Hwang Min-hyun To Lead Upcoming K-drama Useless Lies With Kim So-hyun | Tap For Updates!


Hwang Min-hyun to lead upcoming K-drama Useless Lies with Kin So-hyun! I am a big fan of Hwang Min-hyun and I guess so are you. Luckily, the top actor of the Korean industry is going to appear in an upcoming drama. Let’s read ahead to learn more about the updates!

In order to make a blockbuster performance in Useless Lies, Hwang Min-hyun is breaking the midnight oil. And this has been confirmed by PLEDIS Entertainment, the actor’s agency on November 28, 2022. The series is set to appear in 2023. So, it’s time to catch up with all the recent updates!  

Hwang Min-hyun To Lead Upcoming K-Drama Useless Lies With Kim So-hyun | Here’s All You Need To Know!

After Hwang Min-hyun appeared on social media to confirm his lead role in Useless Lies, Kim S-hyun also confirmed the same. The actress confirmed that she is going to play the lead role in the drama series. 

Plot Of Useless Lies 

Well, the title of the series hints about the plot. Mok Sol-hee is a character with a supernatural power. As a result, she can hear lies. When Mok Sol-hee meets Kim Do-ha, a suspected murdered, Mok Sol-hee realised that he is not a murdered and is innocent. Unfortunately, no one other than Mok Sol-hee knows this fact. 

The role of Kim Do-ha, a man accused of murder, will be played by Hwang Min-hyun. Apart from acting, Hwang Min-hyun has the ability to produce songs. Once he was known as a successful songwriter and music producer. But after he met with an unfortunate accident, he discontinued writing songs. Let’s see how he will be performing this time!

Recently, the actor appeared in Live On and Alchemy Of Souls. And now, fans are eager to see him in the next instalment of Alchemy Of Souls!

Fans React On Hwang Min-hyun’s Appearance In Upcoming K-Drama

Not only you, but lots of fans are excited to see Hwang Min-hyun and his sizzling chemistry with Kim So-hyun. I can’t wait to see them together! One fan wrote “I mean look at them!# UselessLies duo the strawberry to the cake!

Other wrote, “Now it’s finally confirmed #HwanMin-hyun & #KimSo-hyun will be the leads of #UselessLies. I’m so ready for Kim do-ha and Mok Sol-hee”. 

Apart from the series, the actors were the presenters at the 2020 MAMA Awards, which was held in Japan from November 29 to November 30, 2022. 

Final Words 

I hope you are thrilled after learning about the upcoming series featuring Hwang Min-hyun. But you need to wait for some months as the actors have not commenced shooting. Keep visiting our website because we’ll let you know all the recent updates!

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