How Can I Start Work at Starbucks? Easy Guide 2021


Starbucks is the most popular coffee house in the world. Few people start their day with Starbucks. What if you could also do the same but by preparing coffee for others? Yes, you can work at Starbucks, but the minimum age or the recruiting process and various other doubts will be clarified in a detailed overview of Starbucks employment in this article.

If you discuss the age limit to work at Starbucks or for the fact at any place, you should keep in mind the guidelines by UNICEF and your country on Child Labour and follow the same. If you are 14 or 15 years old, you can think of working at Starbucks.

Not just Starbucks but food outlets like SUBWAY supports the same minimum age for their employees. These are food outlets later, but they are the established multinational companies first which are very clear with their legal behavior. So, fetching a job at Starbucks at a very young age might not be suitable for you and also for the food brand, I suppose.

Let us read more about the essential details that an applicant must know before applying to Starbucks.

Work at Starbucks Minimum Age For Its Employee- A Detailed Overview

Following are the points which will clear all your doubts regarding the employment at your nearby Starbucks—

1# Instant Questions on Work at Starbucks just like the Instant Brew-

Instant Questions on Starbucks just like the Instant Brew-

Q1. What is the minimum age for a person to be work at Starbucks?

Ans. If you are 15 or 16 years old, you can cross-check the Child labor guidelines and apply at Starbucks.

Q2. What will be my salary if I work part-time?

Ans. Of course, it will be less if compared to a full-time employee, but it may vary and depends on the location of your Starbucks.

Q3. What posts can I apply for?

Ans. You can apply for a cashier, manager, barista, shift supervisor, and there are plenty of non-frontier jobs.

2# Different Job Positions at Starbucks, you can apply for—

Different Job Positions at Starbucks, you can apply for


He/ she is responsible for maintaining the cash count and the complete accounts while standing and has to give a monetary statement at the end of the day. He/ she has to keep a record of things bought or money received from the retailer and customers respectively during the day. A cashier is mainly an experienced person with work experience at the same place for about 6-10 months or even a year and a half.


A person who is responsible for making your coffee and decorating it the way you want it. He/she is responsible for presenting you your order in a delightful state and taste so that you can enjoy every visit of yours at Starbucks. For making coffee, it requires training? Yes, it does, for around six months, and then you can work as a Barista at your Starbucks.

Shift Supervisor

A person is responsible for keeping the record of each employee’s working hours and making sure that the work is distributed amongst all equally, including him/her. The shift Supervisor is an experienced employee who is also responsible for working an all-around job as well.

Management (Manager)

So, if you feel like being a manager, a specific qualification, preferably in Management or any bachelor’s degree, would work. A manager is responsible for working from A to Z from maintaining the food quality, cleanliness, accounts, statements and bills, and everything that ensures the coffee house’s smooth running.

3# What are the benefits of work at Starbucks?

What are the benefits of working at Starbucks?
  • Leave Applications: There are leaves for vacations, sick leaves, half days, or your birthdays, which are noted, and the count is kept of your leaves. Leave applications are generally approved by the manager, and if the manager needs a leave, he/she can contact the franchise owner.
  • Lunch Breaks: Lunch Breaks are fun and a tiny little break to refresh yourself for the second half of the day. During your lunch break, you can also fetch yourself some snacks but only after paying for them.
  • Medical Support: Starbucks stands for its customer’s medical condition and supports them whenever there is a need. It takes full health coverage during rough times, which includes vision or dental care, etc.
  • Lesser Price: If you are a Starbuck employee, you may get few things at a discounted price than the regular customer, and you have an option of discounted stock purchase plan available, which avails discounts on a purchase of coffee packets or any inhouse product.

4# Why only Starbucks and not any other food outlet?

Why only Starbucks and not any other food outlet?
  • It may be an opportunity for you to connect and be part of the international brand, actively working in more than 120 countries and serving people with great aromatic coffee.
  • If you are currently working with Starbucks, you can go ahead with your studies, as it won’t harm or hinder your studying hour. But for that, you have to make sure you use the best educational apps, which can make your studies more accessible and a quicker deal.
  • You even get to communicate and deliver food at people’s places as your Starbucks branch will be reflecting on Best Food and Drinking Apps. If you do so, you can also become an employee of the month.
  • Starbuck is never a no because it is an easy job and a handy one too; you can efficiently juggle between your passion, make money, and still not feel stressed.

These were the points that give you a complete detailed overview of how to work like a Starbuck employee and how you can be an employee at Starbucks. I know now, all your doubts are cleared.

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