If you are a writer, you must be aware of the different ways by which you can start earning from Instagram. The picture-based app is currently one of the hottest trending apps worldwide and can work wonders for you if you use it the right way. 

If you are a writer, then Instagram is not a platform where you would want to spend your precious time. You would rather use that time in framing your words and bringing them to life. But what if I tell you that you can use the platform to grow your audience, make more people read your writings, and, most importantly, earn money. 

We know that being on a social media platform can have its negative effects as well. The biggest reason that comes to mind is the endless scrolling that can last for hours, especially when you don’t keep track. These things can make you think twice before joining the platform. But if you have self-control and you know how to make proper fruitful use of the platform, there is no way that your work here will not be recognized. 

Below, we will look at how the writers can use Instagram to become more creative and earn money using this platform. 

How Can Writers Earn Money On Instagram? 

The first thought that will come to your mind after reading this would be Why Instagram and how is it even possible to earn through the platform? So first, we will get the answers to these questions, and then we will move on to questions like what type of content writers should create and how they can increase their engagement

Writers Working: 9 Tips That Writers Can Use To Earn Good Money by Writing On Instagram
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Why Should a Writer Use Instagram?

The app currently has over 1 billion active users. This number is enough to show how far your content can reach if it has potential, and if you work a little harder to make your content more engaging. As a writer, you can find a good number of potential clients and brands easily on this platform. 

But you have to use Instagram the right way if you want to grow more successful in your career. Coming on Instagram and wasting your time scrolling through the feed won’t be fruitful at all. It would be best to create a timetable to help manage time between finding clients on Instagram and writing your content. 

If you are already active on other social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, joining Instagram will prove beneficial as you can link your profile on all three platforms to get a better reach. Bonus points for the pictures and content you share; you can share it across all the platforms to help locate potential clients. 

Creative Bio example: 9 Tips That Writers Can Use To Earn Good Money by Writing On Instagram
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Tell your audience what you write about by giving a clear description of everything in your Instagram bio. You can also add a direct link to your account’s bio and make it more creative. 

What Type of Content Should a Writer Create? 

The best way a writer can gain attention on Instagram is by increasing the creativity on their accounts. You don’t want your readers to look at the meal you are eating or cuddling your pet cat. Yes, these things are also important, but first, focus on growing your account. You are a writer, and you are the epitome of creativity. This is the right time to flex it. 

Increase engagement: 9 Tips That Writers Can Use To Earn Good Money by Writing On Instagram
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The main goal of your Instagram account is to make people read your content, make it creative and match with the aesthetic of your profile. Here are a few tips that can help you in making your account more creative. 

  • If you have ever organized a readathon, share those pictures on your account. This will let your audience know that you are a writer with great potential. 
  • Ask your buyers to send in pictures of them reading your books along with their feedback. 
  • If you have done a book signing, share the pictures and moments of that day with your audience. 
Book Reading: 9 Tips That Writers Can Use To Earn Good Money by Writing On Instagram
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  • Create a highlight on your Instagram profile featuring your favorite books and authors. 
  • Let your audience know how you like to spend your free time.
  • Above all these things, you are a writer. Don’t forget to share your work consistently. 
  • Let the readers know what title or book you are working on, give them a little sneak peek into your next venture. 
  • Drop little hints about the release of your next book, and most importantly, ask your writers if they are happy with your content. 
  • Ask the audience to share their feedback with you, how they felt while reading your work. 

The more you work on these tips, the more your account will grow and fall under the radar of potential clients. If a client is landing on your profile, he can see that you have great potential, and your work is already gaining positive feedback from the audience. This way, you won’t have to prove anything in front of him. Instead, you will be signing a direct deal with them. 

Final Pronouncement: 

These are the ways in which writers can make money on Instagram by writing. Dear writers, you need to spend a little time making your Instagram account creative, connecting with your audience through your posts, and that’s it. Consistency and creativity is the key here to becoming popular and earning money through this social media platform. 

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