How To Watch Wrestlemania For Free? Time To Get TMI!


If you’re a fan of wrestling competitions, you would want to know how to watch Wrestlemania for free. 

Wrestlemania is an annual wrestling championship that started in the year 1985. The show is one of the most popular WWE events and has continued since its premiere. There have been a total of 37 seasons so far of this wrestling competition. The show has been available to stream online. Each season happens during April and May every year. Currently, the 38th season of Wrestlemania is the latest and is available to stream.

The famous wrestling show is currently not available to stream for free, as we know. We have explored some possible loopholes that could help viewers access the famous show for free. The show is available exclusively to Peacock premium and plus members. The wrestling show can also be accessed through official WWE channels, but the seasons are available in a pay-per-view format and are not free.

Are you a fan of wrestling competitions and fights? Explore with us where you can watch the competition, how to watch Wrestlemania for free, and which platforms are currently streaming the Wrestlemania seasons.

Can You Watch Wrestlemania For Free?

The professional wrestling competition has been streaming for more than decades. Wrestlemania has introduced some amazing wrestlers to the WWE industry, and the show has also been shrouded with controversy.

Where can you watch Wrestlemania, and is there a possibility of watching the shoe for free? Let’s see how to watch Wrestlemania for free and if it is even possible to do so?

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Where To Watch Wrestlemania

How To Watch Wrestlemania For Free? Time To Get TMI!

Wrestlemania is one of the biggest five events held by WWE. The famous show has always been available for viewers in the pay-per-view format. The show has been available on the official WWE channel called WWE Network since 2014. Due to the popularity of OTT platforms, the show was eventually introduced on the platform Peacock in 2021.

As of right now, only Peacock has exclusive rights to stream the Wrestlemania seasons other than the official WWE sites. The 38th season of Wrestlemania is also available to stream on the platform for the show’s fans. Peacock provides the option to watch Wrestlemania only to its premium users. 

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How To Watch Wrestlemania For Free

How To Watch Wrestlemania For Free? Time To Get TMI!

Previously, the only way to stream Wrestlemania for free was if you had access to Peacock Premium’s 7-day free trial. Viewers could opt for a Peacock Premium or Plus subscription and have the option to watch the show for free if the account was completely new. The option was available for some time for the residents of the USA since Peacock Premium used to provide a free Wrestlemania streaming option to its US Premium or Plus members. 

However, the 7-day trial loophole soon became problematic and troublesome for the platform, and they decided to retract the option of having a 7-day trial. As of now, Peacock does not allow free trials for its premium and plus accounts. 

Currently, the only way to access Peacock’s premium accounts for free is if you have a specific high-tier wi-fi subscription that comes with a month’s access to the premium account of the platform. However, this offer is only for one or two service-providing companies and is limited to the USA. 

If users have a specific Xfinity internet plan or a CoxWiFi internet plan, then some specific pre-paid subscription tiers allow the users to access peacock premium accounts for free, but this method still requires the viewer to subscribe to an unnecessary and expensive internet plan.

As of right now, there are no legal ways to watch Wrestlemania for free. You can either access the Wrestlemania seasons on the WWE official site in a pay-per-view format, or you can opt to subscribe for the Peacock premium or plus subscription.

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Final Words

We hope you found your answers regarding how to watch Wrestlemania for free. Even though you cannot watch Wrestlemania for free, we hope you get to enjoy the wrestling show. Do let us know what you want us to cover next. What other shows are available to access for free? Stay tuned with us for more of such entertaining and informative reads.

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