How To Watch Yellowstone For Free On Roku? We’ll Help You Out!


So, this must-have happened to many of us, that we’ve decided on a show to binge-watch but are not quite sure where to watch it. In this case, we know where to watch it but don’t know, how? So, in this article, we will talk about how to watch Yellowstone for free on Roku.

The Yellowstone (2018) depicts the story of the largest ranch owner in Montana, the Dutton family. This large ranch is the Yellowstone Dutton Ranch but is commonly called Yellowstone. The main head of the family is John Dutton played by Kevin Costner, who usually says the last word when it comes in regard to his ranch. The show explores the world of the Dutton family that majorly involves dishonesty, fraud, compromised politicians, and large oil and lumber corporations.

Well, Yellowstone happens to be an interesting and gripping show. We can also guarantee that you can most certainly watch it on Roku.

Now, let’s not delay and help you find what you’re looking for.

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How To Watch Yellowstone For Free On Roku? There You Go!!!!!!

How To Watch Yellowstone For Free On Roku? We'll Help You Out

Well, in order to watch the show Yellowstone for free on Roku, all you need to do is sign on for the 7-day free trial option. By signing the 7-day free trial, you can watch all the seasons within a week. 

Now, this procedure will require you to provide your credit or debit card details. What you can do is set a reminder prior to the last day, and cancel your trial. If you do not, Roku will charge you a subscription fee for the entire month.

The last option we could suggest to you is that if you subscribe to Roku, it won’t cost you much. Roku, in comparison to others, has kept its subscription fees very affordable.

Currently, Roku has two plans that you can opt for accordingly and are pocket friendly. The regular package will cost you just $6 per month and only 60$ a year, whereas the ad-free pack will cost you $10 dollars per month and only $100 a year. So, you see, it’s pretty cheap. With these plans, not only you can watch the Yellowstone, but all the other shows and content that are available.

Alternative Ways To Watch Yellowstone For Free | We’ve Got You Covered!

The internet happens to be a vast space where if we search carefully, we might end up finding it. Having said that, let’s check out what other options we have in store for us to watch Yellowstone for free.

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#1 Yellowstone On Pluto TV

How To Watch Yellowstone For Free On Roku? We'll Help You Out

Pluto TV happens to be an American internet television service. It is owned and operated by Paramount Streaming, which is a branch of Paramount Global.

It is headquartered in Los Angeles, California, and has a huge monthly active subscriber with 64 million users.

Now, Pluto TV happens to have the solution for your problem. In the US, on Pluto TV, you can easily stream the first three seasons of the show Yellowstone. Yes, you heard it right.

Pluto TV is also available as a free app on iOS, Android, Amazon Fire TV, and Roku Devices.

#2 Yellowstone On FMovies

How To Watch Yellowstone For Free On Roku? We'll Help You Out

FMovies is a very underrated free streaming website in the US as well as in some other countries. In FMovies, you can stream any movie or show available completely free. 

The platform also offers a huge database and specific interesting features. Though it is different from the other paid OTT platforms, it gets the job done when nothing else is working out.

Yellowstone is certainly available on FMovies for free, and you can stream right away. All four seasons of the show are available in full HD. 

While searching for FMovies, there is a chance that you might find a few proxy servers of the same name, but once you click on the right result, you’re good to go.

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#3 Yellowstone On Torrents

How To Watch Yellowstone For Free On Roku? We'll Help You Out

Torrents have been saving our a$$es for a long time. When there were no OTT platforms to stream on, this was the only option to find and download cool movies and shows. 

The most special thing about Torrents is that, not only you can download movies and shows but also download important software, audio files, and big-size video games. So, we can clearly say that it’s a downloading platform for multiple purposes.

Yellowstone is available on Torrents with all four seasons. So, please do not waste any of your valuable time, use your high-speed internet, download it and start watching.

#4 Yellowstone On Peacock TV

How To Watch Yellowstone For Free On Roku? We'll Help You Out

Peacock TV is an American OTT streaming video streaming service. It is generally owned and operated by the Television and Streaming branch of NBC Universal. It is headquartered in New York City and has 9 million paid subscribers and over 24.5 million active monthly accounts.

You can stream the entire first season of Yellowstone on Peacock TV, but you have to use the platform’s Free-Membership Tier. The good thing about Peacock TV is that they do not ask for your credit or debit card detail. So, they cannot charge you even if they want to.

If you want to stream the other three seasons of the show, you can subscribe. It’s quite cheap and pocket-friendly if you have Comcast, the premium package will cost you just $4.99 per month, and without Comcast, the same package will cost you $9.99 per month, excluding ads.

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Final Words

I hope this article was useful enough for you. We’ve done our best to get you all the options that are available in order for you to stream the show somehow for free. Pluto TV, FMovies, Torrents, and Peacock TV will help you watch the show Yellowstone.

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