How To Watch One Day Online!! Find Here


Netflix’s Valentine’s gift is out. A romantic drama on a romantic occasion is a treat for drama lovers. Have you heard about the latest romantic drama, One Day? Well, the series has been released, and if you want to know How to watch One Day online, keep reading till the end. We will discuss the platforms and ways to access them.

Premiered on 8 Feb 2024, One Day is based on David Nicholls’s bestselling romantic novel One Day. The new release is a re-adaptation of the 2011 movie by the same name, but this time, Nicole Taylor is the lead writer, and Nicholl is the executive producer of the series. Also, One Day would be something more than its previous adaptation, said the female actor.

In the romantic comedy-drama, Ambika Mod is in the female lead role as Emma Morley, and Leo Woodall is in the male lead role as Dexter Mayhew. Other cast members include Eleanor Tomlinson, Jonny Weldon, Brendon Quinn, Billie Gadson, and Tim McInerney, followed by many others on the list.

One Day is available to watch on Netflix.

How To Watch One Day Online!! Verified Platforms

How To Watch One Day Online!! Find Here

The new comedy romance show is only available to watch on Netflix. All the episodes of One Day have already been released on 8 Feb 2024; you can watch them on the popular platform. Netflix has been a top choice for cinema lovers. It is affordable and often provides earlier access to new releases. 

Can You Watch One Day On Netflix?

Yes, you can watch One Day only on Netflix. Currently, Netflix is the sole platform to be streaming the show. Netflix is a subscription-based platform. It means you can watch a show only by purchasing a monthly subscription.

What Is The Subscription Cost Of Netflix?

Note that there is no yearly subscription option on Netflix. The monthly subscription comes in three packaging-

Standard With Ads – $6.99

In this plan, you can watch several movies/shows simultaneously on two devices, but a few won’t be available in this plan. You can download content on two devices and watch in full HD.

Standard – $15.49

This plan is almost similar to the first one, but you won’t be interrupted by ads in this one. You can watch ad-free movies on two devices simultaneously in HD picture quality and download content on two devices. You can also add only one extra member out of your household for $7.99 (under the Netflix policy of Household).

Premium- $22.99

This plan includes four devices to watch on simultaneously in HD picture quality. And, with premium, you can add 2 extra members out of your household at $7.99. You can download content on six devices. This plan includes benefits like Netflix’s spatial audio, Ultra HD picture quality, and access to the entire Netflix library.

Steps To Access Netflix

How To Watch One Day Online!! Find Here

It is easy to watch on Netflix. Just follow simple steps and watch One Day in Your Bed.

Sign Up On Netflix

If you don’t have a Netflix account, create one. To create an account, install the Netflix app on your TV or mobile device, or it can also be done through a web browser. 

Once you open the Netflix app, you will land on its home page asking you to enter an email address. Enter your mail and click on Get Started option. Next, create your password and click on Next.

Choose A Plan

When you click next, the new window will ask you to choose a plan. Click Next. Three plans as discussed above will pop up. Select a plan by clicking on the title of it- a big red square.  Click on the Next button.

 Add Payment Method

The next window will require your payment method. If you want to pay with a card, choose the first option. Click on the card and enter your card details. Once details are filled in, tap on the Start Your Membership button. In any case, if your mind changes, you can locate the change plan option on this window and change the plan also. 

Confirm Your Account

After starting membership, the next window will require your phone number. Enter the mobile number and give back the OTP sent to your device. Tap on Next and set a recovery password on the next page. Now select a device on which you want to watch the show and then follow the screen instructions, including adding family members and extra members to your account, Language, and genre selection. 

Search One Day And Watch

Once you create an account, you can access the Netflix library. Search One Day in the search bar and enjoy the show.

What’s The Story Of One Day 2024?

How To Watch One Day Online!! Find Here

The story of One Day displays the quivering love relationship of Emma and Dexter, graduates of Edinburg University. All the show’s episodes revisit to one day,15 July, for multiple years. The whole story revolves around Emma and Dexter’s graduation day from Edinburg University when both are completely clueless about each other. What happens on the day that wraps around the couple’s head for the next 20 years makes One Day an anticipated story.

From entering into an intimate friendship in one day to ending up separated, the story has a heartbreaking ending. 


Discussing How to Watch One Day Online, we have reached the end of this write-up. I hope you may have learned the easy way out. One Day series rightly meets the wishes of romantic drama lovers. And for more information on the new releases, come to Viebly.

What is the runtime of each episode of One Day?

Each episode runs for 29 minutes, and there are 14 episodes in total.

Who directed the dramedy One Day?

Four directors- Molly Manners, Kate Hewitt, John Hardwick, and Luke Snellin have worked on different episodes of One Day

Is the One Day series worth watching?

The romantic drama has got 7.3/10 ratings on IMDb website. The overall reviews of One Day are great. So yes, it is worth watching.

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