How To Write An Entertainment Blog And Make Money Out Of It?


No matter how important politics and world issues are, there will always be a call for drama. It’s obvious why is it so, however, the genuine lack of entertainment in the lives of normal people can be a good answer. Nothing defines the word boring than the lives of common people and that’s exactly why you should learn how to write an entertainment blog and make money out of it.    

For starters, you buy online hosting from a reputed brand like ZealotVPS. Internet is filled with all the necessary information. Before you learn how to write an entertainment blog, you must exercise good knowledge of web hosting services.   

Moving on, it’s not easy to manage hosting for an entertainment blog. Why? As you need to think about your specific entertainment niche, you must also know how to write detailed blogs on it. It takes a whole lot of research and some drama to write and make money from an entertainment blog. So, let’s learn all about it. 

How To Write A Money-Making Entertainment Blog?

Entertainment blogging cannot be limited to just a money-making business. It is also a blog that everyone loves to read and relate to. If you manage to create a great website that holds huge traffic then without a doubt you will make loads of money. Plus, even if your brand name isn’t that big, you can still do a lot of things to make money out of it. 

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1# Pick A Niche

How To Write An Entertainment Blog And Make Money Out Of It?

Before you write an entertainment blog, you must know which parts of it do you want to cover. You have no idea how huge the entertainment niche is. Entertainment niche includes TV shows, movies, video games, books, music, and everything that revolves around celebrities. 

On all of these sub-niches, there are well-constructed websites earning loads and loads of money. Before you enter the market, start by choosing a single niche. For instance, you take movies and in movies, you particularly write about everything Marvel. Only after you choose a proper niche and sub-niche, you will be able to create an entertainment blog and make money out of it.    

2# Build A Brand Name

How To Write An Entertainment Blog And Make Money Out Of It?

Making money out of an entertainment blog is not that easy. Why would a reader share your article? Why would brands contact you? Until and unless you create a brand value in the market, you will face a lot of difficulties in making money. To build a brand name you would have to do good marketing and have a great social media presence. 

Once you begin writing content on entertainment blogs, while making a brand value, other brands will directly contact you. And when that starts to happen, you will begin to earn money.  

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3# Cover Reviews

Cover Reviews

A lot of entertainment blogs cover movie and TV show reviews. If by any chance your website can cover these then that’s a high step on the ladder to earn money. In movie and TV show reviews, you can give your opinion and rate the shows. However, you need to have good knowledge of storylines, plots, climax, dialogue delivery, acting, and stuff like that. 

Moreover, if you manage to make a great brand name for your website, there are chances, movie franchises will contact you directly. Can you imagine how big that could be for your growth? Now, it doesn’t have to be big franchises, in the beginning, any under-rated movie or TV show can prove super-helpful to you.   

4# Write Amazing Content

How To Write An Entertainment Blog And Make Money Out Of It?

First and foremost, this should be your mantra, “Write Amazing Content”. Whatever it is that gets published on your article should be great quality content that is highly valuable to readers. Anything that is plagiarised, or is plain fluff does not deserve a page on your website. 

Plus, if you are hiring, then hire good writers. People who are creative and have a passion for writing entertainment blogs. Since there’s no shortage of dramatic people in this world, I am sure hiring a good writer will not be a problem for you.   

5# Have A Store On Your Site

How To Write An Entertainment Blog And Make Money Out Of It?

You can have a separate section on your website where you sell either stuff or services. Suppose you make a shop on your website where you sell your merch and fandom clothes. It can be an “I am SherLocked” shirt or a Marvel top. You can sell anything and that can be your direct source of earning. Ignoring the Google AdSense earning, you will still have a lot in your pockets. 

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Final Words

There are a million ways to earn from an entertainment blog. We covered the basics here. To earn anything from your website, you have to set a niche, make a brand value, write about reviews or even open a store on your website. Above all of it, you should make sure you put high researched content and your readers want to read. All of it will help you to get constant traffic over time and you will earn money in no time. 


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