How To Watch Warrior TV Series Online For Free?


When watching the best martial arts and hand-to-hand combat on the small screen, I have not seen anything better than Warrior. The show perfectly shows the 1870s era while maintaining the aesthetic of vintage San Francisco. If you are looking for how to watch Warrior TV series online for free, follow the article to the end.

If you guys aren’t aware, Warrior was originally supposed to star legendary Bruce Lee in the lead role. The pitch of the show was also written in the 70s by Bruce Lee himself. Lee pitched the show to many studios, but it got rejected and shelved. It was not until 2000 that producer Shanon Lee, her daughter, discovered the writings and developed the show, taking Andrew Koji as the lead.  

Verified platforms to watch Warrior: Max And Netflix.

Warrior stars Andrew Koji, Olivia Cheng, Jason Tobin, and Joe Taslim in the lead roles. The show was run for three seasons by Max, but then it was canceled. Netflix recently picked up the show again and gave the fans a ray of hope. The chances of the renewal are slim, but only Netflix has the power to bring the action series back for its fourth and final season.

How To Watch Warrior TV Series Online For Free?

How To Watch Warrior TV Series Online For Free?

As mentioned earlier, you can watch the series online on Max and Netflix. Keep reading below to get a more detailed idea about the streaming and subscription plans.

Can You Watch Warrior TV Series on Max For Free?

How To Watch Warrior TV Series Online For Free?

Yes, you can watch the Warrior TV series on Max. The show was canceled after the third season, but you can enjoy the three seasons of the show on Max. If you are already a subscriber, just search for the name of the show and start streaming. If you aren’t a subscriber, you have to first subscribe to the platform to watch the show. The basic plan of Max starts at $9.99 with Ads. 

FYI, Max does not offer a free trial to the subscribers, so to watch the show for free, you have to get a free trial for Amazon Prime and then add Max. Once you have an Amazon Prime Subscription, add Max and enjoy the 7-day free trial. These seven days will be enough to binge-watch Warrior on Max, and then you can cancel or keep it as you like. Plus, you will have an additional 23 days of free trial left with Amazon Prime so that you can enjoy ther popular shows like The Last of Us and House of the Dragon for free as well.

Can You Watch Warrior TV Series on Netflix For Free?

Yes, you can watch the Warrior TV series on Netflix. The three existing seasons of the show have found their way to Netflix, and the viewers can now stream all the episodes on the platform. It is expected to debut on the platform in February 2024. Unfortunately, you will not be able to watch the show on Netflix for free as the platform has stopped giving free trials. To watch the show on this platform, you have to subscribe by choosing a plan on a monthly or yearly basis. The Standard subscription plan with ads starts at $6.99 per month.

What Is The Plot of Warrior?

How To Watch Warrior TV Series Online For Free?

Warrior is a story of a family intertwined with martial arts set during the 19th Century Tong Wars in San Fransisco Chinatown. The story follows the character of Ah Sahm, a martial arts prodigy, who arrives from China to San Francisco searching for his sister Mia Ling, who fled years ago to get away from his abusive husband. Soon, Ah Sahm proves his worth as a fighter and becomes a member of a criminal gang, Hop Wei, also known as Tongs.

Final Words

Warrior is an underrated gem that refuses to die. Now that you know how to watch Warrior TV series online for free, it is time for you to show your true fandom towards the genre and the man himself, Bruce Lee, and devour all three seasons back to back. For more updates regarding the latest movies and shows, keep following Viebly. 

Will there be season 4 of Warrior?

Warrior hasn’t been renewed for Season 4. The show was canceled by Max after three seasons,  and now Netflix has purchased the streaming rights.

How many episodes are there in each season of Warrior?

Each season of Warrior consists of 10 episodes, which means there are a total of 30 episodes till now. 

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