account to allow the loading of the current stories and highlights. After 1 or 2 minutes, get out of the Insta account, simply turn on the Airplane Mode from your phone settings. Then return to Instagram, and watch downloaded stories. Once you are done, the user would never know that you have watched his/her story. Once done, you can turn off the Airplane Mode, and use your Instagram like a normal user again.

Method Number 3: Using an Anonymous Instagram Account

How To Watch Insta Stories Without Anyone Knowing?

If you want to regularly watch Insta stories and highlights of a user, but don’t want to be identified, then the most suitable method is to use an Anonymous Instagram Account. You can create an Instagram account that is not in your real name, rather you can use any other name. Moreover, you should also post some other picture as your profile picture rather than using your original picture. Once the account is created, you can follow the other person, and when he/she follows back, then you can keep an eye on his/her Insta stories, reels, and highlights without letting them know about your real identity.

Is Watching Insta Anonymously possible?

Yes, it is surely possible. You can do it by various methods available.

What Methods are available to watch Insta Stories anonymously?

You can watch Insta Stories by using 3rd-party platforms such as or Moreover, you can also make an anonymous Insta account to do so. You can also do it by turning on the Airplane Mode, and watching Insta stories.

Can I know who has blocked me on Instagram?

If you feel that someone has blocked you on Instagram, then you can search for their account in the search bar with exact credentials. If you cannot see their account in the list, the other person has certainly blocked you. 


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