How To Write A Good Movie Review Essay? 9 Tips You Must Learn!


Movie review essays might be some of the most fun to write. If you still think that any piece of writing is challenging work that requires much effort and time, you are only half right. There are several ways to make the entire essay writing process easier for you. Continue reading the article to learn about these and create the film review essays like a pro cinema critic.

A professional movie review is a structured, complex piece of writing with many details and cinematography theory. When talking about a film review essay by a college student, it is a whole different story. Yet these two writings present an art criticism genre with a synthesis of objective and subjective insights from the author.

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The primary purpose of the film review is quite simple: to inform, analyze, entertain the audience, and make some recommendations. Treat your film review as a very creative presentation of the movie you have recently seen and would/would not like others to evaluate. Below, you can see practical hints on writing a movie review essay.

Pick The Movie And Watch It

How To Write A Good Movie Review Essay? 9 Tips You Must Learn!

The first time you watch a movie is precious, as you have no idea what to expect. You grasp everything and react to what you hear and see. You must watch the film to analyze it, and it is undoubtedly not enough only to read a lot of critical material to create your essay. For instance, college admissions consultants reviews will never include those who use others’ knowledge. Thus, you should also work hard to master your writing. Remember to make notes as you watch the film.

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Underpin Your Opinions

How To Write A Good Movie Review Essay? 9 Tips You Must Learn!

You should understand that all movie reviews can’t be purely subjective or objective. These critical writings are a mixture of those two. People mostly come to read a review by a specific critic due to similarities in their tastes. Thus, if a person says that the film is stunning or good for nothing, they either add an item to their watchlist or save their time and skip that movie.

Make Connections

How To Write A Good Movie Review Essay? 9 Tips You Must Learn!

It is always more interesting to read the movie review, where the author makes connections with other genre examples, director’s works, or actors’ playing. Film critics often refer to other famous movies or examples of the specific shot’s effective use. If you can make such a connection — great! Yet, make sure it is not a useless fact just to add to the word count.

Get Inspiration From Professionals

How To Write A Good Movie Review Essay? 9 Tips You Must Learn!

One of the ways to become a good critic is to find your teachers. Luckily, people are living in a world where information is everywhere. Finding a book, website, social media account, etc., is not an issue with the required information. Roger Ebert, for instance, was one of the most outstanding contemporary movie reviewers, and you can learn a lot about film reviews from him. Just pick several professionals and explore the art of writing top-notch cinema reviews.

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Be Cold-Blooded

How To Write A Good Movie Review Essay? 9 Tips You Must Learn!

A critical essay presupposes that you can be analytical, cold-blooded, and honest with your audience. There is no place for emotional statements that have no background. Before you start working on the essay, make sure to have enough critical material in your head to apply it to the text. If a character is astonishing, the plot is poor, or the shots are mesmerizing — prove it. 

Keep In Mind Your Audience

How To Write A Good Movie Review Essay? 9 Tips You Must Learn!

Writing a movie review at college, you know that your audience is a professor. But you can also consider your mates to be your audience. In this case, it is even easier to create a piece of writing, as you can perceive it as a recommendation for friends. Importantly, you should stick to this idea as you write the review. Perhaps, it would be better not to include some complicated theory or examples of the movies that are surely not familiar to your mates.

Investigate The Actors’ Portfolios

How To Write A Good Movie Review Essay? 9 Tips You Must Learn!

People often pick a movie based on the cast. There is nothing strange about that, as the acting game can be impressive, terrific, and memorable. Thus, it will be interesting if you add some information about the previous actors’ works. Especially if a person is a rising star, it would be interesting to learn more about them.

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Pour Some Light On The Director’s Style

How To Write A Good Movie Review Essay? 9 Tips You Must Learn!

Not all the maestros have a decent style that can be easily distinguished even by the amateurs. Nevertheless, if you choose a movie by a cult director — it is a must to dive deeper into how the person creates the atmosphere in his films. Consider writing about the director’s missteps, his best/worst movies, exemplar techniques, inspirations, and recurring topics. 

Spoiler Alert

How To Write A Good Movie Review Essay? 9 Tips You Must Learn!

The first rule of the movies review essay is that there can be no spoilers. People read reviews to find something to watch in the evening, learn about the director, etc. If you add details about some critical twists or events, a person will simply lose interest in watching it. Nobody likes spoilers, and you are probably not an exception, so don’t get too excited when writing an essay about the movie.

Final Words

These are some of the primary recommendations for movie review essay writing. As soon as you learn to use the tips, you will see that writing about films can be even more interesting than just watching them. Remember to reread the written material, proofread it, and rewrite it when needed. Sometimes, it’s hard to delete a paragraph that took you so long to finish. But if it is no good, delete it.

With time, you will find your voice and writing style. You will see that it may change with a new audience, and it is normal. Some people need more entertaining content, while others have a professional interest in movie reviews. Until then, follow the recommended hints, explore the magical world of cinematography, and discover new names in the industry.

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