IFA is basically the biggest tech show of Europe usually held in Berlin, West Germany. The IFA 2020 is soon going to organize. In the show, almost all the international companies and firms come across to showcase their tech ahttps://www.techradar.com/in/news/ifa-2020-everything-thats-happening-with-europes-biggest-tech-showdvancement in the field of technology. The show occurs in the month of September mainly from 3rd of Sept to 7th of Sept but in 2020 conditions are quite than usual because of the pandemic. This year the show may have some differences than usual and the companies which will showcase are not yet confirmed but companies like LG, Samsung, Philips, and Sony launch their appliances like new models of T.V, LEDs, etc. Also the/es wide range of audio product launch at the show, latest home tech devices like kitchen appliances, and much more which we will soon be going to use for our houses in coming future due to the advancement of the technology.

IFA 2020 Berlin, Germany – Latest Update

What Exactly IFA Is!

IFA basically International Funkausstellung, which is the biggest show in Europe. Initially, the show was started in the form of a radio convention in 1924. Since the show is open for almost everyone around but this year it might not be the same as due to pandemic people will be restricted to come out of their houses. However, some people will come and companies also set their platforms there to showcase.

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Will IFA held this year-2020?

Well, there no exact answer for this as the Berlin government has announced a ban on all the events occurring in public places which include about 5,000 participants until 24th October 2020. But the work is going on to get on the new concept of organizing the IFA this year.

This year the IFA will remain open for the industries and companies only and not for the public. This is because of the fact that mass gathering is being avoided this year because of the pandemic.

Which brands are participating in IFA in 2020?

Well, big companies like Samsung, L.G, Sony, Philips, etc. but if we talk about Apple then it’s an exception that is having its own events so Apple does not usually participate in it.

Applications  exhibiting in IFA 2020

  1. Wearables
  2. Tablets and Mobile Phones
  3. Audio Appliances
  4. LEDs and T.Vs
  5. Modern Kitchen Appliances
  6. Modern Tech Home Appliances
  7. Modern Tech Refrigerators
  8. Smart Indoor Gardening
  9. Silence Edition In Home
  10. Washing and drying with advancements
  11. ErgoMixx vacuum storage system for food to stay fresh for a longer time
  12. Cookfit for cooking by Bosch
  13. Wearables
  14. Smart Appliances

Brands Which Participate in IFA

  1. Samsung
  2. LG
  3. Sony
  4. Bosch
  5. TCL
  6. Huawei
  7. Honor
  8. Philips
  9. Qualcomm
  10. Asus
  11. Acer


You say wearables and we hear- smartwatches. YES, wearables is being dominated by th new tech smartwatches which are loved by the people so much. The latest launches are Samsung Fit 2, Watch GS Pro, Honor Watch ES, Huawei GT 2 Pro, new a watch which is basically designed with fall detection features. Smartwatches are preferred by people as with the advancement of technology companies taking care of putting health care sensors in the watches which is the main feature that is attracted by the people all over.

Audio Appliances

Noise cancellation audio appliances are in huge demand so this may be the one such thing that could occupy a wide range in IFA 2020. There are some headphones that are featured basically for the cancellation of irrelevant noise and are truly wireless earbuds from JBL and Philips. However, Qualcomm has recently released its latest earbuds which are specially designed for the cancellation of noise with its ANC Adaptive technology.

IFA 2020 Samsung

Since Samsung is not going to attend the 2020 IFA but it did run an online m at the time of IFA which is somewhat the same thing for Samsung as it did the event just to tell the people about its latest and upcoming equipment. Actually, the event was organized on 2 September which is one day before the IFA, and the event named as Life Unstoppable.

The main focus of the event is the launch of the new 8K Samsung TV which is quite cheaper than the Q800T QLED and a new Samsung Galaxy Fit 2 which can give a tough competition to the Fitbit Wearable which is having a battery life of about 14 days.

Moreover, Samsung has launched many gadgets in August includes Galaxy Buds Live, Galaxy Note 20. Also, a wireless charger can charge up to three devices at a time which is quite appreciable.

IFA 2020 LG

Image source lg.com

L.G always covers a wider space in IFA but this time instead of physical presence it has shown a virtual representation to showcase its products. Since there not much to show in the list of new devices but there are some which are recently been released. LG CTO Park 2-pyung has delivered an online representation for its upcoming tech-advanced products. It also reminded people of the promises that the company soon will be coming with its outstanding devices. There is some more to show in the list like the LG Velvet smartphone which was centered in the event as it is having a new LG CineBeam HU810P projector with 48-300 inch images that might be available for the U.S audience only.

All new battery-powered face masks will also be soon launched by the LG but the company is again no sure about the full prove protection from the novel-coronavirus.

IFA 2020 Honor

Honor basically working on its prime theme of the year which is “Expand Your Smart Life.”

Honor has launched some of its watches, Best laptops. Recently in the list of smartwatches, The Honor Magic Watch 2 is at the top. It too has shown its laptops and tablets as well. Tablets including -Honor Pad 6 and Pad X6 which are available at a quite affordable price in the market.

IFA 2020 TCL

Image source tcl.com

If someone literally loves home appliances with advanced technology but does not want to spend much on them then TCL is one such brand that is giving you all its ranges between an affordable price. Well, lets see what’s in the store for 2020s IFA? On exploring the question we have come across a wide range of products which are coming your way to make your life easy and fast with technology.

TCL has come across a wide range of products across categories like tablets, smartwatches, truly wireless headphones, new e-paper screen and foldable phones. One of the most amazing products of TCL is 10 Tab Mac tablet which is a 10.1-inch tablet with a stylus that is effectively designed taking consideration of protection of eyes by emitting less blue light and limit eye strain. Also, a watch was introduced which is called the Move Time Family Watch which is having a paper-like digital display soon going to launch next year.

IFA 2020 Huawei

Huawei is taking place in the market with its outstanding smartwatches which are having breathtaking features. However, Huawei is having a wide range of electronics in the market and the appliances are loved due to its wonderful features. The smartwatches like Huawei Watch GT 2 Pro is amazingly designed taking consideration of health care merged with advanced technology. But there are also phones, tablets, and laptops next to the list. So we could see the things in IFA as well.

IFA Philips 2020

Philips is also having a wide range of products to showcase in the virtual event which could be placed instead of presenting at IFA 2020. The noise canceling headphones are being released by the company which again comes in three variants which are Philips H9505 are pair of over-ear headphones, Philips flagship true wireless earbuds- the T8505 and the Philips T8505which is quite an as Apple earbuds.

 All three come with a hybrid noise cancellation system which when connected to Philips TVs and other objects will provide you filtered sound.

What more brands can participate in IFA 2020?

There is a number of Tech companies which are looking forward a platform where they want to reach out to people on a larger and bigger platform where they can be given a huge opportunity to showcase their advanced tech devices. However, in 2020 most of the companies are trying to give online representation as this year it will be not possible for them to get hold at IFA because of the pandemic.

Since this year companies are not participating in IFA so they do virtual events during the actual time of IFA.


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